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COVID-19 Update: The Delta Variant and What you Should Know

COVID-19 Delta Variant | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors

As the country faces more numbers of Covid-19 positive cases each day, the Philippines, has yet to endure and face another progression of its newest and deemed as the deadliest variant of the virus, the Delta or Indian variant.

Delta was first identified in India late last year which spread rapidly throughout Great Britain. Currently, this variant is cited responsible to one in every five positive cases in the United States where health officials have cited their cases to double with the presence of the Delta variant.  

Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention as well as the World Health Organization has identified the delta variant as one of the severe variants of Covid-19.  

As of June 22, the Department of Health said that 17 cases of the more infectious delta variant have been detected so far in the Philippines. However, 1 of these cases has already died and other cases have already recovered, except for one that is still recovering.

DOH states that the country was able to detect these new variant cases with the border controls at work as these 13 delta variant cases were from incoming travelers or workers or overseas Filipino coming home to the country.

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Difference of Delta Variant to other Variants

As what scientists have already known about the delta variant, generally, they have cited that this variant is the most transmissible yet, which spreads more easily compared to the original strain of the virus and even compared to the alpha variant.

According to a recently conducted study from Eurosurveillance, 64 countries investigated, and expected to supersede beforehand variants of the virus in the coming months.

Diffence of Covid Delta Variant with the other Variants | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Differentiating Delta Variant with other Variants | Photo from Steven Cornfield in Unsplash

It was cited that the Delta or Indian variant is an improved version of the UK or alpha variant in the pace of its transmission. The delta variant’s character or mutation of spike protein makes it more stable inside the upper respiratory tract.

This results in a more potentially transmissible variant as the virus can be easily expelled into the air or passed on to another individual. Local public health officers gave a remark of a 60 percent faster transmission rate compared to the alpha variant.   

Vaccines versus Delta Variant

A few pieces of evidence found that the newest variant of the virus can partially evade the antibodies made by the human body after coronavirus infection or vaccination. Additionally, the variant may also cause monoclonal antibody treatments less effective as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated.

The delta variant was also found in a recent Scottish study to cause more probability of getting twice as likely of getting hospitalized compared to those infected with the alpha variant.   

Meanwhile, if you have fully received enough doses of your vaccine, it is more unlikely to pose a threat according to medical experts.

COVID 19 Vaccine versus the Delta Variant | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
COVID 19 Vaccine versus the Delta Variant | Photo from Mufid Majnun in Unsplash

According to one recent study, the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine garnered 88 percent of effectiveness with the rate of its protection against symptomatic diseases rooted in the delta variant, as it is seen at 93 percent effective against protection from its alpha variant counterpart.

However, a single dose of Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is singled at 33 percent of effectivity against the delta variant.

Last June 21, 2021, the country has successfully secured 40M doses of order from Pfizer BioNTech, which can be cited as the biggest vaccine deal in numbers yet.

Today, the Philippines has recorded 113M of covid-19 vaccine doses from five vaccine manufacturers: namely Sinovac, Sputnik V, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer BioNTech.

How to Avoid Getting the Covid-19 Delta Variant

As the Covid-19 cases in the country remain to spike daily at this time, it is better to take precautions for new strains such as the delta variant can happen in possibility.

Here are a few things that we can do to lessen the risk of getting the dreaded virus into our system.

1. Stay at home as much as possible

2. Wear protective equipment outside

3. Practice regular hygiene and exercise to stay healthy

4. Eat and keep a balanced diet

5. Get vaccinated

Even with the limited amount of information about the newest strains, generally, medical experts are still suggesting everyone gets vaccinated as early as possible.

The possibility of getting infected is lesser compared to an individual without the vaccine.

Wearing Face Masks to Avoid COVID-19 Delta Variant | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Wearing Face Masks to Avoid COVID-19 Delta Variant | Photo from Mika Baumeister in Unsplash

You can easily book an appointment with the local government units to secure an ease-free transaction of getting your vaccine in no time. If you have some health concerns as your setbacks you can easily consult your physician for these circumstances.

While the number of doses is limited it is appropriate for us to execute prior measures of the list such as staying at home and being healthy and hygienic. Whereas, choosing the best home is important as everyone faces this pandemic.

Choose a Safe and Secure Community while in the City

Undeniably, Covid-19 positive cases are mostly recorded in highly urbanized cities such as Metro Manila; this might be a measure of finding your home out of the capital and start considering cities thriving during this contemporary.

Investment heightened in cities such as Davao, Bacolod, Caloocan, Batangas, and other provincial metros in the country as few property buyers are eyeing security and safety during this time.

Easily find a community that offers you accessibility, comfort, and security in one haven in Vista Land’s newest mid rise condo brand Camella Manors.

Why Condo Living at Camella Manors is Safe and Secured?

At this rate, Camella Manors as the newest brand of the condo in the country has planned to initiate a condo living experience safer and better.

Each of the brand’s projects is in central business districts while offering as much as 30 percent of open spaces or green spaces ideal to serve as a breather in city living.

Condo Living with Green Spaces | Camella Manors
Condo Living with Green Spaces in Davao City | Northpoint Davao

Our communities in Caloocan, Lipa, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Butuan, and Davao are some of the few places to offer you the ‘communicity’ living experience. You as a future condo owner in Camella Manors can get the perks of living safely inside a sustainable community.

A sustaining commercial integration with Vista Land’s commercial implements, resort-themed condo amenities for investors who have adjusted their travel goals during a lockdown, and a lesser dense community in one place as all properties are mid rise and will only house a few numbers of people to preserve its exclusivity and comfort.

If you seek to learn more about investing in Camella Manors, easily click our contact form as a marketing officer will connect with you to discuss more options before living outside the box at Camella Manors.

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