Top 5 Reasons to Love Investing in Camella Manors

Investing Real Property in the Philippines | Affordable Condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors

Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. newest brand for high-quality and exclusive mid-rise condo villages, Camella Manors, has many things to get you loving to invest in property investment in the Philippines.

Relatively new to the market, Camella Manors lives up to the pride of the alltime housing favorite of the country “Camella” with pride and authenticity.

Hence, the newest brand of Vista Land offers you many more reasons for you to love investing in Camella Manors.

#1 The Ideal Comfort of Location 

Camella Manors projects are in 7 cities in the Philippines with 8 affordable condo projects for sale appropriate as your start-up property investment.

First, three projects are in Luzon, which is specifically in Lipa City, Batangas; Caloocan City; and Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Secondly, one project in the Visayas is in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. 

Lastly, four projects are in Mindanao which is particularly two in Davao City, one in Butuan City, and the other in Cagayan de Oro City.

All 8 projects are situated in the city’s developed and developing business districts. Some of these projects are also part of integrated communities, townships, and even to Vista Land’s communicities- sustainable community inside a city.

Affordable Condo For Sale in the Philippines
Affordable Condo For Sale in the Philippines | Camella Manors

Indeed, the location of these projects paves access to every investors’ need to welcome accessibility and comfort going to commercial places such as malls, banks, schools, hospitals, churches, transport hubs such as airports, terminals, etc.

Relatively, buyers have always been too stringent in considering the location before buying property investments. 

Today, property buyers are keener on the distance of the property from commercial areas, the density of traffic in the neighborhood, its navigation is going to tourist or leisure spots, etc.  

As they always say in real property investments, “location, location, location” is all about location!

#2 Affordable Condo Property and Flexible Terms

Camella Manors is a brand to offers affordable condo units in the Philippines with flexible payment terms for both pre-selling condo units and even ready-to-occupy condo units.

A variety of unit sizes is offered in Camella Manors, an investor can have a good start-up property investment with a studio unit to a 1-bedroom unit.

Meanwhile, a growing family can continue their life goals inside a 2-bedroom unit.

Now, a property of either pre-selling studio units or ready-to-occupy studio units ranges from 2.9M to 5M total contract price.

Whereas a pre-selling 1-bedroom condo unit to a ready-to-occupy one ranges from either 3.6M to 11M total contract price.

Generally, the brand caters to any investors looking for affordable to mid-cost property investment in the country, may it be pre-selling condo units or ready-to-occupy condo units.

Pre-selling condo units for sale in Camella Manors offers 36 months or a 3-year down payment period across its projects nationwide.

Ready-to-Move In Condo Unit
Ready-to-Move In Condo Unit | Camella Manors

Since the brand is a mid-rise vertical brand, the construction period to one mid-rise building is set to complete in two-to-three-year time. This explains the coverage of the pre-selling down payment period of 3 years.

Investing to Ready-to-Occupy Condo Units in Manors

On the other hand, financing terms for ready-to-occupy condo units are a bit tighter compared to pre-selling condo units. The regular financing period is fixed at a 3-month term of the down payment.

However, promos and other perks are offered to bring more delight to a ready-to-occupy condo unit investment in Camella Manors.

If you are in a rush for a ready-to-move-in unit, you can make use of the big discounts as you pay at the full contract price of the property. Discounts are also offered for spot cash or full payment investors.

Financing terms in Camella Manors are varied and you can easily be guided. Moreover, the house loans are pretty much easy with the brand’s major and minor accredited bank partners.

Banks such as Banco De Oro (BDO), Unionbank of the Philippines (UBP), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Maybank, China Bank Corp. (China Bank), Rizal Commercial Business Corporation (RCBC), Security Bank of the Philippines, Asia United Bank (AUB) and other banks offer competitive packages for your next property investment in the Philippines with Camella Manors.

#3 Exclusive Resort-themed Condo Amenities

Investing in Camella Manors means investing your piece of an exclusive resort. The brand will let you experience living with resort-themed condo amenities within your reach.

In a few steps away from your doorsteps, you can plunge into a leisure pool as your kids enjoy themselves on the water in the kiddie pool.

You may also bask under the sun while enjoying a picnic weekend in the greenspaces provided with pocket gardens and meditation areas.

If you had a sinful TGIF diet, do not worry much! The property houses indoor and outdoor fitness equipment through its gym and energy park. A few projects will also have jogging and bike trails.

The projects of Camella Manors will also be having an exclusive function to cater for events from any investors who will love to throw a gathering inside the community.

Resort-themed condo amenities
Resort-themed condo amenities

Above all, your resort-themed condo amenities will not be complete with only those beforehand functional amenities. The projects will be housing lifestyle amenities such as commercial strips that include grocery stores, pastry shops, coffee shops, home-theatre-sized cinemas, co-working spaces, ornamental and furniture shops, electronic centers, etc.

All these integrated within one community, within one’s reach, and within one’s lifestyle demands!

#4 The Value and Appreciation of Property Investment

Few good reasons for investing real property in developed or developing cities is the opportunity of growth value or appreciation.

Camella Manors is a new brand but never different from any established property brands in the country. The brand is also appreciating every project it offers in metro cities.

The quality and strategic location of the brand’s numerous projects is another key reason for its appreciation rate quarterly and annually.

Any Camella Manors projects nationwide is projected for a minimum appreciation growth rate of 10 percent every year.

Relatively, a few factors affect the growth of the property such as the developed commercial establishments such as malls, banks, hotels, schools, etc.; other considerations are the ongoing and planned infrastructure projects of private and government offices.

Ready to Occupy Condo in Davao
Nottingham Building in Northpoint Davao

Cite, for example, Northpoint Davao is a ready-to-occupy condo in Davao City which is now offering ready-for-move-in units is part of a developed central business district, and will be accessible to one of the major infrastructure projects in the city, which is the 41 km. bypass road project which will house the first underground tunnel of the city to cut travel period going south and north of Davao.

The project was introduced 9 years ago with a minimum property investment package of roughly 1M but today the ready-to-occupy condo units for sale are ranging from 4.7M to 18M.

 The value of Camella Manors projects continues to grow as each will also be housing more than the residential segment but also commercial components that will promote condo-living in the city.

#5 Coming Home to a Safe and Secured Property Investment

A favorable home means a safe and secured one. Inside every Camella Manors community, you will feel at ease with your security and safety.

Every community will be guarded 24/7 and CCTV security cameras will be installed in all common areas.

Each building will also have emergency power for elevators and emergency lights in common areas to address any blackouts or power disruption from the main source.

The brand will strictly adhere to the national building code of the Philippines; and to integrate the fire-sprinkler system, smoke detectors, installation of the fire extinguisher per unit, and full command and detour to fire exits on every residential building.

All buildings also qualify to the minimum standard of earthquake resiliency and no ready-to-occupy buildings in the country have been tagged red from previous uncontrolled events.    

Property Investments in Vista Land's Communicities
Vista Land Communicity

A few Camella Manors projects will be housed inside Vista Land’s communicity, these projects will become part of sustainable communities that will be sharing the comfort of one integrated development along with other residential brands of VLL such as Camella, Lumina, and Lessandra.

Hence, the security features of the projects are more heightened with the neighboring properties of Vista Land nearby. Aligned to the brand’s commitment, Camella Manors take into consideration the security and welfare of its investors.  

Property Investments in the Nation’s Leader

Life is made beautiful when you know that you are coming home to a complete community. 

Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. is the largest homebuilder and one of the leading integrated property developers with numerous brands and projects across the Philippines. 

Camella Manors is one of its newest residential brands to continue the legacy as it offers more Filipinos practical solutions for home investment in the city. 

 Vista Land was incorporated on 28 February 2007 and was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange on 25 June 2007. It is the market leader by far in terms of the total number of houses built, having built over 400,000 homes in 49 provinces, and 147 cities and municipalities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Today, the company continues to solidify the status of “Camella” as a truly national brand. Currently, the property investments of Vista Land offer a range of Php 750,000 (approximately USD 17,800) up to Php 48,000,000 (approximately USD 1,100,000). 

The company demonstrates its continued confidence to the Filipino market as its further expansion never ceases. 

Besides, Camella Manors will be one of the brands to push through its expansion as numerous projects are upcoming to different and more locations. 

Generally, Camella Manors will provide more Filipinos with high-quality and exclusive condo villages. Projects that will house modern lifestyle features including retail complexes, resort-themed condo amenities, co-working spaces; and to partner with other developments from Vista Land.

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