How to Earn Passive Income from your Condo

Passive Income Using your Condo Unit | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors

Earning passive income might just be one of your ultimate goals as an individual whether working full time or part-time. Well, you might just want to look to your opportunities when you invest in real properties especially condominiums for sale in the Philippines.

If you own a ready for occupancy condo unit in the country, then you just ticked the main requirement. But if you are yet to purchase one, then get started with Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc.’s newest mid rise condo brand, Camella Manors.

Eventually, with the list of condo property areas for sale in Camella Manors, you will find more opportunities for passive income from your condo units.

The thriving community and tourism magnet of the country can surely benefit you as a condo unit owner vis-à-vis Camella Manors’ strategic investment and tourism locations in metro provinces’ central business districts or to Vistaland’s ‘communicities’.

Read more below some ways to start earning passive income from your condo.

Rent Your Condo Out to Students

Most condominiums for sale in the market are surely and majority located in a city’s central business district and that goes the same for top schools and universities.

Meanwhile, these can be an opportunity for most condo unit owners to rent out their units to students as most of these students tend to live away from their homes to be able to find a good or top university for their studies.

There is also a good fact that most of the Philippines’ top universities are accepting foreign or multinational students, which benefits condo unit lessors.

Rent Out your Condo to Students for Passive Income | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Rent Out your Condo to Students for Passive Income | Photo from Duane Viljoen in Pexels

Students as your market for rentals can be very viable considering that most of these millennials are fond of condo living as condominiums are remarkably close to hangout places.

In Camella Manors, you can start eyeing Camella Manors Lipa as this condo project for sale is located inside the radius of universities and colleges in Lipa City, Batangas. The university condo of Camella Manors Lipa poses a good location if you plan to majorly market your condo to university students.

Rent Your Condo Out to Professionals

Most urban professionals are fond of condo living, being close to their workplace and places where to unwind. They are also on the lookout for resort-themed condo experiences or condo for rent that has the availability of gyms, recreational areas, pools, atriums and as well as commercial establishments.

These professionals are also emigrating from one place to another because of either job promotions or relocations. Meanwhile, some employers also give them allowances for the said transfer which is very ideal to market one’s condo property for rentals.

Rent Out your Condo to Professionals for Passive Income | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Rent Out your Condo to Professionals for Passive Income | Photo from Fauxels in Pexels

While the country is experiencing a real estate boom especially with the condo market some have already experienced renting out their units at Northpoint Davao which is an RFO condo that is in the city’s booming central business district in Jose P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City.

Northpoint Davao is strategically located at the city’s major business address where BPO industries are located. These RFO condo project for sale offers the resort-themed ambiance with over 30 percent of dedicated green spaces abundant with Caribbean pine trees to offer more convenience and comfort to condo living.

Rent Your Condo Out as a Vacation Home

If you are an overseas investor, you probably purchased your unit for a local investment setting or you just wish to have a second home occasionally you are back in the country. Then you can make use of your condo unit for rentals.

As the country is a renowned tourist destination, you can check the opportunities of leasing out your unit especially to transients who ideally wish to stay in a more like home-feels rather than hotels.

Most transients would want to do their cooking, laundry, and other stuff they are supposed to do at home or a second home. Technically the answer will be condo rentals rather than hotel accommodation which will let you inside just a room.

Rent out your Condo as a Vacation Home for Passive Income | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Rent out your Condo as a Vacation Home for Passive Income | Photo from Taryn Elliot in Pexels

Hotel room rates versus condo unit rates are pretty much at par these days where condominiums could be much of a preference for avid travelers or long-term renters.  

One of the best tourist destinations is undeniably Palawan, Camella Manors also offers it is soon to be RFO condo for sale in Puerto Princesa City.

Camella Manors Verdant is one of the few condo projects available for sale in Palawan. If you are eyeing to invest in one of the world’s best islands, then consider Camella Manors to give you the best option to invest.

Join Condo Community Affairs or Events

One thing to look forward to more than renting out your condo unit is the fact that condo association and property management offices in most of the condominium projects in the country set up local events or fairs.

Most of these are exclusive bazaars for some condo unit owners to promote their business amongst the community. It is a way to improve the amiability of the neighborhood especially the unit owners.

This way, you can also share your hobby or business among individuals whom you share space or even lifestyle.

Join Community Bazaars to Gain Income | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Join Community Bazaars to Gain Income | Photo from Sam Lion in Pexels

Having been situated in a ‘communicity’ like Camella Manors Bacolod, this RFO condo unit for sale in GM Cordova Avenue, Bacolod City offers the newest location of the next business district in the city.

You can easily get along with other housing segment owners from Camella Homes, and Lessandra while you are a few steps away from Vista Mall Bacolod. It is an ideal location for living the dream lifestyle inside your condo unit.

Invest to Value Appreciating Pre Selling Condo

If you are looking at a condo for sale with a tighter budget, then investing in pre selling condo units for sale may be more appropriate for you.

Buying pre selling condo for sale has its benefits and advantages compared to buying ready for occupancy condo units.

1. Affordable prices

2. Flexible payment terms

3. More choices or unit inventories

4. Promising investment location

5. Modern condo features

Through investing in pre selling condo you can easily enjoy a lower-priced condo unit for sale but the appreciation value will still be enjoyed once the project construction commences or is completed.

Buy a Pre Selling Condo and Enjoy its Value | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Buy a Pre Selling Condo and Enjoy its Value | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors

Camella Manors offers all the advantages of investing in a pre selling condo unit through its pre selling condo projects in North Caloocan and Butuan City, Camella Manors Caloocan, and Camella Manors Soleia.

The first mixed-use condo development in Caloocan, Camella Manors Caloocan is set to bring modern-day condo living as the property houses commercial components from Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc located in Camarin Road, Caloocan City.

Meanwhile, the first condo development in Northern Mindanao, Camella Manors Soleia has been one of the fastest-selling projects of Camella Manors nationwide. This project will also be the first condominium in Butuan City and to become the highest residential property in the city.

Both projects offer the pre selling condo perks to all investors with a variety of investment sizes available from the studio, 1-bedroom to 2-bedroom condo units for sale.    

How to Start Earning Passive Income from your Condo?

If you don’t know how to start the process of renting out your condo unit, well, here are some options you can eventually study.

1. Short Term Rental Business
2. Long Term Rental Business

With Camella Manors RFO condo projects, both options can be feasible and work for you whether daily to weekly rental to semi-annual to annual rental.

Start Renting out Your Condo to Earn | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Start Renting out Your Condo to Earn Income | Photo from Alexandra Gorn in Unsplash

Talk to us today and discover the investment opportunities waiting for you, while earning passive income through your condo unit.

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