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New Investment Location in Davao City Goes to Heights

Investing in Davao City | Condo in Davao - Camella Manors Frontera

Davao City, a first-class highly urbanized city in the Philippines and is known as one of the most consistent competitive cities in the country in terms of an ideal investment location for commercial, residential, and infrastructures. The city is the 4th largest urban area in the country in terms of population. Meanwhile, it has increased its demand for residential spaces which drove developers in the late 2000s to prompt the prelude of condo-living in the city.

Today, major condominium and property developers are now present in the city’s premier business locations, central business districts, and other upcoming business areas.

Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. is also setting its foot in the city with its newest mid-rise condominium brand, Camella Manors.

As numerous areas in the city offer developed and readily available commercial sectors, Camella Manors and VLL will be opening doors to a new master-planned community in the northern area of Buhangin along Tigatto Road.

Location of Pre-selling Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera
Location of Pre-selling Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera

Camella Manors Frontera, the master-planned community is poised to create a symbiosis with a list of upcoming developments along the area aside from its development.

Here are some of the upcoming investments rising and ongoing in the next investment location in Davao City.

Road Expansion Project in Tigatto

The major PHP1.3-billion road expansion from the PHP2.8-billion road expansion and construction projects will involve the reconstruction of 2-lane roads to 6-lane roads along Buhangin-Tigatto-Mandug-Callawa-Fatima Road as part of the 10 bypass road projects that are currently ongoing.

Meanwhile, other multi-million projects include the infrastructure bypass roads at Jct. Davao City Diversion Road-Tigatto Road-Jct. Davao City Diversion Road worth 1.01B.

These road expansions and construction are part of the Build Build Build project of the current administration that pushes for more ease of transportation in supplement for other commercial and improvements within the city and its neighboring areas.

Two to three years from now, investors and unit owners of Camella Manors Frontera can experience an ease of access going to the other parts of the city through wide road lanes.

Davao Doctors Hospital Satellite Branch in Mandug

The second branch of the premier medical hospital in Davao City is planning its expansion towards the northern and uphill community of Mandug, Davao City. The satellite branch will cover a 1-hectare development in the area.

Currently, the project is yet on its planning stage. The internationally accredited healthcare facility is determined to provide quality healthcare to its forthcoming and presently local and nearby residents in Mandug.

The initial development in the area is still on its strategic planning as the whole team are waiting for the construction of the concrete roads for security purposes and safety of the equipment to be brought in the area.

The opportunity for the coming residential developments such as Camella Manors Frontera is completely unfolding its advantages as future unit owners will just be a stone-throw away from a world class healthcare provider.

The Bulk Water Project in the New Investment Location in Davao

The Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project (DCBWSP) is a PHP12-billion joint project between Apo Agua Infrastura Inc. and the Davao City Water District (DCWD) that includes the construction of primary transmission or distribution pipes and storage facilities in various parts of the city.

The additional 30-50 kilometers of water pipelines are distributed to significantly increase the supply of water in the city. 

Today, DCWD is now ready to receive potable water from the project which tapped out the surface water from Tamugan River. 

The presence of the project will increase the level of supply and water pressure for areas located in highly uphill districts such as Tigatto and Mandug. 

Although, evidently Camella Manors Frontera will be having their respective water supply given that the property management office will manage the upkeep of the residents supply through the services of First Peak Resources and Technologies Inc.

The Philippine Women’s College in the New Investment Location in Davao

Philippine Women’s College, a national institution, has also launched its PWC Ciudades branch in Mandug area which is a few minutes away from Tigatto proper.

Last 2019, the college has opened its doors for pre-school, kindergarten, and grade 1-3 students. PWC is the first educational institution to be present in the area.

Currently, Davao Marine Merchant Academy (DMMA) is one of the most notable educational institutions in the vicinity; and is known as one of the oldest schools for maritime education in the city.

DMMA is around 100-meter away from Camella Manors Frontera. It keeps the investment suitable for students to reside soon within the property.

Indeed, Tigatto and Mandug are areas wherein developments are yet to come. However, with the influx of residential developments in the area; it is time for an educational institution to supply the demand for the educational well-being of both areas’ need for learning.  

Davao Aguilas Sports Stadium in Mandug

in 2018, Davao Aguilas Football Club has announced the start of the construction of the 12-hectare sports center in Mandug to house a 20,000 standard seat capacity and FIFA complaint stadium; and a 12,000 seat multi-purpose sports arena for other sports events and activities.

Moreover, the sports complex will also house 120 bed dormitory for home and visiting teams; and a 180 room 3 star hotel for team officials.

Ideally, the future sports event will be held in the massive sports facility in Mandug, Davao City soon.

This brings further opportunities in terms of accommodation as Camella Manors Frontera will also be open to such investment purposes through an inhouse leasing department. Unit investors can also manage their very own units for short-term lease.

Technically, through this development, the property’s worth in the area will surely appreciate in no time.

Major Bypass Road in the New Investment Location in Davao

One of the major infrastructure projects in the region under the Build Build Build program of the government will be the 44.6 kilometers national bypass road with a project cost of PHP13-billion.

The national bypass road aims to decongest the travel time going southern and northern parts of the city as well as easing out the traffic level present in the proper.

Condo in Davao Near Davao Bypass Road Project | Camella Manors Frontera
Davao Bypass Road Project Near Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera

The travel time between Brgy. Sirawan in Toril District Davao City and Brgy. J.P. Laurel in Panabo City of one hour and 44 minutes through the bypass road will be reduced to 49 minutes.

The first underground tunnel in the city spanning 2.3 km. will run through the mountainous barangays to reduce the drive from Davao-Digos intersection of the Pan Philippine Highway in Toril, Davao City towards the intersection of Davao-Agusan National highway in Panabo City.

The number of infrastructure projects will increase over time as residential developments are also eyeing to navigate investments in the area. Along with these property investments, come opportunities for commercial and other businesses to take part in the development of the community. 

With all roads leading towards the newest investment hub, the future of Tigatto, Mandug, and Buhangin for commercial becomes promising.

The Residential Climate in Davao City

The residential landscape of Davao City is relatively located on the plains, but the majority of the city’s terrain is dominated by peninsular and island topography.

The region is characterized by extensive mountain ranges extending along the western border, in the north-western area leading to the peninsula in the southeast with uneven distribution of plateaus and low areas.

Under the city’s growing urban developments, the cost and value of land per square have massively increased over time.

2019 Davao Property Market Report from Prime Philippines cited commercial land value in Bajada-Lanang area has increased by 27.5 percent to P65,000 to P125,000 per square meter (sqm.) from PHP50,000 to PHP100,000 per sqm.

A great number of infrastructures and commercial establishments have been developed and continuously developing in the area to make it known as the central business district of Davao City.

Camella Manors is also eyeing another master-planned condo village in Lanang area to offer affordable yet resort-themed condo development soon.

Currently, Camella Manors is offering its newest pre-selling investment location along Tigatto Road, Buhangin with its newest pre-selling mid-rise condo development, Camella Manors Frontera.  It will also become the first uphill residential condo development to ever be integrated in the city of Davao.

The First Uphill Condo-Resort in Davao

Camella Manors’ newest pre-selling condo-resort in Davao along Tigatto Rd, Buhangin, Camella Manors Frontera is set to offer the top-tier investment location in the next master-planned community in the city.

Undeniably, Lanang area of Davao City’s central business district has increased its land value overtime with its favorable topography and access towards the commercial establishment and transport hubs including the airport.

But developments are already turning to the northern and uphill areas like Tigatto and Mandug.  

Pre-selling Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera
Pre-selling Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera

It is all about location as they say, and indeed the newest pre-selling condo of Camella Manors Frontera in Davao pulls investors to come home in the next booming central business district of the city.

Meanwhile, looking at the region’s topography and soil climate, the uphill location of this pre-selling condo in Davao will make you an advantage on the scenic verdant landscapes and cityscapes the city has to offer.

Meanwhile, investors can also benefit from its uphill state as flood prevalence is lesser than zero.

Camella Manors Frontera is situated at 50 meters above sea level whereas most of the residential areas in the city range from 6 meters to 20 meters above sea level.

Though the city’s flood prevalence is relatively low throughout its history, it is also a better consideration in picking or choosing the next investment you will look for.

The Sub-Urban Condo In Davao’s Upcoming Top-tier Location

Camella Manors Frontera is a realization of Camella Homes, authentic Filipino lifestyle outside the box. The project is a sub-urban themed condo community located in the upcoming top-tier location in Davao City along Tigatto Road., Buhangin.

The brand will also be featuring the same features of having your own Camella house-and-lot. It is just that Camella Manors will show you a practical housing investment within the city proper while you live higher and move higher.

Having the brand as a sub-urban community, investors can also expect larger area allocated and devoted for green spaces. Camella Manors Frontera will be adhering to the requirement of the city government to put its 10% of total non-saleable area to green spaces or plants.

These green spaces will be filling the community with an ambiance of Caribbean-inspired community in its uphill terrain partnered with exclusive lifestyle and functional amenities.

Investing in Camella Manors Frontera will let you appreciate more of the sub-urban condo living in Davao City.

Thematic Condo-Resort Amenities in Davao’s Next Investment Location

The introduction of a new condo-resort in Davao City along Tigatto Road brings the interest of investors in the area to invest.

Camella Manors Frontera will be the first uphill-condo in the city which will also bring exclusive, highly-quality condo investment through a resort-themed condo development.

Live outside the box, this is one of Camella Manors Frontera’s thrust on living the condo-lifestyle to the fullest. The pre-selling condo in Davao will soon bring a variety of functional and resort-themed condo amenities.

Uphill Pre-selling Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera
Uphill Pre-selling Condo in Davao | Camella Manors Frontera

Infinity pool, kids’ leisure pool, clubhouse lounge, indoor fitness gym, and an event hall will be in the proper amenity area.

Plus, the outdoors and green spaces will also house the alfresco fitness park, picnic hubs, meditation garden, sandbox play pit, miniature amphitheater pews, and jogging trails to improve the well-being of its forthcoming residents.  

But there is more to catch investors’ interest, Camella Manors is a brand to consider for a complete and sustainable community as the brand is also partnered with VLL’s commercial and retail segments.

Residents will soon experience the lifestyle features within the property. Commercial and retail brands from VLL such as Coffee Project, Bake My Day, All Day Supermarket, All Home, etc. will be filling out the community’s daily go-to needs.

Soon everyone will come home to Camella Manors Frontera’s viable and winning condo investment in Davao City.

The pre-selling condo in Davao is currently offering affordable condo units of studio and 1-bedroom on its first building, Zinnia.

You can catch the remaining few units on its pre-selling building while it is still selling like hotcakes and take your chances to avail of its existing promotions.

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