8 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate Amidst Global Pandemic

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2020 was a turbulent year for the entire world as COVID19 global pandemic took its toll and paralyzed the economy. Eventually, the real estate industry has also felt its loss yet it’s the perfect time to take out property investments.

This year, with the sudden shift of trends and the unusual cross-over to the ‘new normal’; companies are slowly going back to business while coping up with the massive loss brought by the pandemic.

Despite unfortunate events, you must be aware of where you park your money, specifically on investments you are going into. Hence, having a secure and reassuring investment that yields great returns of income is of primary importance in this time of crisis.

Among all the options available to invest today, real estate property is the best pick you can choose. There are plenty of reasons why you should plan on buying a condominium or any other property to add on your business bucket list.

To help you decide, we made a list 8 of reasons why you should choose to invest in real estate; and why now is the best time to do it!

Viable Long-term Investment

Real estate property is one of the best acquisitions you can have and is a good addition to your long-term investments. It is known to be a safe vault to park your money in appreciating assets that have big potential to grow your passive income. You can predict that the value of your assets will continue to climb over the long term.

Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
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If you go buy an affordable condo in the Philippines today, for example; you can expect high returns of income after the global pandemic, and even years after.

If you are a business aficionado who is interested to engage in property buying and selling; now is the perfect time to start your journey by acquiring affordable condominiums in the Philippines.

This is the best choice for a long-term investment because the demand for property will continue to grow; and your investments will continue to yield profits in years to come.

High Tangible Asset Value

Consider this as your next potential viable investment with a promising high return of income and high tangible asset value. You can never go wrong when you choose to invest in condominiums and other real estate properties these days. Besides, it could reduce your exposure to investment risks in a way that most intangible assets cannot.

Own a Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
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Property value will always increase over time, especially after the pandemic. So, it is safe to say that acquiring real estate properties now in preparation for the post-pandemic times is a good strategy and is a sure-fire beneficial for the investors.

Favorable Hike Price After the Pandemic

Real estate and property development companies are preparing ahead for the new market environment in the post-pandemic era. It is anticipated that homes and real estate properties will be on high-value leads; which projects higher profit for the investors, who have acquired property investments before and during the pandemic timeframe.

Price Appreciation of Real Estate | Camella Manors
Price Appreciation of Real Estate | Photo from

If you want to take advantage of the hike price in the post-pandemic age, then do not miss the opportunity to invest and buy your premium condo now. Leverage your income opportunities and expand your business horizon by acquiring property investments in the Philippines.

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Flexible Payment Terms

Because of the pandemic, property developers thought of payment schemes that are more flexible and more convenient for the investors. Unlike before when down payment was the only option for you to buy property assets; property developers these days are offering various payment methods for investors to choose from.

Flexible Payment Terms on Real Estate | Camella Manors
Flexible Payment Terms on Real Estate | Photo from

If you want to buy a condo but you don’t have the full amount in cold cash with you in your pocket, you can avail of a flexible payment scheme through bank and housing loans.

Several banks offer low-interest rates starting last year to help those who are affected by the pandemic to be able to afford properties through flexible terms. 

Low-risk Investment in Real Estate

Real estate property offers low-risk but high-return investment when held in the long-term. Diversification of investments is one of the methods you should apply to prevent profit loss in doing business. Thus, consider real estate as your priority option to prevent risks of losing all the money you have invested.

Low Risk Investment on Real Estate | Camella Manors
Low Risk Investment on Real Estate | Photo from

In real estate ventures, you have the choice to keep it for years and increase its appraisal value, or you can open it for rentals, which is also a good addition to your income streams.

However, if worse comes worst, you always have many choices to go about them instead of just losing all the money you’ve put into buying a rental property, fixing it, maintaining it, and managing it.

Predictable Cash Flow in Real Estate Investing

An essential component of every business is a predictable cash flow. The more predictable the growth of the future free cash flows, the greater the value of the companies is. In the real estate business, there is a big potential for your money to grow and a promising bigger return of investment as time goes by. Consider the global health pandemic times as your short-term preparation for bigger long-term opportunities.

Value for Money in Real Estate | Camella Manors
Value for Money in Real Estate | Photo from

With the tested and proven market stability of the real estate industry, this is the perfect time to buy affordable condominiums in the Philippines! After all, when the pandemic is over, you will reap what you have sown. So start planting your investments now.

Real Estate is the Most Stable Market

Although the country has experienced its worst economic downfall in 30 years, there is a good comeback and a favorable rebound for the real estate industry this year. 

When the pandemic is over, an influx of tourists and workers is expected to arrive particularly in highly urbanized cities; where there is abundant availability of work, and opportunities for businesses are found.

While time is slowly turning things back to normal again in a year or two, it’s your best option to invest in pre-selling condominiums in the Philippines. 

Stable Market on Real Estate | Camella Manors
Stable Market on Real Estate | Photo from

You can invest in properties wherever you want. You can choose to live in a resort-style condo and have a relaxing haven and secure place in the middle of the hustling & bustling city, or you can convert it into a fancy room for rent for additional income, it’s your choice. 

An Addition to your Investment Portfolio

For business-minded people, an investment portfolio is a very important compilation of assets and is vital to the success of one’s business career.

Numbers determines a successful investment portfolio as it reflects whether you are doing good or bad in your business.

Since real estate is a low-risk high-return investment, this is a good addition to your investment portfolio. If you are building yours now, go for an opportunity that is sure-fire stable and offers a promising longevity in the market.

Financial Freedom on Real Estate Investing | Camella Manors
Financial Freedom on Real Estate Investing | Photo from

In that way, when you have able to build your investment portfolio, you will surely enjoy the financial freedom you’re dreaming of in the future.

As we continue to battle the global pandemic, remember that your future depends on what you are investing in now. This is the perfect time to start. In Camella Manors, you are safe and secured. Get your affordable property investments in the Philippines now and enjoy your guaranteed lifetime investment. 

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