Ready-for-Occupancy Condo in Davao Shows Off the Value of Pine Trees

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The ready-for-occupancy condo in Davao, Northpoint Davao, is a well-known landmark to anyone from the city. The abundance of Caribbean Pine trees is one of the few good reasons why this property is a unique yet beautiful piece of investment in Davao City.

Its 3-hectare area is filled with the continuously growing vegetation of pine trees covering almost 30 percent of its total property, which is more than the 10 percent requirement from the local government unit.

The pines were originally imported from New Zealand last 2012 with a knee-high height. Today, these pines are towering for at least 6 meters in height inside the property.

You can easily feel at home with Northpoint Davao’s sub-urban-themed community along with the number of pine trees surrounding you.

Its British-themed community is the realization of Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc.’s thrust to bring the quality and luxury ambiance of condo living in Davao City in 2011.

Northpoint Davao is poised to bring high-quality and exclusive condo living with its strategic address and blink-eye 10-minute community vantage along the city’s central business district in JP Laurel Ave., Bajada.

The community offers you a limited chance to own a piece of its haven; with a few ready-for-occupancy units of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units on its fifth building, Bradford.

Missing out this chance will also place you out of the Pine-tree community advantages; here is what you should not miss out on Mindanao’s only pine vertical community, Northpoint Davao.

A Stable Community with Soil Control

Aside from having a solid bedrock foundation in its property, Northpoint Davao assures a controlled soil and landscape climate as the number of pine trees secures the land structure.

The roots of these pines serve as a safeguard to any degradation; caused mainly by erosive agents such as water, air, human-activities, etc.

Meanwhile, other vegetation is present along with these pine trees such as flowers and other plants.

Generally, pine trees are tough plants that tolerate sunlight, drought, cold, and various types of soil conditions. Besides, its pine needles help in softening the impact of falling rain to the ground.

Northpoint Davao is situated to almost a hill-like elevation; where the pines help in the stability of the topsoil in the community.

Lessening the common problem of floods on rainy days with its abundant number of trees; Northpoint Davao embraces these pines also as an important part of its thematic community and ambiance.

The Shade You Need this Summer Inside a Ready-for-Occupancy Condo in Davao

Since 30 percent of Northpoint Davao is occupied with green spaces of pine trees; your summer would not be that warm and hot, comparing to communities without or with a smaller number of trees. 

These pine trees will technically provide the shade that you will be needing; especially at times you would want to take a stroll outside your homes this coming summer.

Moreover, with the perfect shade under the trees, you would be more enthusiastic and able to continue your outdoor activities; especially when it comes to your daily jogging or fitness routines.

Shady Area inside an RFO Condo in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Shaded Pavement Inside a Community | Photo from Pexels

Alongside its health benefits, the number of pine trees in Northpoint Davao can produce approximately 78,000 pounds of oxygen each year to keep lifestyle suitable for homeowners.

Technically, it does not just promote a moderate temperature for a living but gives you the necessary atmosphere to live life to the fullest.  

Promotes Interaction to your Neighborhood 

Having a very peaceful and charming neighborhood filled with pine trees easily suggest you on stepping out of your homes; and see other neighbors in the common areas which include the pocket garden and amenity area.

Pine Trees in a Ready for Occupancy Condo in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Pine Trees Inside a Community | Photo from

You can be acquainted to many individuals inside a ready-for-occupancy condo in Davao. Inside Northpoint Davao you can interact with variety of investors, working professionals, married couples, and small families not to mention some multinational investors in the property.

It is a diverse property and a melting pot of cultures from Filipino and international homeowners. 

The property management office also assures that the property is a conducive place to continuously interact with the neighborhood. The office keeps the upkeep of the green spaces and other common areas in Northpoint Davao.

However, if you are not that keen on relating with everyone else in the community.

Northpoint Davao is still the best option for you as these pine trees serve as natural sound insulation; their height can range from the ground level to the third level of the buildings to block your unit from exterior surroundings.

Beautiful Green Visuals Inside a Ready-for-Occupancy Condo In Davao

Who would not want to go home in a beautiful community? Northpoint Davao rewards you with a beautiful lifestyle by going home to its pine tree-filled community.

Verdant landscapes filled with mature Caribbean Pine trees are ready to welcome you in the heart of Metro Davao’s central business district.

The scenic green spaces in Northpoint Davao are a breath of fresh air as each morning will smell pine trees.

Pine Trees in Ready for Occpancy Condo in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Pine Trees in Ready for Occpancy Condo in Davao | Photo from Pexels

What most people and owners do not know is that the greener spaces a property has inside its area or surrounding it the more value it adds to the price of land. Hence, the more landscaped it is the more value it has to offer towards its appreciation.

Also, pine trees are known in the world as a symbol of unity and tagged as the “tree of peace”. In a city like Davao where different religious sectors live along together, it is an important symbol to prosper in the city’s heart.

Eases your Stressful Day in the City

Studies have shown that looking at green plants and trees reduces an individual’s stress level.

Northpoint Davao provides green spaces to promote such a kind of well-being to its homeowners and investors.

In relation, other studies have also shown the speed-up process of recovery with patients who has the availability of looking at green spaces or trees.

Given the strategic location of Northpoint Davao in the city, it is best equipped with these number of pine trees; to keep away its residents from the bustling busy roads and establishments in the city’s center.

In realization, residents are kept from the green canopy of pine trees without keeping them away from the city’s accessibility; towards important lifestyle demands such as banks, commercial areas, airports, universities, hospitals, malls, and marts, etc.

Sub-urban Themed Ready-for-Occupancy Condo in Davao

Indeed, Northpoint Davao has become a renowned landmark of flagship condo-living and pine-tree-filled community in the city and the whole of Mindanao. 

Property Awards Asia recognizes Northpoint Davao as the Best Residential Development in 2016, a remarkable achievement to start the condo lifestyle in the city of Davao.

Ready for Occupancy Condo In Davao | Northpoint Davao
Ready for Occupancy Condo In Davao | Northpoint Davao

Truly, the sub-urban-themed community of Northpoint is a remarkable frontier serving the needs and wants of any property investor looking for a sound and comfortable community in Davao.

Today, the ready-for-occupancy condo in Davao is about to turn over its fifth and last building inside its community, with few numbers of remaining property investments of the studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units.

Own a piece of Davao City. Invest in the only vertical pine tree-filled community in Mindanao. Embrace a lifestyle outside the box in Northpoint Davao.

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