10 Condo Spots You Are Missing Out to Clean

Condo Spots you Often Forget to Clean | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors

With the pandemic, the world has begun to realize the importance of having a clean and hygienic environment. However, there might some areas present in your condo that you often missed out on or forget to clean at all.

Living a life inside a condominium might be easier compared to living inside a house-and-lot with all the minimal upkeep and management condominium living will require its unit owners.

But this does not mean that you do not get to clean your condo spaces at all, especially during this period where health and safety should be a priority.

Here are some of the areas, you as a condo unit owner might often be missed out on cleaning.

The Mattress

As a condo unit owner where laundry is often asking from washing or laundry services, you might forget to also do your own mattress. Having a mattress would require you to flip it over occasionally but you should also run over a vacuum to clear out the dust that is often embedded on the seams of the cloth.

Mattress | Condo Spot you Forget to Clean | Camella Manors
Mattress | Photo from Malidate Van in Pexels


An extremely easy thing to forget is the baseboard. Cleaning the baseboard will be easier with a well-lit area where you can track the dirt or dust. You can dust off the area and add some dish soap to a warm bucket of water for a deeper cleaning method to the baseboard.

Baseboard | Condo Spot You Often Forget to Clean | Camella Manors
Baseboard | Photo from Nicolas Hirajeta in Unsplash

Top and Underneath the Fridge

Refrigerators can be tough to handle, some of those old models do not defrost on their own with their limited and post-dated mechanisms. However, given such scenarios, whether it can or cannot we often have missed out on cleaning its top and underneath area.

Top and Underneath the Fridge - Condo Spot You Forget to Clean | Camella Manors
Top and Underneath the Fridge | Photo from Hakim Santoso in Pexels

These often-neglected spots can accumulate a huge amount of dust and dirt in the process of unregular cleaning. Easily unplug the appliance to also clean its back part.

Door Frames and Knobs

Millions of harmful microorganisms can live on your door especially on the knob as many people are using and touching that spot. The worst part is to be missed out on cleaning the knob or handle as even strangers or visitors can touch the thing.

Door Knob Spot you forget to Clean in your Unit | Camella Manors
Door Knob | Photo from Khairul Nizam in Pexels

To clean this overlooked spot in your condo, simply wet a cloth with hot water to wipe it off and apply a few drops of dish soap and wipe it again.


Fortunate those gifted condo unit owners with a good reach as they can pose no excuse in cleaning their condo ceilings. If you do not have the reach, you can easily find a long broom to attach a sponge mob to clean the ceiling.

Ceiling Spot You Forget to Clean Inside your Unit | Camella Manors
Ceiling | Photo from Max Vacbovych in Pexels

Looking up occasionally in the ceiling can also improve the condo design and maximize the beauty of the whole paint job inside a condo unit.

Shower Curtains

As you are reading this, you might as well check your shower curtains for those mildew stains you do not seem to see on regular use of the shower area. You can get to easily clean this up by tossing it directly to the laundry machine with a pair of towels for a gentle cycle.

Shower Curtain Condo Spot you Forget to Clean | Camella Manors
Shower Curtain | Photo from Max Vakhtbovych in Pexels

Use half a cup mixture of baking soda during the washing and a cup of vinegar during rinsing, and let it dry after.

Light Fixtures

Many property buyers would want to own a gorgeous light fixture inside their condo units, but these are also common spots investors do often forget to clean.
Simply use a step ladder to help you in reaching the light fixture as you wipe it off. You may not also want to scatter the falling dust to the floor, so you may want to put a large towel to cover the perimeter once you clean the light fixture.

Light Fixtures - Spot you Forget to Clean Inside your Unit | Camella Manors
Light Fixtures | Photo from Dillian Teagle in Pexels

House Plants

If you are also fond of having indoor plants, you must also be fond of cleaning your whole area. While studies say that indoor plants help brighten one’s mood and mental health; you may not possibly say so once plants get to be covered in dust.

House Plant Spot You forget to Clean Inside Your Unit | Camella Manors
House Plant | Photo from Juan Pablo in Pexels

Cleaning your house plants is also important over time as they can accumulate the amount of dust especially when they are just outside your balcony area in a condo.

Behind the Toilet

Generally, this can be your least favorite area to clean even for a germophobe. However, you cannot absolutely forget to clean the back part of the toilet where grime usually builds up.
Wear a pair of rubber gloves and spray the back part with a disinfectant and gently wipe it off with a cloth or a paper towel.

Behind the Toilet is a Spot You forget to Clean in your Unit | Camella Manors
Behind the Toilet | Photo from Arina Krasnikova in Pexels


Having blinds in a condo unit is a quite common item especially on condo units positioned in higher levels. This also explains how these blinds can easily accumulate a huge amount of dust as it serves as a barrier from the outside to the inside of your condo unit.

Blinds - Condo Spot You Forget to Clean | Camella Manors
Blinds | Photo from Steve Johnson in Pexels

Cleaning your blinds is easier when using a vacuum brush in the process but it would also depend on the material of your blinds. You can also try wiping it with a damp cloth especially when it is made of plastic.

Elevate your Condo Living in Camella Manors

Having to clean your own condo property can be a tough job especially when you are living independently in the city. But whether you like it or not it is part of becoming an adult.
Condo living in the city is tougher than doing your own cleaning to your unit. The lifestyle you can get is more than the amount of stress and tiredness you can get from cleaning it.

Your condo serves as your gateway to living the lifestyle you wanna have just as what Camella Manors provide its investors.

Affordable Condominium in Batangas - Resort - Themed Community | Camella Manors Lipa
Affordable Condominium in Batangas | Camella Manors Lipa

Buying a condo unit in Camella Manors means living and choosing to live outside the box especially with the project locations it offers across the Philippines in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Owning a condo for sale in Camella Manors will entitle you to live in a resort-themed condo community with access to malls, groceries, banks, coffee shops, cinemas, hospitals, schools, and many more conveniences inside its ‘communicity’.

If you wanna learn more than just cleaning your next condo unit then check out our inquiry form for more details or simply message your concern to our chatbox.

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