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Condo Living in the Philippines | Camella Manors

The lifestyle in condominium developments might be a bit different in living the normal lifestyle such as horizontal or gated housing communities. We can cite that condo living does not much involve green spaces especially in metro areas across the Philippines.

Under the standards of developing condominium properties in the country; the decree does not much require any developments to have or house green spaces. But are rather required to have at least 30% of the area for open spaces.

Most high-rise condo developments are not doing much integration on green spaces. But are implementing bigger open spaces for modulated and ease of traffic on common areas.

A few things are seen beneficial on having green spaces to condominiums; which is noticed on the economic, social, environmental, and even health factors of condo living.

On the other hand, mid-rise condo developments are integrating both open spaces and green spaces for their unit investors.

However do you know that this kind of lifestyle is offered under Vistaland’s newest brand of vertical mid-rise condominium developments?

Camella Manors will offer you the primordial benefits of investing and starting your definition of a condo living in the city with a good number of open spaces and green spaces.

Economic Perks of Condo Living with Green spaces

Condo Living with Green Scapes | Camella Manors
Condo Living with Green Spaces in the Neighborhood | Photo from

Having many green spaces can increase business traffic for any commercial area; as studies have shown that the greener areas a business has, the more business will stream in.

Letting customers see a more landscaped business exterior will surely suggest them to drop by rather than whizzing by.  

Studies noted that the property value increases as much as 15% with a beautifully landscaped property area and neighboring communities.

In Camella Manors, property value grows as you sleep. It grows each quarter as the projects are strategically located on key areas, which are either developed or master-planned for further developments.

Social Perks of Condo Living with Green spaces

Green Spaces on Streetways in Condo Properties | Camella Manors
Condo Living with Green Spaces on the Streets | Photo from

A community with a good number of trees can become natural sound insulation inside a neighborhood. Plus, it is also a good safeguard as it can promote privacy with a natural blocking towards the neighborhood.

The study also found that having lined-up trees on the streets can reduce the number of car accidents as moving vehicles slows down on the streetways.

The trees suggest drivers to slow down as the streetways become narrower with the presence of trees rather than not having any trees.

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Environmental Perks of Condo Living with Green spaces

Basic science would always tell that trees or plants help mother earth in cleaning up air pollutants or carbon dioxide. Technically aiding the depletion of ozone gas while supplying living creatures their need for oxygen.

Breathable Condo Lifestyle with Green Spaces | Camella Manors
Breathable Condo Living in Green Spaces | Photo from

One of Camella Manors projects in Davao; Northpoint Davao, can provide approximately 78,000 pounds of oxygen coming from its more than a hundred Caribbean pine trees.

More than ever, greeneries can also combat the natural course of climate change in the world.

Additionally, the roots of trees also help on lessening soil erosion; and helps on relieving water each time it rains to prevent any flood inside and even outside the community.

Health Perks of Condo Living with Green spaces 

Direct health benefits of having green spaces with trees are giving the natural shade humans need; against harmful UV rays and the heat of the sun providing cooler streets especially during summer.

Studies also suggest that having more green spaces and open spaces inside one community can promote physical activities for residents.

Active Condo Lifestyle Outdoors in Green Spaces | Camella Manors
Active Lifestyle and Condo Living with Green Spaces | Photo from

One of the often-cited studies on 1984 is the faster healing process of patients from surgery, infections, and a range of other conditions; as they have a beautiful view of green spaces outside their windows.

In Camella Manors, each project houses beautiful and landscaped open and green spaces to perfectly match the way investors wanna live.

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Sub-urban Themed Condo in the Philippines

Camella Manors, the newest brand of vertical mid-rise condo developments under the country’s leading integrated property developer, Vistaland is set to offer more sub-urban-themed condo properties from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao.

Bearing the brand of the country’s favorite housing brand, Camella; the brand carries the hominess of living in communities filled with many green spaces.

RFO Condo in Davao with Green Spaces | Northpoint Davao
Northpoint Davao Community Green Spaces

These spaces allow investors to breathe with nature and to let them escape the bustling sound of city living; while they are not situated away from the comfort of properly living in the urban areas.

The brand recognizes the requirement for each of its 8 condominium projects in the country along with green spaces.

Meanwhile, some cities have their local development ordinances wherein the brand complies with an additional requirement for each development.

In Davao City, the local government unit requires condominium developments to secure a minimum of 10 percent non-saleable area dedicated for green spaces.

Today, Northpoint Davao is a well-known landmark as a community of pine trees. The property houses more than 100 Caribbean Pine trees imported from New Zealand.

Other upcoming developments of Camella Manors will be housing such spaces to promote a healthy and green community inside the city.

The Landscape of your Next Home in the City

Camella Manors will be your next home in the city offering high-quality and exclusive mid-rise condominium developments with breathable open spaces and verdant greeneries.

Properties of the brand will be offering uniquely design resort-style condo amenities for the investors.

RFO Condo In Davao with Green Spaces | Northpoint Davao
Condo Living with Green Spaces in Davao City | Northpoint Davao

The abundance of green plants and trees will present the community in a new and unparalleled perspective of condo living in the city.

Moreover, the condo properties will interact with its future homeowners thru its distinct community ambiance; as such of the Caribbean, British, Spanish, Mediterranean, European, etc. that will complement the dream life of any investors.

Northpoint Davao project best defines the landscaping of your condo living located at the central business district of Davao City measuring a gross area of 3-hectares housing 5 mid-rise condo buildings.

Northpoint Davao is a British-themed ready-for-occupancy condo property; offering a premium condo living experience with its resort-themed condo amenities and the abundant number of pine trees within its premises.

Every day, unit owners can trace the scent of morning pines under the beautiful sunlight. They can also enjoy and calmed down with the unobstructed view of green outside their windows and balconies. 

With the abundant number of pine trees inside Northpoint Davao investors are advantaged as many benefits can be attributed to having such several pine trees just like having natural sound insulation for the noise outside the community. 

The Standards of Condo Developments in the Philippines

Property developers conform with the minimum standards of Housing and Urban Development under the provisions of Presidential Decree 1216 to house open spaces at the minimum of 30%, declared as non-saleable areas.

Development of open spaces involves paved walkways, streetways, parks, and playgrounds. Local government units give additional specific local requirements for other zoning developments.

However, some local areas do not give any minimum requirement for the development of green spaces. Local government units can give standard city ordinances and policies but there’s no national standard to be complied.

Although, Camella Manors as a vertical mid-rise condominium brand strongly integrates communities having both open and green spaces for every investor to experience and enjoy.

It will be the go-to brand to offer the holistic convenience of condo living inside high-quality and exclusive mid-rise condo projects in the country.

Investors can expect more condo properties of Camella Manors in North Caloocan, Lipa City, Puerto Princesa City, Bacolod City, Butuan City, Cagayan de Oro City, and Davao City that are open for investment.

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