Best things to do with your Pets in a Pet-friendly Condo

Best Things to Do with your Pets in a Pet-friendly condo in Caloocan - Camella Manors Caloocan

Some unit owners from condominiums are doubting if incorporating pet animals is a best idea. Particularly if the studio space is small. Well, little did you know best things to do in a pet-friendly condo is plenty enough? There are many ways to do to make your animal babies happy and healthy and it’s only need to make a list of activity ideas. To make you convince, be informative with the following activities below:

1. Indoor Training

a. Canine Obedience

To make your life much easier, teach your pets to follow your order if they can, such as asking them to sit, get and carry something, open/close an object, stay, lay down, up/hop, wave, spin, roll over, leave, take a bow, kiss, smile, shake hands, play dead or even show a beautiful eyes. It’s great to provide their own space where they can be comfortable with. A place where they would stay, drink and eat. Also, Toilet training should be rehearsed too. It can be resolved by the help of balcony potty. There are different kinds of pet toilets, yet, the artificial grass in a container is more common for pooping and peeing, in order for them to reduce defecating anywhere. You could perhaps place the potty to your terrace or balcony. It’s a must to stimulate this routine and teach them this habit since several condominiums are charging fees once your pets got witnessed pooping somewhere and you didn’t be able to pick this up immediately.

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b. Tricks

Giving them logical and entertaining animal tricks is highly recommended assuming that you desire to level up the mental intelligence of your pets. Some of these are dogs who are learning how to jump inside a hula hoop, parrots which is carrying a small barbell by the use of its peak, or a cat whose counting numbers by tapping the floor whenever you ask him to answer the addition or subtraction operations had given. Furthermore, you can possibly challenge them by the rope game and play a tug of war. Aside from this, consider the shell game as well, where you obliged to prepare two and above containers that has the same sizes and color, put any small object inside, jumbled the containers and ask your pet where the object placed. In this case, they shall be able to manage stress and to strengthen your bond.

2. Play with their Food Dispenser Toys and Occupier Treat

After obeying your commands, one highly suggestion is to provide your pets a positive reinforcement such as occupier treats on-hand to keep them obedient or you may actually play with them as your reward. You have two choices to make your pet entertained- whether you will play games or play sports.

a. Games

Choose the allowed toys for your pets and ask them to fetch and to play with it. Buy Kong toys which are popular because of its tasty puzzle and filling treats. If you these toys are not available at home, you may potentially utilize recycled materials in creating one. Food dispenser toys is beneficial too. One example for this is a bottle with scattered holes that has small foods inside. So as for them to get full, it’s necessary to get the food from the holes by their own strategies.

b. Sports

Condo has limited space, in such a case, let them join you playing sports and give them lots of games outdoors as much as possible. In the condo’s garden and balcony, enjoy yourselves playing ball games such as tennis, douche ball or skate board together with your furry pet. Let them master their senses, skills and intelligence.

3. Make A Pet Door if you Have Terrace/Balcony

Like humans, our pets demand to be free from doing activities. If that so, what is the best thing to do when you spent hours outside? Make a pet door in your unit if you do own a terrace or balcony. Put the balcony potty and let them poop there and inhale fresh air and plants. By doing this, there is nothing to worry about whenever you were a far and they  crave to go outside. If you ought someone to look after them, try to visit the animal daycare or wags/animal walking services and let them take care with your pets.

4. Regular Walks with your Fur Babies

The time your day off comes and you like a quality time with your fur babies, better to make a habit of roaming around the condominium. Specifically, in the garden, therefore, they could get a fresh air, sunlight, be familiarize with the venue, run, play around and socialize with other furry friends. It’s not only enough to improve your pet’s mental intelligence, to be physically fit and healthy is quite significant for them as well. We are conscious that condominium units has limited and small place to stay. Hence, it’s indeed good to walk around for at least twice a day. This thing is very beneficial as your pets energy lower down when the night comes. No need to insist them to sleep seeing that they already are exhausted.   

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5. Watch Movies

As we watch movies, we rarely discover that our pets will suddenly proceed to our lap and join us watching. Us, humans haven’t had the same vision with companion animals, but most likely they have the ability to distinguish textures, colors, patterns and so on. Likewise, some studies say that several animals could identify imagery. Consequently, we would not be lonely watching alone anymore. Instead, invite them to watch with you. Besides, numerous animals could choose their favorite episodes in television.  

6. Sowing Seeds

For a dog-lover, practice your companion’s sense of smell by scattering seeds or treats around the garden and let them find them only by smelling. Evening is the best time to do this, now that it is dark outside and they have no choice but to use their nose for finding them. This is a mental stimulation exercise that inculcate and foster relaxation and well-being. If other pets has the ability to do the same, have some warm-up with your pets!

7. Discover their Talents

Moving into condominiums won’t hinder your pets in enhancing and molding its talent. As per the show “Animals Got Talent”, you might be aware with the talents and skills the animals can have like the parrot reciting different languages, dog biting and popping all the balloons in the small boxing ring and the dog that can sing and dance. Include these activities for your pet and find out the hidden talents they have. Might as well, mentor them in playing varied musical instruments like piano and drums. People will undoubtedly love and salute your pet!

8. Introduce to Neighbors

Most people really love animals, so be proud and let your pet meet different faces and be familiar with your condo community such as neighbors, condo staff and personnel and security guards. It will definitely help for the both of you to get much closer and get-along with the people surrounds you.

If you do not want your pets to bother your neighbors, rugs are also helpful especially whether your floor is a hard wood. It would lessen the noise of your animal’s claws and sounds are producing.

9. Pet-proof Your Unit

One of the most essential things to remember is to stay away your pets from any danger that may harm your animals with. Assure their safety by checking out the whole unit for any perils. Change the open trash cans into closed ones, hide and separate all the wires and cords that can be bitten and chew by them. In this case, you will be all safe at the same time free from any ruined materials.

10. Groom and Bath Your Pets Regularly

Some animals got sick when they took a bath daily. However, grooming and bathing them should still be included in your priority list. By this, you make their body healthy and clean. Do this at least one or two times a week. They might communicate with other pets, better yet, check their body out if they got infected by ticks, brush them and remove all the clinged-dirt and dusts in their body. Maintain their good hygiene consistently to avoid them from any possible sickness.

Where to Find an Affordable and Pet-friendly Condo?

It’s a little bit difficult to find a Pet-friendly Condominium.

You have to check first if the properties are excellent and where your pets would be safe and enjoy the rest of its life in a small-space venue. If you these are your concern, the nearest best description for this kind of destination is the 2.5-hectare Camella Manors Caloocan property, it can be seen at Caloocan City, North Luzon and known as the first mixed-use condominium development. It has the combination of residential and commercial property and compromising of five 5-15 storey-towers with only 1725 units to offer in a month.

It is true that Camella Manors offers everything within your reach. It has commercial complex that caters your basic needs and necessities as a consumer, it has All Home for Construction needs, All Day Supermarket for grocery needs and other essentials, All day Rx for your pharmacy needs and other retail food brand establishments like chicken deli, bake my day and coffee project. Aside from those exciting establishments, they also have complemented, exciting and beautiful amenities which are the clubhouse, playpark, function hall, Fitness gym, Jogging path, Swimming Pool and Garden Roof Deck.

The studio unit has 23. 76 sq. meter with an introductory cost of 3.2 million pesos only and for bigger cuts, we have one bedroom for 4.4 million peso. It’s mandatory to reserve for about 20, 000-peso price and pay for 36 months down payment with step-up financing scheme that estimated for only 15, 000 pesos. This is the best time to invest as we that the moment we turn this over three years from now, you will observe and witness how the value of property grow bigger.  

For the show room, it has 36.30 square meter for probation for one bedroom. It is a complete turnover which includes the task, the paint and the partition for one bedroom. The tiles is ceramic tiles, has dining area, kitchen with storage, restroom that consists of toilet bowl, laboratory and shower head, living area where you can relax and feel comfortable with, sliding window was placed beside it for proper ventilation, and bedroom that can accommodate single-sized up to queen-sized bed and with air conditioner, cabinet space and sliding window on its side.

The good thing in Camella Manors is you’re nearby the establishments within your condo unit that we truly need, as well as the two-minute away Medical Center, SM City Fairview and Ayala Fairview Terraces, University of Caloocan City, National University Fairview, Our Lady of Fatima University-Lagro, Commonwealth Hospital, and the nearest and newest infrastructure development that will give the biggest benefit for Camella is the MRT7, traversing from San Jose Del Monte Bulacan going to North Avenue Station. It will be open for late 2022 or to early 2023 and be interconnected to MRT3 in EDSA which begins from Taft Avenue Station going to North Avenue Station. Meaning to say, it will be more accessible travel time to all the clients who travels going from north to south or vice versa

The unit would be more spacious if you know how to take a look for an interior design and by buying multi-purpose pieces of furniture that can eliminate the space. Calm colors are also recommended for a unit to look clean and neat.

Before moving into condo, ensure that your four-legged friend are up-to-date on all their vaccinations and flea and tick medications considering your dogs might have contacts with other pets. These fur-animals can be dogs, cats, rats, hamster, rabbits, birds or ferret. You can bring any two-kind lap pets in the condo and enjoy the list of best things to do with your fur babies!

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