Advantages of Buying a Pre Selling Condo in the Philippines

Advantages of Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors

Buying pre selling condo in the Philippines is one of the most preferred investments among newbie home buyers or investors as they are looking at the number of its advantages compared to ready for occupancy or RFO condo properties in the country.

Given the favorable market condition of pre selling condos in the Philippines, investors should know why pre selling condos are one of the investment drivers in real estate to date. Find out the investment advantages you can enjoy with Vista Land’s newest condo brand, Camella Manors

As a new player in the condo market, Camella Manors, the newest brand of Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. to offer affordable mid-rise condo villages located in major cities and provinces aligned with the strategic areas of VLL’s developing ‘communicities’.

The brand offers many pre selling condo units for as low as PHP 20,000 for a studio. Relatively, projects under Camella Manors offer pre selling studio, 1-bedroom to 2-bedroom units located in Caloocan, Lipa, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Butuan, and Davao City.

Today, Camella Manors offers the best-unrequited advantage of buying your first pre selling condo in the Philippines, check the list below to help you decide on buying your new condo property.

Affordable Pre Selling Condo Prices in the Philippines

Pre selling condo prices are generally cheaper compared to condo developments where construction has already started, near its completion, or finished.

The investor is yet to pay the idea, or concept of the development before seeing or owning the completed structure.

Affordable Priced Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors
Affordable Priced Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors

Meanwhile, many pre selling condo projects are also located in areas with few developments making its value price competitive more than properties located in developed locations.

As these types of condo properties are offered during the early development stage of their location you may not be able to see visible developments in the community which drives the land price value. Thus, it is an opportunity to save and earn as you purchase a condo during its introductory price.

As real estate agents say the best time to invest is always now.

Flexible Payment Schemes in New Condo Projects

With a developing property eyed to be completed in many years from the present time, pre selling condos for sale are generally offered in more stretched financing terms.

The regular construction period of mid-rise condo developments is roughly completed from two to three years. This makes pre selling condo payment terms stretch from 36 months or even more.

A few developers of preselling condo also places additional payment perks or promos during the introduction stage of their projects.

Flexible Financing Schemes in Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors
Flexible Financing Schemes in Pre Selling Condo | Photo from Kelly Sikkema in Unsplash

Meanwhile, in Camella Manors, some pre selling projects are offering stretched downpayment terms up to 48 months or 4 years.

Investors can also own a condo unit with a minimum reservation fee of PHP 20,000 for a pre selling studio unit for sale and a low monthly payment of PHP 10,000 to be deducted from the total contract price of the property.

The Promising Investment of Pre Selling Condo

The beauty of investing in pre selling condo properties in the Philippines entails a promising story of its future developments. Investors are buying its well-projected idea to become a reality in the coming years.

Alongside the pre selling condo, investors are also eyeing the promising development of the whole community or the entire location.

The foresighted investment influx of other commercial establishments such as malls, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools and universities, and additional infrastructure projects can be one of the major reasons why a lot of investors are considering a developing area to add to their portfolios.

Promising Location of a Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors
Promising Location of a Pre Selling Condo | Photo from Jamie G in Unsplash

If you are buying the property for leasing investment you might also consider those factors if possible. You must have the future sight of how much appreciation value you are seeing on a particular pre selling condo.

Plus, you might also want to consider the rental fees if you are opting to open your condo unit for leasing or rental business.

From a larger view, investors can also examine the growth rate of a given area, the number of migration, and tourist arrivals if you are looking at the pre selling condo’s investment potential in the future.

More Options for Investment with New Condo Projects

Eyeing to invest in a pre selling condo means more options or inventories to choose from. You get a guaranteed unit of your preference in terms of price, floor location, unit location, unit size, and even your view from the inside of the unit.

The privilege of buying a pre selling condo for sale means you can have the option to buy the lowest to the highest-priced condo unit from the available numbers of inventory.

You also get to pick in terms of priority the best unit of your preference whether which unit location, unit floor, and even how close you would want from the fire exit and elevator.

Selecting the Best Pre Selling Condo Unit | Camella Manors
Selecting the Best Pre Selling Condo Unit | Photo from Kobu Agency in Unsplash

This can be one of your considerations as an investor to keep a measure of foot traffic from your unit located on a floor. It is a bit difficult to imagine for a pre selling the future living conditions compared to RFO or ready for occupancy condo but you can freely choose which and wherewith the number of units you can pre-select. 

You can also check the best unit today on the official website of Camella Manors, an inquiry form is available to fill out and a marketing officer will shortly reach your query and offer you the best pre selling condo for sale in your location of choice.

New Project Features in Pre Selling Condo

Many developers are launching numbers of new and pre selling condo developments in the country with all the elements considered such as affordability, location, financing schemes, etc. What currently sets every offering apart is the project features and amenities.

A few pre selling condo properties for sale use some structural advantage and other use amenity features.

Pre Selling Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Pre Selling Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors

Reimagined amenity features are one of the few things Camella Manors is integrating on its pre selling condo for sale in the Philippines. All projects are thematically designed to exude the resort-themed condo living experience.

The resort-themed condo experience will be one of the benchmarks of Camella Manors with its pipelined projects across the country.

The living outside the box concept of Camella Manors is one of the few elements the brand is channeling. The lifestyle concept of condo living which brings investors to live their life the way they want it to be.

Camella Manors integrates a home accessible to resort-type amenities, commercial nooks and centers, and huge green and breathable spaces in one community- the communicity.

Live Outside The Box at Camella Manors

Enjoy the perks of these pre selling condos for sale in the Philippines at Camella Manors today. Invest in our investment locations at Lipa, Caloocan, Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, Butuan, and Davao City to reap the perks of having the best condo space in the thriving metro cities and provinces. 

Reserve your pre selling condo unit starting at PHP20,000 for a studio while enjoying the lifestyle of resort-themed condo development in the country.

Move along your daily needs with the presence of green breathable spaces and commercial components of Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. along with the sub-urban-themed ambiance of Camella Manors.

Talk to us today and get to know more about the right pre selling condo project for you at Camella Manors!  

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