Mid-rise Condominium Developments Now On The Rise

Mid-rise Resort-style Condo in the Philippines

Why Should you Choose Mid-rise Condos?

The condominium market in the Philippines had been dominated by high-rise buildings, especially in urban areas. However, there is a growing popularity among mid-rise condominium developments in the country also.

The prominence of condo-living in the country has been evident throughout the years, as the demand for city-dwelling increases for a lot of working professionals and investors looking for a condo for sale or rent among major cities and even condo properties outside Manila.

If you are looking at this type of property investment in the Philippines, might as well start your study with the newest brand of vertical condo villages from Vista Land, Camella Manors. The brand is present nationwide offering studio to 2-bedroom condo for sale among key cities through its mid-rise condominium developments.

However, what does a mid-rise condominium has over its high-rise condominium counterparts?

Affordable Condo Property Prices Among Mid-rise Condominium Developments

Mid-rise condominiums are often more affordable than high-rise ones because the number of amenities inside mid-rise condos is more exclusive and fewer compared to high-rise condos where there are several unit owners to cater to its amenities.

Affordable condo for sale in the Philippines is usually offered by mid-rise condominium developments. Somehow, high-rise condominiums are often situated in central business districts or areas where developments are already present causing the land value to even come at a price.

Mid rise condominium development
Mid-rise Condominium Development | Camella Manors

Meanwhile, mid-rise condo projects are usually offered in developing cities and areas in the country where strategically planned upcoming business districts will soon be rising.

In Camella Manors, the brand offers properties outside Manila which are developing and developed areas such as Lipa City, Caloocan City, Bacolod City, Puerto Princesa City, Butuan City, Cagayan de Oro City, and Davao City.

Amidst, the common denominator of having luxury amenities to other developers, the brand will still offer affordable condo for sale in those areas with selection among its pre-selling condo units and ready-for-occupancy condo unit.                 

Less Busy Environment with Properties Outside Manila

In comparison, high-rise condominiums have a greater number of residents compared to mid-rise condominiums. Hence, you can expect a less busy environment with a fewer number of people in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, major demographics of residents inside mid-rise condominium developments are either married couples or small families. This means residents can expect fewer parties and lesser noise.

To any Camella Manors projects, the location of its projects outside Manila contributes to its peaceful and family-appropriate lifestyle condition with a fewer number of people and a more exclusive lifestyle.

The projects are primarily located in key areas which are promoting sub-urban lifestyles. Each project of Camella Manors is offering resort-style condo amenities inside a great proportion of green-scapes and residential buildings. 

These situate the busy noise of bustling business districts from the projects’ residential area while the access for other demands is still provided.     

More Accessible and Breathable Condo Spaces 

With fewer people sharing one community, the likelihood to get traffic on using elevators is minimal compared to high-rise condominiums. Mid-rise condominium developments offer more accessible and breathable condo spaces for their investors.

Having the spaces working for you also means that movability, especially in common areas, is quite comfortable while enjoying a good set of resort-style condo amenities.

You can easily get to your unit in lesser time as well as going down to the ground floor.

Whenever an unexpected blackout happens you can also use the stairs at ease with a fewer number of floors.

Although, modern mid-rise condominiums are also offering emergency power to keep their elevator system and lights in common areas functioning.

Functional Elevator Amenity in Condo
Functional High-Speed Elevator | Camella Manors

Parking accessibility is also better compared to high-rise condominiums as you have better accessibility with the availability of parking lots for sale or rent inside the community.

In Camella Manors, you can expect nothing less in terms of investors’ accessibility into and going out of their respective units.

The brand will also partner its retail and commercial segments in Vista Land, to cater to more lifestyle demands of its investors especially those who are looking for co-working spaces, grocery stores, hardware, and furniture stores, and many more lifestyle shops nearby the community.

The Green Lifestyle Features In Mid-Rise Condominium Developments

Compromised in living a life close to nature and city-living? Mid-rise condominiums are tailored and planned strategically to provide the kind of lifestyle.

Most mid-rise condominiums promote a suburban environment in their communities as there is a good portion of the project area to develop numbers of trees and plants.

Camella Manors also designed various themes and ambiance for every community such as tropical, Western, and European architectures or garden-scapes.

Condo with Jogging Path – Camella Manors | Affordable Condo in the Philippines
Condo with Jogging Path | Camella Manors

One of its ready-for-occupancy condos for sale in Davao, Northpoint Davao is offering British-themed communities with the abundant number of Caribbean pine trees inside the community.

In this type of lifestyle sets, mid-rise condominiums make you feel at home rather than feeling the stress of the busy city lifestyle.  

Investing in a Mid-Rise Affordable Condo in The Philippines

Made up your mind? Might consider investing in the newest mid-rise condominium developments of Camella Manors.

Relatively, a new brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc., Camella Manors is the vertical brand of the all-time horizontal housing favorite of the Philippines, Camella.

The brand features and promotes projects having prime location, suburban environment, security and wellness, value for money, and solution to practical home investment. 

Our projects are offering both pre-selling condo units and ready-for-occupancy condo units in the country with affordable property prices ranging from Php 2M to 6M.

These investment packages can be yours with a minimum amount of Php 20,000 reservation fee for a studio unit at an average area of 23 sq.m. size.

Come home to a high-quality and exclusive condo village where comfort and fulfillment are at utmost priority. Every investment in Camella Manors means winning, awarding, and appreciating. If you want to learn more about your property investment options in Camella Manors, click here.  

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