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Keeping Pets in Condo - Camella Manors

If you are a condominium owner who loves to keep pets inside your home, you may want to read this article for your guidance on keeping pets inside your condo and how to maintain their safety and health.

Condominium living has been one of the most popular choices among many Filipinos today; particularly among professionals looking to buy a real estate property in or near their place of work. However, choosing a unit for a pet lover can be difficult because most condominiums in the Philippines have rules concerning keeping pets in the complex.

They also enforce rigorous rules and limitations on the few developers who accept them.

Cats - Keeping Pets in Condo - Camella Manors
Cats – Keeping Pets in Condo – Camella Manors | Photo from

You have a duty as a homeowner and pet owner to take care of your pets. Also, when you live in a pet-friendly condominium there is always a certain policy. And to give you a brief idea, below you will see the common policies of most condo properties.

When living in a condo, you can only choose from a variety of pets that are allowed. Take note that not all condos in the Philippines allow pets in their community. Fortunately in Camella Manors, your little beasties are all welcome in the resort-inspired communities that are situated in strategic key cities across the Philippines.

Guidelines on Keeping Your Pets inside the Condo

Know the types of home pets allowed in the Condo Community

You must make sure the type of pet you will have is allowed in the building if you plan to bring and have pets in your condo. And the most common types of animals allowed in condos are aquarium fishes , cats, dogs, caged birds and other small animals as long as they are domesticated, for example, rabbits and hamsters.

For dog owners, yes, dogs are permitted in some condos. However, not all breeds of dogs are allowed and tolerated inside the premises. If you are planning to have an active, unsociable, or aggressive Pit Bull, German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, and/or any other service, then think again!

Pug, Yorkshire terrier, Toy poodle, Bulldog, Shih Tzu; are commonly the only kinds of breeds that are generally welcome in condominiums. In order to make sure the breed is permitted or not; you need to ask and check with your property office (PMO).

Hamster - Keeping Pets in Condo - Camella Manors
Hamster – Keeping Pets in Condo – Camella Manors | Photo from

Limit the number of your home pets

You certainly do not want to bring many animals to your condo. Remember, there are also homemakers who have their own lives to live in a private space; not a place for any pet. Usually, pet-friendly condos allow homeowners to have at least one pet per unit, whereas some allow a maximum of two animals. That naturally exempts fish from aquariums. Going beyond that number already implies a breach of a condo property policy.

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Pets must be vaccinated

As a pet owner, you must know that your pets can be highly maintained by themselves and taking good care of them. One of the most common policies for your animals is to vaccinate them. Pet owners should normally receive a written veterinarian vaccination Certificate from a licensed veterinarian and submit it to the PMO. Well, you must comply with a policy to avoid accidents caused by your animals.

Dogs - Keeping Pets in Condo - Camella Manors
Dogs – Keeping Pets in Condo – Camella Manors | Photo from

Register Your Pet in the Property Management Office

When you are a pet owner in general, without sufficient information and approval by condominium management; you can not keep your pet in your condo unit. As the owner of your pet, you must register your animal before you can actually bring your pet home. In addition, this allows managers to identify the type of animal you have if anything happens.

Don’t leave  your pets unattended

One of the most important guidelines is not to leave your pets unattended. You have a responsibility to do how you will make things tame, even if you’re not here. If you leave for work or school. Give them enough food to eat for the day or bind them to prevent them from breaking and/or killing anything in your home are some of the things you may do. This is also a means of not irritating your area with your pets.

Be the best home pet parent

It is crucial to evaluate before you own any type of pet that fits your family and lifestyle. Find out which animal is ideal for you – a fierce cat, a purebred dog, a tortoise or even a reptile. Not only that, make sure your dogs are at home comfy, maintain them well-cared, feed them well and organize a date of play! Be sure to bring them to the veterinarian if they are ill or if they act differently than how they usually act.

It is easy to disregard the wellness of your animals, but always remember that they belong to your family; and you have a responsibility to make your pet baby the happiest animal on the block.

As you can see, just though you want to move into a mid-rise condo, you no longer need to renounce the intimate friendship of you and your furry best friend. Admittedly, you’re limited to the race type, but honestly, would you like to constrain a big Golden Retriever to a medium-sized apartment? Maybe not. At least, while living in a condo, you and your family can still experience the delight of keeping a cute pet.

Your furry best friend deserves a safe and comfortable place to live in.

In Davao City, Camella Manors Frontera is slated to offer the newest condo-resort and pet-friendly community in the city’s next master-planned area. Camella Manors offers the best investment facility in the city. Undeniably, with its advantageous topography and closeness to commercial establishments and transport hubs like the airport, Davao City’s central business district has enriched its land value over time.

Moreover, developments under Build Build Build program of the government in the north and upland parts of Davao like Tigatto and Mandug are already under way.

Residents will soon experience the lifestyle features within the property. Commercial and retail brands from VLL such as Coffee Project, Bake My Day, All Day Supermarket, All Home, etc. will be filling out the community’s daily go-to needs.

Soon everyone will come home to Camella Manors Frontera’s viable and winning condo investment in Davao City.

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