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Advantages & Disadvantages of Face Shields

Face Shield Usage this Pandemic | Camella Manors

A recent statement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte last June 16, went to agreement that the use of face shield will no longer be required once public goes out of their homes. Meanwhile, hospital workers and public going inside a medical facility should be using face shields as part of the health protocols.

A few people have expressed mixed reactions from the following change of public health protocols during an observation of national community quarantine.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III stated that during a committee meeting last June 15, he asked the government officials if they have been considering scraping out the policy of requiring the public to wear face shields outside their homes, as the Philippines is the only country that requires this strict implementation towards health and safety guidelines.

In response to a recent tweet from the Senate President, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III told the senate that the use of face shields and face masks with social distancing can provide better protection towards getting the virus for greater than 95% while citing different scientific evidence.

Hence, we will now label the pros and cons of wearing face shields outside our homes to better understand its advantages and disadvantages.

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Pro: Face Shield Protects the Entire Face

From what most of us initially know, the coronavirus can easily infect an individual through the most obvious gateways of a human body such as the nose, mouth, and eyes. These three are basically shielded using face shields.

The plastic panel covers the entirety of the face and extends even below the chin which can cover the tiny droplets that are thought to also carry the virus. In the usage of the face shield, the virus is kept from directly reaching the potential areas for infection.

These shields are also believed to protect oneself of incurring virus packed contact given that individuals tend to touch their faces much more while not wearing a face shield rather than wearing one. It would be difficult to contact your hands directly while wearing a face shield given that your hands must be infected from the virus while you are out in public.

Con: Face Shield are not Effective on Protecting Others

Face masks can do more as a source control of the virus, once an individual carrying it is wearing. However, we cannot say that is the similar case for just wearing a face shield since it is a bit unclear how well it can control the source spreading the virus.

Pro: Face Shield are Very Easy to Wear

Unlike just using a face mask, face shields are very much stable and do not slip under your nose, or worse off your face.

The face shields are universally propositioned to every human face. The forehead band should approximately sit an inch above the eyebrows according to the University of Iowa Health Care and the bottom part should sit at the end of the chin.

Con: Some can be Uncomfortable

Some individuals may find face masks as uncomfortable and face shields are of no difference for some starters. It can be bulky during a walk or commuting, and the most common setback can be shields can sometimes be fogged up and steamy.

Communicating with other individuals can also be hard once you are wearing a mask and a shield at the same time.

Pro: Face Shields today are Easier to Find

Face shields demand have increased in the country as the government pointed out its requirement as community quarantines became stricter in most of the cities in the country.

As the policies became stricter the demand for safety equipment have also increased. Today, face shields can evidently be seen available on local stores and even online shopping websites. It can also be found that the prices of face shields are now more affordable compared to the past year where manufacturers are extremely limited.

Con: Some are at Low Quality Models

Once purchasing a face shield, you should also be aware that low quality models are now present. Purchase a face shield that can provide the required coverage of your face, somehow other face shields will only cover from your forehead to nose, which is not the required safeguard while in public.

Avoid purchasing low quality models as these are easier to be disposed out of low quality equipment used. Hence, lessening the purchase of these type of models can help in the increasing number of plastic wastes from face shields.

Face Shields, and Face Masks Do not Guarantee Protection

Even you are coupled with the use of safety equipment, you must be conscious that having both does not guarantee full protection.

Hence, adhering to the basic and complex policies of the government during these community quarantine should be well observed for a more reduced chance of getting infected.

Disinfection inside your home can also be a good primary way of reducing the risks of the virus. Add up the stay-at-home routine as much as possible. Adapt the work from home type of setting if you are a professional that can be arranged in a hybrid work setup.

The government will always impose everyone to stay at home. Now, you can ask if you are in a safe place to begin with? Especially, if you are in a city with a big volume of people.

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