Ten Filipino Comfort Food to Keep You Warm in Rainy Season

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After the hot summer season, now comes the rainy days. This month of June marks the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. Say goodbye to your tank tops and say hello to your sweaters. Now is the perfect season to bring out that knitted top and turtle neck to keep you warm and dry from the cold sweater weather.

Although we don’t usually go out nowadays due to the pandemic, the rainy season adds another reason for us to stay at home. The nice cool breeze makes it a little more difficult for us to move out of bed. Who wouldn’t enjoy hiding under the blanket when the rain is pouring hard outside? Sounds also like the perfect weather for your next Netflix and chill. But one thing that goes well with the rainy season? Food. A nice bowl of warm soup can instantly bring you comfort and joy despite the weather’s gloomy atmosphere.  

In the list below, we have gathered the top ten comfort food Filipinos love during the rainy season. From the all-time favorite champorado to the “essential” lugaw, the food in the list will surely warm your heart to ease the rainy blues away. You will also find that these food are quick and easy to prepare in your own kitchen if in case your trusted food delivery app is not available.

Eat your heart out this rainy season with these ten classic Filipino favorites during the rainy season.

Top 10 Filipino comfort food to try at home this rainy season

Nothing beats a hearty soup best shared with friends or family during a cold rainy day.

1. Lugaw, Arroz Caldo, Goto

Lugaw is indeed an “essential” part of every Filipino home. This was further validated when it made headlines recently due to its inclusion as one of the essential goods during this pandemic. Lugaw or rice porridge is made up of simple ingredients like rice, ginger, garlic bits, and egg. Arroz Caldo, on the other hand, is similar to lugaw but has chicken and a more sticky consistency because of the glutinous rice. Arroz Caldo can also be topped with salted egg, garlic bits, ginger, and a bit of calamansi drops. Another version is goto which is almost like the two but has innards, tripe and chicharon.

These three without are doubt classic Pinoy favorites regardless of the season.  Whether you are feeling blue or just a bit under the weather, try these out to warm up your stomach. Each bowl would feel like a warm hug enough to cheer you up and make you feel better.

Tip: Lugaw stands can be found in almost every street. That’s how widely popular this dish is. You will find other toppings in the stands like atay and tokwa’t baboy that goes well with your plain order of lugaw.

Click here to get the full recipe of Lugaw from

2. Champorado

A popular breakfast meal among Filipinos, champorado is another sure-fire champion during the rainy season. The sweet rice porridge is made with glutinous rice, tablea, and sugar. Added on top is milk either in powder or liquid form for that extra creamy goodness. The dish is best paired with tuyo or dried fish. Dilis can also be used as an alternative topping.

Tip: Aside from the chocolate flavored champorado, an interesting flavor to try is the ube champorado.

Click here to get the full recipe of Champorado from

3. Sopas

Who can resist a bowl of steaming hot sopas on a rainy morning? Sopas or chicken macaroni soup has long been a staple food in every Filipino household. If you’re looking for a comfort food to pick you up, sopas definitely hits the spot. With ingredients like hotdog, chicken, carrots, and cabbage, preparing this dish can be easy. Just add milk according to taste. You know the drill: The milkier, the better.

Tip: There are many variations of cooking sopas. Some even add corned beef, potatoes, liver, giniling (ground pork), and egg to their own version.

Click here to get the full recipe of Sopas from

4. Puto’t dinuguan

Dinuguan or pork blood stew may not be as popular as the other food choices in the list due to its acquired taste, but is definitely worth a try. The dish is made up of pork blood, vinegar, and pork belly. Dinuguan can be eaten either as a viand or as an afternoon snack.  This unique Filipino dish is best enjoyed with puto or steamed rice cake.

Tip: Add chili or siling labuyo to give your dinuguan an extra kick.

Click here to get the full recipe of Dinuguan from

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5. Lomi

When it comes to Lomi, only one province reigns supreme—Batangas. Batangas Lomi, most popular in the city of Lipa, is an ultimate crowd pleaser wherever you go. The thick egg noodles of Lomi, paired with ingredients like chicharon, egg, meat, and liver, is the perfect food companion during a rainy day. Lomi is indeed a bowl of happiness because of its rich flavorful soup rich that comes in either seafood or pork flavor.

You don’t have to drive all the way to Batangas to experience the authentic Batangas Lomi. Manila offers a number of food establishments that serves a legit lomi.

Click here to get the full recipe of Batangas Lomi from

6. Beef Mami

Beef Mami is no ordinary noodle soup. With a Filipino- Chinese origin, it has long been a part of our country’s culinary history. Nowadays, you often see this being peddled in the street or sold in your favorite “mamihan” or noodle place. The difference usually lies in what kind of beef stock was used. To prepare for the dish, beef is simmered for a couple of hours until it becomes tender. Aside from the beef brisket, toppings like green onion, cabbage, hard boiled eggs are added on top of the mami. Sprinkle a dash of chili flakes or oil as desired. This rainy day trooper can be added with wanton or siomai. You can also enjoy it with siopao on the side.

Tip: Can’t go out to get your fix of beef mami? You can also try the instant beef noodles and just add vegetables like cabbage and carrots. You can also choose the Korean or
Japanese ramen cups. Click here to get the full recipe of Beef Mami from Panlasang Pinoy

7. Bulalo

Bulalo or bone marrow soup is a great comfort food in any occasion—except for those with a high cholesterol count. There’s something about eating the sinful bone marrow flesh that is extremely satisfying, but should be done in moderation especially those with age already. A popular dish in Tagaytay, people travel all the way to this side of town to enjoy a bowl of Bulalo amidst a cool and foggy backdrop. Bulalo is made with tender beef shanks and bone marrow, mixed with vegetables like corn, string beans, potato, and cabbage and served with a hot flavorful soup. Make sure to bring a hanky to wipe off your dripping sweat when you finish the dish. There are many Bulalo houses along Tagaytay and its nearby cities, but the more popular ones include Leslie’s and Bulalo Point.

Tip: When in Tagaytay, try out their other popular dishes like the crispy Tawilis. Dip in vinegar with spices to enjoy.

Click here to get the full recipe of Bulalo from Panlasang Pinoy

8. La Paz Batchoy

Iloilo prides itself of many things, including the popular local dish La Paz Batchoy. La Paz Batchoy originated from the district of La Paz in Iloilo City hence the name of the dish. This signature Ilonggo specialty features beef or pork offal, chicharon, beef loin and miki noodles. Some also add egg on top and a bit of calamansi. A sip of this heavenly soup is enough to soothe your soul on a rainy day. Served in almost all restaurants in Iloilo, you can also find this dish in many eateries in Manila.

Tip: The La Paz Public Market in Iloilo is the best place to get a taste of the authentic La Paz Batchoy.

Click here to get the full recipe of La Paz Batchoy from Panlasang Pinoy

9. Ginataang Halo Halo

All that rain making you crave for something sweet? Try a delightful meal like Ginataang Halo Halo.  This local dessert is widely popular for its one-of-a-kind combination. Using coconut milk as its base, various fruits like saging na saba (banana), camote (sweet potatoes), langka (jack fruit), bilo bilo (rice balls) are combined with sago (tapioca). Some variations add black monggo beans and corn kernels. A perfect merienda for any type of weather, you can also pair this one with other sweet treats like banana cue or camote cue. Ginataang Halo Halo is considered to be the “hot counterpart” of the ice cold halo halo.

Tip: Due to the number of ingredients this food requires, Ginataang Halo Halo is usually bought from a nearby eatery or merienda stand.

Click here to get the full recipe of Ginataang Halo Halo from Panlasang Pinoy

10.  Tablea or Hot Chocolate Drink

Nothing feels more nostalgic than sipping a hot choco while watching the rain fall. With the rain making us feel all kinds of emotions, a hot cup of cocoa is the perfect companion on a long rainy day. The traditional Filipino hot chocolate drink uses tablea or cacao tablets dissolved in hot water then mixed with a batidor (whisk) until the consistency is frothy. You can add sugar or milk depending on your taste. Enjoy this chocolatey goodness anytime of the day. Just add hot pandesal and you’re good to go.

Tip: Tablea can also be used not just as a drink but also in food like champorado (chocolate rice porridge). Click here to get the full recipe of Tablea Chocolate Drink from

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