Buying Guide Condo in the Philippines: Know a ‘Good’ Location to Invest a Condo

Good Location for a Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors

Investing a condo in the Philippines, ready for occupancy (RFO) or pre-selling condo for sale, have many things to consider but most condo property buyers will always prioritize looking for an investment in a ‘good location’. But a few investors, are still unknown to what makes a good location the perfect investment.

Location is charting up the surveys on the investors’ primary consideration when it comes to real estate investment. Averagely it is one of the few tick boxes to check in making a buyer close a deal.

‘Location. Location. Location.’ it is always location. However, as a property investor, do you fully know how to consider the best condo location available out there?

Hence, whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or a newbie looking to buy your first real property investment, this writing will surely open your options in looking for the right investment in a good location.

Condo in the Philippines located in CBDs

Basic things to consider are the reach or proximity of your property towards your basic needs and the ease of access towards doing your daily routines.

These days, condo developments are mostly located in cities’ central business districts or CBDs to pave access towards comfortable lifestyle reach. 

Before investing always ask yourself if you will be comfortable with the distance set when you buy a certain condo location as your home investment.

‘Will I be able to secure a low to moderate traffic going to my workplace daily?’, ‘Is there a mall or grocery nearby whenever I want to buy some supplies?’ ‘Can this place offer ease of access for my children going to their school?’; questions that are typical yet important to be answered.

Investor nowadays is looking at the span or distance of their homes to their daily workarounds, certain places which are labelled as part of their lifestyle. Malls, grocery stores, banks, hospitals, schools, and universities, are some of the valued essential proximities investors are looking at nowadays.

Condo Properties in Rural and Urban Areas

Technically, you will not be looking at those if the location of your property considered is in rural areas, but the thing is ‘Are your considerations met especially towards your essential needs daily?’.

Plus, this might also be a thing to consider since if you are looking to invest in an urban or city area, chances to get a good spot might be low as these lands are finite and mostly valued higher compared to the rural areas where commercial and business establishments are limited or yet to be developed.

Condo in the Philippines located in Central Business Districts | Camella Manors
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Camella Manors might just be the brand you are looking for if you are looking to buy a condo unit inside a city but will let you feel away from the thriving and busy atmosphere of the metro.

Pre-selling and RFO condo units offered in Camella Manors projects are offering sub-urban-themed condo-villages and communities to let you escape the ambiance of busy streets and crowded commercial places in the city without physically going out of the urban.

Neighborhood Atmosphere of the Condo for Sale in the Philippines

It is nice to go home in a safe and secured neighborhood, as your home will be the safest place you will feel comfortable being yourself.

Investors are looking at the safety and security of a place to live and invest their money nowadays. According to some real property buyer preferences studies conducted in 2020, a few have put safety and security at their top list when considering buying a property. 

The pandemic has altered the buying preferences of investors last 2020 and will still be the situation while the global health problem is not yet resolved.

In consideration, a good location today will also have the safety and security for a neighborhood to be considered as a winning investment.

On the other hand, the neighborhood’s location is also considered with how it appears and the quantity and quality of amenities it offers.

The overall appearance of a neighborhood should be a requirement such as the green spaces to foster a better visual. The presence of trees, beautiful landscapes have shown an amount of help in decreasing mental and emotional stress from previous studies.

It is also quite surprising that home buyers today are also considering the inhouse amenities such as commercial spaces to be exact.

Neighborhood Location with a Condo in the Philippines
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Conveniences Inside the Condo Development

Today, buyers are looking after the presence of grocery stores, shops, restaurants, etc within their property subdivisions or villages. Most city investors have dynamic lifestyles which frequently need access to conveniences.

If you happen to need one around, look at these properties to become more decisive if the location and its neighborhood will suit you well.

You can check the list of property locations Camella Manors is offering across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These projects are usually offered inside ‘communities or a community within a city; it is poised to supplement a safe and liveable environment to any buyers as the brand is partnered with Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. commercial and retail segments which happen to integrate conveniences such as coffee shops, malls, mini-stores, cinemas, pastry shops, bank, etc.

Every Camella Manors project offers you a distinct and complete lifestyle feature to fruitfully live outside the box. Your investment is more than what you get inside your box or condo unit. The brand will let you experience life more than living inside your unit but a complete ambiance of living inside a Camella house.

Future Developments in the Property Location 

One thing is to know the present perks a property location has to offer but as an investor, you will also be needing to see the futurity of the development and the area in a larger radius.

Consider an investment location that offers more incoming developments as this will drive your property value more, a winning investment should also be your top of mind.

Experienced investors are looking after the return on investment (ROI) and appreciation rate of their purchased real property especially when they invest in pre-selling properties.

Future Developments in Range of a Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
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Meanwhile, end-users, are more likely to look at the present development in a location. However, you should be prepared on the present actual rates of these properties as areas that are already developed would place more expensive rates at this time.

Having to weigh your options might be difficult but try to ask yourself in the present if you are an end-user or an investor, that will surely ease out the process of looking for the right property and location for you.

One good thing about investing in condo units for sale in Camella Manors is that the location of these projects is developing yet appreciating timely. Whether pre-selling or RFO condo units for sale, the brand will surely offer promising developments in strategic locations.

Vista Land also ensures that locations will be improved in time as further developments are master-planned to any Camella Manors project. One of its thrusts is to push the major and primary developments in a location for investment.  

Selecting the Best Unit Location in a Condo in the Philippines

Say you are about to select your desired unit to invest inside a pre-selling or ready-for-occupancy (RFO) condo building, you will also be choosing the best spot on a floor, yet you cannot easily select out of thinking too much which is which.

You might be asking some important details like ‘what direction is my unit facing?’, ‘is my unit close to an elevator or the stairs/fire exit?’, or ‘is my unit an inner or corner unit?’.

You can also always verify to the developer which unit should be facing sunrise or sunset, and the direction it faces. As an investor, you can also consider how humidity and sunlight will kiss your condo unit located in a condo building.

Finding the Best Condo Location in a Floor | Camella Manors
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Some buyers are also keen on their unit perspective such as some are more likely eyeing to invest in condo units for sale facing the amenity area.

On the other hand, some value their privacy and would not want to hear noises coming from the amenity area; they are more likely to pick a condo unit facing the cityscapes or the neighborhood’s horizon.

The usual question of ‘is my unit close to an elevator/fire exit is also important. If you are a working professional who seems busy most of the time, you might be looking at some condo units which are technically ease-free from the elevator as you are ready to hop off from time to time.

Distance from fire exits is important too but eventually not at most since measures of safety and security in condominium projects are of utmost considered but it will not be a loss if you choose to stay close to the fire exits since congestion is not a problem only during an emergency.

Having talked about the best condo unit spot on a floor, some buyers would often consider the corner most units while these units are less trafficked and congested, unlike inner units where the pathway access are of use among the other inner condo unit owners on a floor. 

This set of questions will also be a consideration for the property location, but one more thing to consider first-hand is to know which type of unit to invest are you looking at.

Choosing a Ready-for-Occupancy (RFO) Condo Unit in the Philippines

A ready-for occupancy or RFO condo unit is particularly bought for the urgency of having your place to stay. Ideally, if you are an end-user who is really in need of a place to stay, you will be more likely to look for RFO Condo units for sale in the location you are eyeing to live.

However, RFO condo units are schemed tight in most of the payment terms developers are offering since the property is already available for turnover. But the good thing is, developers would often offer bigger discounts in spot payments of RFO condo units. 

If you are not in a rush to look for a condo for sale in the Philippines you might just explore your options in a pre-selling condo for sale in a certain location of your interest.

Choosing a Pre-selling Condo Unit in the Philippines

Investor-friendly terms are offered in many pre-selling condo units out there. Payment terms are usually in line with the developer’s construction period or even beyond.

The low financing terms might be suitable to any starting real estate investors or seasoned ones. These terms will allow you to see your property grow in value in time.

This is also a good spot for investors thinking to reoffer or resale their property once appreciation strikes into a given condo investment.

Moreover, most of these pre-selling condo developments are in areas with ongoing or planned infrastructure developments which can surely drive the appreciation rate faster in the location.

Camella Manors to Offer Strategic Condo Locations in the Philippines

The bottom line of investing in real estate involves planning out your outlook in buying a condo property whether to any location. 

Yet there are still several factors for a buyer to consider such as the quality of the development, the price of the condo units for sale, the functional amenities present in the condo, and other additional needs unique to an investor.

Ultimately you must identify your needs and assess what type of condo unit are you opting to invest in. Always be ahead of your investment and make sure to identify and weigh not just one or two options.

Best Location for a Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Photo from Josh in Pexels

Location is, indeed, investors’ primary consideration in buying a condo property in the Philippines. Fortunately, Camella Manors is present in seven areas in the country and incoming areas to cater other investors’ demands.

Currently, you can find our sprawling investment options of pre-selling and RFO condo for sale in Lipa City, Bacolod City, Puerto Princesa City, Butuan City, Davao City, and upcoming in Caloocan City and another project soon in Davao City.

The brand proudly features projects which check all the points you need in considering a good location good for investment. From the proximity of commercial establishments, sound community, and futurity of other developments, Camella Manors completes the holistic condo investment location factors.

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