8 Trendy Paint Colors To Try For your Condo

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Paint colors that are used in condominiums speak a lot about the residential overall experience. Aside from selecting appropriate colors, it also requires a skilled painter to complete the project on time and within your budget.

A more challenging task might be the choice of colors that match your architectural features and other interior elements. But don’t worry because we got you covered with the newest interior color trends, from kitchens to toilets, from living rooms to bedrooms.

Paint color choices evolve from year to year. Red characterized the 1940s, while in the 1950s the whole trend was Turquoise / Mint. Vibrant green in the sixties was the go-to color, but in the seventies, it evolved to a more mossy green. Mauve had been prominent in the eighties and the nineties were known to be purple. We have observed preferences going from light blue to grey in the previous several decades, but we have just witnessed a trend back to blues.

Ask anybody about the 8 hottest paint colors, but many people in charge of condominium painting will undoubtedly find them in the top 8 lists:

paint your condo | Camella Manors
Paint your Condo | Camella Manors | Photo by Roselyn Tirado on Unsplash

Navy Blue Paint Color

For those who want to spend their lives in color, navy blue is a terrific alternative to black on the walls. This color has the same quiet and masculine effect as black, but it also adds warmth, depth, and history.

As a natural color, navy blue complements other earth-toned furnishings effectively. If mahogany is too dark for you, white oak and maple furniture are lighter choices that mix nicely with deep navy or blue.

Navy Blue | Wall Paint 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Navy Blue Wall Paint | Photo from Unsplash

Do you like hues that are a little more daring? The restrained quiet of a navy wall allows you to utilize more daring colors in your other items.

Dark walls in small spaces, contrary to common assumption, may have dramatic and even space-opening effects. While white may make space feel brighter, it lacks the dynamic and subtlety of darker colors that change colors as the light changes throughout the day.

Using blue instead of jet black may achieve the same level of elegance and depth without feeling too gothic. To avoid the space becoming drab, balance your blue bathroom walls with some vibrant decorations and pops of color.

Sage Paint Color

A new neutral color is making its way into the mainstream. It isn’t grey, white, or even greige. No, the shade we’ve been seeing a lot of on the runway; and in some of our favorite interiors is sage green.

The gentle green tone reminiscent of a sage plant originally piqued our curiosity when it appeared in Pinterest’s yearly trend report in 2018. 1 According to the report, there was a significant increase in searches for sage green; indicating that it will be a trend in the coming year. They were accurate, as the color has now appeared in a plethora of residences.

Sage | Wall Paint Colors 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Sage Wall Paint Color | Photo from Pexels

Consider sage green your new neutral if you want to add a little flash of color to your décor. There is no better way to soften a space than with a soothing sage hue. The adaptable color, defined by its grey, silvery overtones, adds an exquisite touch to classic greens while also lending itself to a peaceful home feeling.

Sage is subtle enough to be neutral yet bold enough to set the tone in any setting. Inspired by the fragrant “healing” plant, you may be sure that a nice layer of sage paint will align your chakras.

Earthy Ochre

When utilized in living spaces, earthy ochre creates a luxurious feel. Ochre has a natural earthy feel to it, and when utilized in large quantities, it will undoubtedly make space appear cozier. Its golden mid-toned tan looks well with warm tones like copper, rust, and sage green. Taupe, an earthy color, also has a calming effect on the environment.

Earthy Ochre | Wall Paint Colors 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Earthy Ochre Wall Paint Color | Photo from Pexels

A neutral tan paint color like this adds dimension to space when combined with a lighter grey wall, or you may try mixing it with a pastel hue like duck egg blue.

Oyster White

When it comes to interior paints, whites are a timeless classic since they provide a blank canvas on which you can add high-quality accents and décor items. The cold whites of the seaside and the cozy whites of home are this year’s most Instagram-worthy and popular hues.

Try Oyster White, which has a bleached appearance similar to seashells and white sand. It’s ideal for providing a cooling effect and looks great with dark wood, white furniture, and both modern and traditional homes. In a dark grey foundation, this subtle hue offers a hint of beige warmth.

Oyster White | Wall Paint 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Oyster White Wall Paint | Photo from Pexels

Oyster White, despite its name, is a pale greige paint hue. This color features grey and beige undertones depending on what it’s adjacent to. Painting Oyster White on the outside of a property that receives plenty of natural light will reveal more of the softer, beige side of Oyster White.

This neutral color goes wonderfully with grey and black tones; and a beautiful complement to other stronger paint colors for your home’s interior. As far as white exterior paint colors go, Oyster White offers the most depth of any that I’ve examined.

Lilac Gray

Though dove gray is one of the most popular paint colors when seeking modern alternatives to harsh neutral paint color ideas, 2019’s lilac undertone-infused possibilities are a little moodier.

For starters, the inclusion of lilac warms grey shades, making them more gender-neutral and joyful. And, given that some of our designers’ preferred home interior colors are various shades of grey, a choice with lilac tones is a pleasant alternative that is also subtle enough not to become old quickly.

Lilac Gray | Wall Paint 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Lilac Gray Wall Paint | Photo from Pexels

We recently made a compelling argument for the color on an interior design job in Brooklyn that had a warm, simple vibe to it.

Dark Green

Officially known as ‘night watch,’ the hue is one of Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors and is essentially a fresh take on deep hunter green, which hasn’t looked as feasible since its previous appearance in the interior design limelight in the 1990s.

This deep green color trend may help to imitate the sensation of lush flora and the healing force of nature in your house while setting the tone with a strong fundamental hue; from subdued to melancholy. Our interior designers recommend that hunter and bottle green paint color choices be saved for well-lit, large areas since their intensity can dominate tiny areas and make them appear darker.

Dark Green | Wall Paint 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Dark Green Wall Paint | Photo from Unsplash

And, as always, examine what fits with your lifestyle, taste, and design direction when bringing in the current paint colors in your house, since no paint color trend is worth compromising your own distinct aesthetic.

Muted Pastels

Pastel variants in chalky, subdued tones offer a calming appeal and an unobtrusive feeling that’s ideal for gender-neutral rooms and common areas like kitchens and baths since they’ll do double duty and disguise ordinary scuff marks and nicks.

Furthermore, subdued hues provide a pleasant backdrop for a simple design. We love how the kitchen shown above blends the current paint colors with a dramatic marble backsplash in complementary tones, making it more memorable than a traditional black and white kitchen.

Pastel | Wall Paint 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Muted Pastel Wall Paint | Photo from Pexels

If you’re seeking for the unexpected without having to commit to a strong color trend or the current paint colors being marketed as an ‘it’ hue, go for comparable subdued pastel paint colors as you’ll tire of it in the long run and run the danger of having identical paint colors as your friends and neighbors.


Warm and inviting creamy hues of hazelnut paint colors will never go out of style and will never clash with existing furniture, making it a pleasant go-to color. Take a quick assessment from room to room and determine which rooms need to be lightened up and capture more light for hazelnut paint color ideas in your home.

Hazelnut | Wall Paint 2021 | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Hazelnut Wall Paint | Photo from Pexels

Varying hues of hazelnut are excellent for reflecting light and making a space look bigger than it is.

Creative Ways to Use Paint Colors

Now that we’ve covered the best paint colors for your home, let’s take a look at some creative methods to make them stand out.

Use the Fifth Wall

Sometimes, too much color might be visually distracting since it reduces the size of a room. Then try painting your ceiling as an option, if you have a tiny space short to color-defining the area.

You will increase the appearance of your ceilings by providing additional depth and aesthetic intrigue to space. And you can always design graphic patterns, especially with space-size strips, which will make your walls sing.

Paint Your Doors

Painting your doors and trimming is another wonderful way to paint all your walls with a color that is too quick to fatigue. Furthermore, painted doors will provide every home a distinct touch, and cover the stains and wear and tear every day.

You’ll have to determine if you can remove or leave the door behind – and both have advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you do in the end, the ideas offered by skilled painters and interior designers will help you go around the whole process from color, product, and tool selection thru crucial skills of preparation and painting.

Add Depth with an Accent Wall

Creating extra depth and a dramatic impression with an accent wall that can be painted quickly as seasons and trends for a fast refreshment in a room.

If you consider adding the finishing touches to your space; though, it may be adding color to emphasize what the missing aesthetic element is. Accent colors allow a room to become full, with individual color parts that offer dimension to your interior design.

The problem is, how you get the proper color balance so that your house does not survive the rest of the space or underwrite the rest. These are ways to create depth using accent colors to your home to represent your own style.

Section Off Paint Colors

Outwit a small, open floor layout, such as that of a studio apartment; by painting a line between its conventional all-in-one living area, kitchen, and sleeping quarters. You’ll create borders or defined zones – and experience a more interesting home – as you work your way out of that box of builder’s beige or white that you’re probably surrounded with by delicately applying your preferred hues to the walls and trim, and employing creative furniture placement.

You may also make the room appear bigger and the ceiling taller by establishing a sectioned-off contrast on the top half of your walls.

Make your home a canvass for your creativity!

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