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What Pregnant Women This Pandemic Need to Know

Pregnant Women During Pandemic | Camella Manors

Amidst the growing global pandemic and the evolution of newer and stronger strains of the Covid-19 virus, there are still individuals who suffer a great level of anxiety, especially pregnant women.

Pregnant women during these times are one of the sectors where a few studies have been conducted as well as the sole effects of the vaccines produced globally to fight the virus. They are one of the few groups who are in such higher anxiety more than anyone as they are watching for two lives in their hands.

According to several experts, there have not been enough studies focused on pregnant women contracting the virus now. Yet, the World Health Organization or WHO states that pregnant women may be at higher risk of getting the infection compared to non-pregnant women.

The accounted changes in the body of pregnant women during their pregnancy can badly leave them vulnerable especially to respiratory infections.

When pregnant women develop serious disease, they tend to require care in intensive care units compared to their non-pregnant counterparts of age.

It is important to take precautionary measures to protect their babies and themselves at this point where information is yet to be determined and unavailable.

On the other hand, here are some of the measures you can do as a pregnant woman to continue living and lessen the anxiety you might be experiencing now.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Always maintain a clean set of hands especially when you are eating. Beforehand taking a meal make sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

When cleaning things inside your homes, try to make use of alcohol-based rubs or might as well go to the sink and use soap and water to completely avoid infection or harmful bacteria. As you tend to clean some a few stuff in the house it is also important to make use of disinfected gloves or wear some face masks to avoid dust or micro-dirt that easily penetrates your respiratory system.

Sanitize using Alcohol and Wash Hands Properly as Pregnant Woman this Pandemic | Camella Manors
Sanitize Always as a Pregnant Woman this Pandemic | Photo from Anna Shvets in Pexels

Keep Space between you and the Crowd

Avoid going to places as much as possible. As medical experts say, the virus spreads easily within just a few meters from an infected individual.

Keep an eye on a good schedule is going to groceries if needed to buy some supplies at home or better yet ask someone to help you out.

If there is no chance of getting much help, you can opt to wear a non-medical, fabric mask and shield when going outside. Do also maintain a physical distance between yourself and the others.

While outside, you also need to avoid touching yourself especially in areas where the virus or infection can easily enter such as the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Avoid Public Spaces as Pregnant Women this Pandemic | Camella Manors
Avoid Public Spaces as Pregnant Women this Pandemic | Photo from Mart Production in Pexels

Practice Respiratory Hygiene

This simply means your etiquette. When coughing and sneezing cover your mouth and with a tissue. If you tend to yawn you can also cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow.

Observing this typical etiquette can serve you better precaution towards the virus especially when you are in a public place or public transport.

But you do not want to stay out in the public for too long so go home once you have done everything you need to do outside.

Upon arrival take extra measures to keep your home sanitated. Go wash and disinfect the things from the outside that you opt to bring inside your property.

Developing Some Symptoms of the Virus: What to Do as Pregnant Women this Pandemic

If you are experiencing the most common symptoms as described and stated by the medical experts such as fever, cough, difficulty in breathing; to seek medical care as early as possible is your first safety step.  

The Department of Health has launched last March 2020 the Covid-19 emergency hotlines 02-894-26843 and 1555 in partnership with the National Emergency Hotline of the Department of Interior and Local Government, together with PLDT and Smart Communications Inc.

Dial Covid19 Hotlines in the Philippines If In Need of Help as Pregnant Woman this Pandemic | Camella Manors
Dial Covid19 Hotlines in the Philippines | Photo from Ketut Subiyanto in Pexels

Meanwhile, some local government units have also launched their respective efforts such as launching their communication trunk lines in situations with urgent concerns regarding the virus.

Following some local policies, you also must attend regular medical consultations with your physician. Routine care appointments are also important to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

Can the Virus be Passed Upon Birth: What Should You Know as Pregnant Women this Pandemic

 As of now, WHO and other medical experts around the globe do not have a solid statement regarding the matter. At this moment, the active virus has not been found in collected sample fluid around the baby in the mother’s womb or breastmilk of a Covid-19 positive pregnant woman.

Meanwhile, if you are also anxious in knowing if pregnant women should be tested for the virus, there are factors to consider.

Most importantly, the area or country where you live while you are carrying your baby has a different set of protocols and eligibility to consider before administering the test.

One of the major eligibilities to test a pregnant woman in the Philippines is the display of symptoms. Swab testing will be done through URT or upper respiratory tract and/or LRT or lower respiratory tract specimen collection.

This is also aligned with WHO’s released action plan to prioritize testing to pregnant women who are displaying symptoms of the viral infection.

During Pregnancy and Childbirth: What Happens Next

Under WHO, all pregnant women and their newborns, which includes mothers which are suspected or with confirmed infection of the virus, have the right to quality health care before, during, and after giving birth which also includes mental health care.

The organization defines safe and positive childbirth care to include the following:

  • Medical Treatment with Respect and Dignity
  • Companion of Choice during Delivery
  • Concise and Clear Communication by the Maternity Staff
  • Appropriate Pain Relief Strategies
  • Mobility in Labor where Possible, and Birth Position of Choice

When you are anxious if you are infected with the virus during pregnancy and even after giving birth, the chances of breastfeeding your newborn might be also a case for you to figure out if it is right to breastfeed the baby.

Breastfeeding during Pandemic | Camella Manors
Breastfeeding during Pandemic | Photo from Wendy Wei in Pexels

WHO also stressed that even if you have the virus they still encourage you as the mother to touch and breastfeed your newborn. Close contact and early, exclusive breastfeeding helps a baby to thrive.

Mothers who have confirmed cases are encouraged to wear a mask during breastfeeding procedures with the baby. The few steps are also to keep the room sanitized and to practice good respiratory hygiene.

What Should You do as a Pregnant Mother This Pandemic?

Stay at home. Stay away from crowded places. Ask for professional help.

Before your due date, you can take extra precautions in going in and out of your home. It is also important to consider investing in a place where you can guarantee the reach of your needs in a walk or just a stone throw-away.

The location of a property is also vital. Meanwhile, condo for sale in the Philippines positions themselves in such climates that accessibility is primary.

As the metro cities are completely dominated by a thick number of people, you must consider a condo in the Philippines that can be beneficial for you as a mother such as an RFO condo for sale with large amenity areas or breathing spaces where people can share common ground without much physical contact.

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