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It is no secret that the global pandemic has taken its toll on many industries and businesses, forcing some of our well-loved restaurants, gyms, bars, and local stores to permanently shut down or operate in limited capacities due to social distancing protocols. Hence, more workers have lost their jobs and livelihood.

In the Philippines, the unemployment rate reached a record-high of 17.6 percent in April 2020 (which was equivalent to 7.2 million jobless individuals) at the height of strict lockdown measures imposed by the government to curb the spread of the virus, according to the results of Philippine Statistics Authority’s labor force survey.

With the gradual easing of COVID-19-related restrictions, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.1 percent in March this year—estimated at 3.44 million Filipinos with no jobs—the lowest since the start of the coronavirus crisis, figures from the PSA revealed.

Doing Business At Home | Camella Manors
Doing Business At Home | Camella Manors

With many businesses closing shops and people avoiding public places, almost everyone—including entrepreneurs and consumers—seems to be transitioning to the digital world: Zoom meetings are the way to go for employees who switch to remote work; students attend online classes; we browse the Internet for news, information, and entertainment; our cozy Friday nights are spent binge-watching our favorite flicks and series on digital streaming platforms like Netflix; Social media and FaceTime keep us connected with our loved ones who live miles away from us.

Online shopping is also a convenient way to purchase our groceries, necessities and other goods while staying safe at home. We use e-commerce websites like Shopee and Lazada to buy home decors, gadgets, and skincare products. App-based food delivery services bring our favorite cuisines and other cravings to our doorstep within minutes. Nowadays, we can even use contactless payment methods when paying for these goods and services.

Reports from ABS-CBN News cited that the registrations of names for online businesses soared during the pandemic, according to the Department of Trade and Industry. From April to December 2020, a total of 86,726 business names registered for online businesses, said the Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez, based on the data from DTI’s business name registration system. These figures surpassed the 1,848 business names registered for online businesses as of March last year before the onset of the pandemic.

Since many Filipinos workers got displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to find creative ways to thrive during these uncertain times. Whether you’re a homebaker, vlogger, freelance artist or reseller, you can adapt to the “new normal” by going digital and generating alternative income. In this list, we compiled some of the best online business ideas that you can explore at the comforts of your home.

Sell Baked Goodies and Homemade Meals

Quarantine cooking and baking have been a popular trend and coping mechanism for people to overcome anxiety and boredom amid pandemic-induced lockdowns. If you’ve got excellent feedback from your first customers (your family), why not monetize your new hobby and earn extra cash? Work your magic in the kitchen and show off your signature dishes and pastries from minimalist cakes, artisanal bread, classic lasagna, and even home-cooked Filipino favorites like chicken adobo or pinakbet! Create a Facebook and Instagram page for your online bakery or food shop where you can advertise your business and take advance orders. You can also deliver ready-to-eat weekly meal plans for folks who are looking for healthy and delicious food but don’t have the time to cook. For those who love beverages, gourmet teas and coffees also appeal to a certain market. Just make sure that you’re offering something unique and innovative for your products to stand out from the rest.

Bake Cookies | Business At Home | Camella Manors
Bake Cookies | Business At Home | Camella Manors

Start Blogging or Vlogging

Gone are the days when blogging was just a pastime for writers or a virtual diary where we share our personal musings. It has become a powerful marketing tool and a profitable online business that can help you earn a lucrative income without leaving the house. As a blogger, choose to write something that you are passionate about like travel, beauty, fashion, or sports. It is very important to gain a loyal following of readers and drive traffic to your blog by knowing your niche and writing top-tier content. Content originality also plays a key role in driving organic traffic to your blog. Thus, always check the originality of your blog with a reliable originality checker. This will help you ensure the uniqueness and originality of your blog’s content before its publication.

If you’re more comfortable telling your stories through videos, you may want to try vlogging instead. Even local and international stars launch their own YouTube channels! It can also make regular people reach celebrity status with the right skill and knowledge. Vloggers and influencers who get millions of views and subscribers earn money through ads and brand endorsements. They create many interesting contents like unboxing and product reviews, makeup tutorials, fitness routines and travel diaries. If you want to be a vlogger, you will need a smartphone or a vlogging camera, microphone for good audio quality, Internet connection and a laptop with video editing software.

Turn Your Clutter into Cash

Chances are you’ve been channeling your inner Marie Kondo lately because of the community quarantine. If you’re not yet done decluttering your home, use this opportunity to get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore, and sell these secondhand items online. Look into your closet and garage for your used belongings that are good as new. Perhaps your kids have outgrown their baby clothes, shoes, and toys, and you want to find them a new owner. That way, you can clean and make space in your house while earning extra bucks through your online business! Make your own social media page where you can post photos and descriptions of your preloved clothes, books, furniture, appliances, video games, and other stuff. You can also transact through e-commerce platforms like Carousell or create a product listing on Facebook Marketplace. There’s no need for a physical store so it’s very convenient for you and the buyer!

Teach Online Classes

Having the right skillset and education can open a plethora of opportunities for teaching online. If you’re talented in playing musical instruments, you can offer digital piano or guitar tutorials for those who are looking for a new hobby during the lockdown. Teaching English as a second language to Japanese and Korean students is also a great way to earn money at home.

Some fitness trainers hold online workout sessions with their clients because of the closure of gyms. There are also coaches who are giving virtual sports camps or indoor training to kids who still can’t go out to play games with their friends. It’s a fun way to keep them occupied and active during the summer. Note that when you have the proper credentials and experience in a particular subject, you can generate income by sharing your expertise in online platforms while having the flexibility to do it anywhere.

Utilize Your Green Thumb

The market for houseplants has boomed in the recent years and many certified plantitos and plantitas continue to discover the calming and healing wonders of gardening. It may have started as a hobby to de-stress while being stuck at home but now that you have transformed your boring backyard into a fully-fledged garden filled with ornamental plants and herbs, you may consider earning extra income with this gardening craze.

You can set up an online shop and sell indoor plants, succulents and potted arrangements as home decorations. If you have the skill in floral arrangement, you can even design beautiful bouquets for special occasions. You may also generate profit by selling seedlings, herbs and fresh produce online. Try making healthy, flavorful dishes and sauces out of them like homemade pesto from basil leaves—a great addition to your online business! How about something to beat the heat? Whip up summer smoothies with the fruits and veggies in your garden and include these chilled treats to your menu.

Do Online Freelance Jobs

If selling goods is not your cup of tea, you can choose to sell your expertise or skills instead. Offering virtual freelancing services to clients across the world from your own home office seems to be ideal during the pandemic when many of us are still in quarantine and are looking for remote work. Freelance jobs allow you to work on your own schedule and select tasks that fit your style and ability. This online business can also be done on the side, and it’s also good in building your portfolio.

Sites like Upwork,,, and Fiverr can aid you in finding clients who need your help for their projects. There are plenty of freelance job opportunities that you can choose from such as content writing, transcription, translation, video editing, SEO writing, social media management, graphic design, virtual assistant services, web design, photography, proofreading, research and data entry.

Monetize Your Art

If you’ve devoted your time and energy to polishing your craft during the lockdown—working on your painting, photography, jewelry making or calligraphy—you can market your own masterpiece online and earn profit from it. Post pictures of your works in a well-curated website that can attract potential buyers.

It’s also a wonderful way to exhibit and promote your art to a wider audience which can possibly give you a big break as an artist. Exploring one’s creativity by making handcrafted products like homemade candles, soaps and knitted garments is also an excellent online business idea.

Resell Goods Online

Becoming an online reseller has kept many people afloat during the pandemic. In reselling, you don’t have to create your own product for the business. You just need to find authentic suppliers or manufacturers who offer high-quality products, purchase these items in bulk, and sell them online to make profit. For example, you can help local farmers by buying their fresh produce like strawberries, coffee beans, cocoa and other crops at a reasonable price then selling them to your customers. You can also buy and sell other products like clothes, grocery items, disinfectants, beauty products and collectibles.

Even real estate property is something that you can buy and sell. Investing in an affordable condo in the Philippines can also generate passive income if you choose to rent out your unit. Plus, flexible payment methods are available for your convenience.

Check Out this Affordable Condo in Davao!

The first and only vertical pine community in Mindanao is located in the heart of Metro Davao. Northpoint Davao is a resort-style condo in the “King City of the South” that houses imported Carribean pine trees from New Zealand. An average volume of 78,000 pounds of oxygen is given off by these trees so you can enjoy a lovely scenery with a dose of health benefits. These greeneries are complemented by the upscale British architecture of the 5,220-sqm condo village.

Northpoint, a British-Kiwi themed ready-for-occupancy condo property, is situated at JP. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. Due to its strategic location in Southern Mindanao’s regional center, Northpoint may have high potential returns on investments. It was also awarded as the Best Residential Development in Davao during the Philippine Property Awards 2016.

Northpoint is only a 2-hour flight away from Manila and a 15-minute ride from Davao International Airport. It is considered as a “10-minute community,” where business hubs, places of worship, health centers, universities, malls and a future commercial strip of its own are within reach.

A panoramic view of Samal Island can also be seen from the top floors of the building as you feast your eyes with a breathtaking backdrop of nature and cityscapes in Davao.

To complete your relaxing experience in the condo, make use of Northpoint’s posh amenities like the salinized pool, kiddie pool, fitness gym, sky courts, atriums, kids’ playground, clubhouse terrace, function area and 24/7 security. There’s also an old heritage house inside Northpoint’s project area for your memorable fine dining experience.

Northpoint also has a solid bedrock ground, which means that its soil structure has a foundation that can resist a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

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