Tying the knot soon? 10 Tips for Millennial Couples

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They say marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. In order to last long, you must prepare for it and endure a lot of hurdles. Newly-married millennial couples should realize the importance of building a solid foundation to keep their marriage strong. The first few years of your married life is very crucial as it sets the pace of your relationship. In an article of Time Magazine, the first year can be described as a “wet cement” phase where you figure out living together without sinking or getting stuck. It is usually a sweet blissful time of establishing a life together, exploring the big world as well as the little things about each other.

In this time of pandemic, weddings have become a private and intimate gathering because of the many imposed community lockdowns due to the virus. Despite this, we see a ton of people, mostly millennials, getting engaged and married. Indeed, love knows no distance nor a pandemic. Many young couples have realized the uncertainty of life, thus taking the time to express their love and sealing it into a lifelong commitment.

Before taking the plunge and getting married, it is important to prepare for the life that you’ll be spending together. Whether it is as small as deciding what to eat or as big as your next property investment, you have to consider your better half in making a decision. In research cited by EF-Financial, financial issues are the usual argument of about 70% of married millennial couples. If not resolved, this could lead to a more serious problem.

In the list below, we have gathered some of the best tips for newlywed millennials to foster a healthy and strong married life. Your first year is an exciting time to try out new things and explore a life of being together. However, it also takes a lot of work, patience, and understanding. With these practical tips, you’re bound for a good and happy relationship.

Millennial Couples | Dating at Affordable Condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors
Millennial Couple | Dating at Affordable Condo in the Philippines – Camella Manors

Top 10 Tips for Newly-Married Millennial Couples

Set realistic expectations as Millennial Couples

The first years of your marriage are spent exploring and building a solid foundation for your future. It needs a firm commitment to work on this with your partner. Having a realistic expectation and the life you want to have is important to keep the relationship healthy. For your marriage to work, you need to set a realistic standard that is attainable. Of course, this takes a lot of effort from both of you. You need to work together as a team for your marriage to work.

Tip: Managing expectations is a good sign of a healthy marriage. It is about having realistic preferences on how to run your relationship. Being resilient is also part of it as you learn to cope with unmet expectations.

Create a budget

In terms of money and expenses, creating a budget that accounts for all your monthly expenses will make it easier for you to monitor your finances. Make sure to stick to your allocated budget. Include an emergency fund that you can use in case something comes up or you need to pay urgently. Set your budget according to your priorities as a millennial couple. That way, the couple can monitor their spending as well as their savings.

Tip: Your financial habits may be different from your partner so having a compromise that you both agree with is a good thing to do. Money is often an issue so settling this is crucial for any marriage.

Prioritize your basic needs

Your necessities should be the top priority in your budget. This means food, monthly utility bill, rent school/ work expenses, transportation, health/ medicines, etc. After all these, that’s when your other priorities can come in like insurance, travel fund, online shopping, etc. Avoid buying unnecessary items.

Tip: Creating a luxe fund can also be a part of it but knowing your priorities as a couple should come first.

Save and invest

Make sure to save up for the rainy days. Whether it is an unexpected house repair, a health problem, or an accident, having an emergency fund will be of huge help to ease off the burden. Factor in a fund for unforeseen events by saving at least 10% of your income. Having insurance is another great option to prepare for the future. There are insurance groups that offer insurance and investment. Investing is one good way also to grow your money. Common investments include stocks, mutual funds, and life insurance.
Tip: It is good to start saving up while you are a young couple. Check for your local insurance companies that also offer investments. Have a joint savings account where you both have access in times of an emergency.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

There is a popular adage for married couples that says, “never go to bed angry.” Simply put, resolve your anger before going to bed. Happy millennial couples are usually those with a solid and good communication. Instead of being resentful for wrongdoing, try to communicate to your partner on how you can improve the things that bother you. By regularly communicating with your partner, you also get to know each other’s feelings, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and aspirations.

Tip:  Consider also talking about your financial goals and future plans as each person may come with a different point of view and experiences.

Adopt a problem-solving approach

It is a bad habit to point fingers and blame your partner when things do not go as planned. Refrain from passing the blame and start addressing the problem with a solution. Work together as a team to resolve the conflicts in your marriage. Adopt a systematic problem-solving approach that will work for both of you. According to an article by, not only one person causes a problem in your relationship. It’s usually the dynamics between the two. By recognizing what you do to create conflict and realizing how you react to his actions are crucial steps to help solve the problem.

Set Goals

Setting goals as a couple helps establish a common objective that you two can work on. No matter how big or small your goals are, having them will help set the direction of your relationship. Where do you want to go? What things do you want to achieve? How do you plan to attain this goal? Your teamwork as a couple is very much needed to unlock these achievements. It will also give you a sense of shared achievement when you tick off one goal from your list.

When you set a long-term goal with your partner, you also talk about the future. Take each goal one step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. As a newly- married couple, use these goals to get motivated and inspired to work better or save up more.

Have date nights as New Couples

With the many things going on around you, you might forget the core of your relationship. You might be busy with work or do a lot of chores that you tend to overlook spending some quality time with your partner. One advice to newly married couples: Make date nights a part of your weekly schedule. Set aside at least one night a week to just enjoy each other’s company, watch a movie, eat a nice dinner, or do anything you want without the presence of any distractions. No phones, no emails, no other people. Make it a priority to spend quality bonding time with each other to nurture your relationship as partners.

Tip: You don’t need a grand plan or an expensive dinner. Now that we are in a pandemic, your weekly date nights can be in the form of doing hobbies together like baking, planting, doing crafts, or even as simple as watching Netflix or gaming.

Pursue your interests

Your preferences and interests may be different from your partner and that’s totally fine. You don’t have to let go of your passion and interest in life just because you are married. You can pursue your own hobbies in the same way he can also pursue his. Go out with your friends for a fun hiking weekend while he does video games with his squad. Having a healthy space that allows both of you to grow as an individual lets you hold down to your core as a person.

Tip: Respect and support each other when it comes to your own respective hobbies. As long as you know your priorities, pursuing your interests can be a fun and exciting activity. Who knows, you might just get a new partner for your hobby.

Make memories together

Finally, you two are married and can start living life on your own. Keep the excitement of your marriage by going on an adventure and making good memories together. According to relationship expert Hellen Fisher in an article of Time Magazine, “research shows that novelty — taking risks or trying something new — can trigger the release of dopa­mine in the brain.  I’m not just talking about novelty in the bedroom (although that would be a good start). You can get the same effect from sampling a new type of cuisine together or riding the roller coaster at an amusement park.” Making memories together will allow you to discover your partner more. Enjoy this exciting time of your life, learning and growing together.

In order for your marriage to work, it requires commitment and hard work. Challenges and conflicts are a normal part, but there is nothing a strong and God-centered relationship cannot handle. Make sure to bring these marriage tips as you journey together towards this exciting time of your life.

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