Decorating your Condo for Christmas: Your Ultimate Idea Guide

Decorating your Condo for Christmas: Your Ultimate Idea Guide | Affordable Condo in the Philippines- Camella Manors

Top 7 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Turn your home with the holiday feels by decorating your condo for Christmas!

Do you need any ideas in decorating your condo for Christmas?

Your ultimate guide is here! We have prepared 7 Christmas decoration ideas to spark the Christmas spirit in your condo home.

Have a Christmas Theme

Before we start discussing about the Christmas decoration ideas, it will be better if you have a Christmas Theme in mind. In this manner, you will be able to have a coherent Christmas design for your condo home.

You can start by thinking the color palette you would like to incorporate in your theme, then the decoration will follow. For instance, you may want to use blue and white color combination or you can go for gold and silver.

Do not limit your creativity to make your Christmas warm and cozy.

Start decorating your condo this Christmas using these awesome ideas:

Decor # 1: Christmas Village

Firstly, let us remember the very essence of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ. You can do this by having a nativity scene in your home decorations. A great example is having a Christmas village in one of the corners of your condo home.

What is a Christmas Village?

Christmas Village

It is a miniature landscape set up during Christmas season adorned with the nativity scene of Christ together with other Christmas traditions. Apart from that, you can go beyond and be creative especially on what to add to your Christmas village. Moreover, you can make it livelier by embellishing it with fairy lights or moving figurines.

Why not set up a small Christmas village in one of the corners of your condo? In this way, you will be able to have the nativity scene in your home.

Decor # 2: Christmas Trees

Next, set up your Christmas Tree in your condo home.

Do you know the meaning behind Christmas Trees?

The stars on top of every Christmas Tree symbolizes the bright star that appeared in the night sky when Jesus Christ was born. On the other hand, the green leaves of the Christmas Tree symbolize everlasting life since the green color symbolizes longevity. Lastly, the gifts under the tree is an imagery of the gifts being presented by Wise Men on the manger which are the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Besides, the gifts also represent the spirit of gift giving during the holiday season.

With all these meaningful representations, decorating your condo this Christmas will not be complete without a Christmas tree.

Decorating Your Condo This Christmas with a Christmas Tree

When choosing your Christmas tree, you can go for a plastic-made Christmas tree at a local furniture store. However, you can also look for fresh Christmas trees made from real pine trees.

In the same way as the Christmas Village, you can also go beyond and be creative in furnishing your Christmas Tree. For example, you can hang mini picture frames in the tree with the photos of your family or loved ones.

Decor # 3: Christmas Lights

Go beyond the accustomed string lights by using LED fairy lights or rotating projector lamps this Christmas!

What are LED fairy lights?

Fairy Lights for Christmas

What’s special about LED fairy lights is they can be used as an indoor and outdoor decoration. Furthermore, LED fairy lights are cost-effective because they save up to 80% of energy as it only produces dim light. Dim lighting, on the other hand, gives a dramatic effect as a decoration.

Just remember to purchase it from reliable suppliers or those with proper label from the government standards to maintain and secure a safe Christmas season celebration inside your condo.

What are rotating projector lamps?

One of the most sold decorations in the market is a rotating projector lamp.

A rotating projector lamp moves 360 degrees as it projects images on the wall and ceiling of the room. The images being reflected around the room depends on the film inserted inside the projector. Moreover, you can check your local lighting store or shopping apps for a sample of this.

Certainly, kids and adults alike will surely love this!

Decor # 4: Christmas Scent

Make your room fresh by installing scented candles around the area.

Decorating Your Condo This Christmas with Scented Candles

In addition, you can be creative by designing the candle holders with Christmas ornaments.

Your visitors will surely love staying in your place. You can pick something that can captivate and capture the general visitors taste of aroma.

Oh, do not forget to try the lavender scent!

Decor # 5: Hanging Lanterns, Wreaths, and Socks

Decorating your condo for Christmas should always be fun.

Why not set up hanging lanterns, wreaths, and socks in your home?

Decorating Your Condo This Christmas with Lanterns and Socks

For example, you can hang a mistletoe above your condominium door. Subsequently, you can hang a Christmas Wreath around the peephole. Apart from that, you can hang Christmas socks in your modular kitchen counters.

Do not forget to include some Christmas treats inside! Kids inside your condo or visiting kids will eventually love to see some surprises hidden inside those socks. Plus, it makes them more excited for this Christmas season.

Decor # 6: Christmas Mantles, Bedsheets and Pillows

Gear your Christmas decorations even more by changing your table mantles, bedsheets, and couch pillows with Christmas covers!

If you wanted it even more sentimental, then you can personalize the pillow covers with your names etched on it. Plus, this will not be a problem as the Yuletide period is approaching and many customize or Christmas themed-products will soon be available in some stalls or in the malls.

Decor # 7: Christmas Treats

Finish decorating your condo for Christmas with Christmas Treats

Finally, your Christmas feels will be fulfilled once you tried baking some goodie Christmas treats.

Christmas Treats

You can bake some gingerbread cookies or you can buy some Christmas-wrapped chocolate bars. Moreover, you can have your Christmas treats in a jar adorned with Christmas ornaments.

Are you done decorating your condo for Christmas?

It’s now time to share your masterpiece!

Flex your Condo Home

Now, your condo home is ready for Christmas.

Decorating Your Condo This Christmas should be flexed via social media

Do not forget to capture some photos and flex it with your friends in your social media accounts.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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