Why OFWs need to Own a Condo in the Philippines

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Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are one of the country’s modern-day heroes, the hard-working individuals abroad deserve the best condo in the Philippines to own and look forward to once they went back home.

Even during these uncertain times, some OFWs are still enduring the pandemic in neighboring countries from the Philippines to provide and sustain better living conditions to their families in the country.

Some OFWs are also looking forward to going back abroad once the pandemic is done or mitigated. Certainly, these individuals see greener pastures outside the country. On the other hand, OFWs who have been able to secure their real property investments in the country are surely lucky once they get home in the country.

However, what if some OFWs did not have invested any certain real property, to begin with?

The Need to Own a Condo in the Philippines

As an OFW, you might be working tough jobs far from your country, and family. You are technically looking forward to going home soon with your loved ones with a better living. Hence, you should opt to start investing your hard-earned money in owning your dream home.

Time flies so fast while you are away from your family, the urge to continue working to go home Is there. Fortunately, you can secure a working contract for two to three years but are you spending enough amount to secure your own home in the Philippines?

Own a Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Own a Condo in the Philippines | Photo from Unsplashed

When it’s time to go home, are you ready? During the changing real estate climate in the country owning a condo for sale, the property has never been easy and practical.

Condo has the Value for Money

Owning a condominium as an OFW is a rewarding real estate property deal as most condos for sale in the country would give you the value for your hard-earned money. Condominium compared to house-and-lot provides more appreciation value as these types of properties are in the city’s central business locations.

Having a home closer to one’s daily needs is also a fulfillment to any individual, a condo for sale especially in cities has so much to offer in terms of accessibility. You can live close to malls, banks, hospitals, schools, and other essential commercial spaces for one’s needs.

Value for Money in Real Estate | Camella Manors
Value for Money in Real Estate | Photo from

As an OFW where you work in developed countries, you can easily find comfort in living life close to these commercial establishments. Hence, you will easily see the value you might be investing in especially for condo investments in the Philippines.

Buy a condo for sale from a reputable developer to be able to ensure the standard of the property you are about to purchase.

Condo places Guaranteed Returns

Investing condominium in the Philippines is one of the best investments you can look at in the country. Condo for sale place more appreciation value and prices increase in no time, especially in thriving or developing cities.

During the country’s real estate boom, you can also check your condo options outside Metro Manila, as most urban metro or provinces have promising developments in the like of Batangas, Antipolo, Caloocan, Bacolod, Cebu, and Davao.

Start Renting out Your Condo to Earn Income | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Start Renting out Your Condo to Earn Income | Photo from Alexandra Gorn in Unsplash

You can also check the investment potential of the property when it is considered as a tourism magnet, this alone can provide you opportunities of maximizing your condo investment for re-sell or leasing it out for tourists.

Once, tourism normalizes in the country you can open your condo home for short-term or long-term lease contracts. Rental payment can easily help you up in your monthly bank amortization.

This is one of the few tricks condo investors do to earn passive income while they continue to invest more condo for sale properties.

Condo is More Affordable Compared to House-and-Lot

A condominium in the country offers your practical solution in finding the best home in the city. Generally, the condo is more affordable compared to a house-and-lot as you are purchasing a smaller space compared to most house-and-lot for sale.

Moving in to a Condo in the Philippines | Affordable Condo Philippines
Moving in to a Condo in the Philippines | Photo from Ketut Subiyanto in Pexels

House-and-lot can also ask you to shell out bigger sums of money as most developers will require you to pay your downpayment in a shorter period. Meanwhile, condo for sale especially pre selling one’s places you a more flexible payment term which usually range from two years or more depending on the structure’s construction period.

Affordability also comes along with the conveniences of having your functional amenities inside a themed condo development.

Condo Properties are Easy to Maintain

Living and owning a condo property is ease-free in terms of management and upkeep as you will be having a property management office to put the whole subdivision safe and comfortable to live at.

Easy to Maintain Condo in the Philippines | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Easy to Maintain Condo in the Philippines | Photo from Cottonbro in Pexels

Unlike conventional house-and-lot, you will have a maintenance team where you can ask for help during technical house problems. Usually, you can have immediate help as the property management will just be residing inside the property itself.

There will also be no backyard to maintain in a condo property, unit owners will just be sharing a good amount of open spaces or common areas. However, you can also check out mid rise properties for condominium projects if you wish to see a good amount of green spaces inside your property.

The Best Condo in the Philippines for Sale for OFWs

Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. have recently introduced its newest brand of mid rise affordable, high-quality, and exclusive condo projects, Camella Manors to the real estate market. The country’s favorite brand of house-and-lot projects, Camella Homes has its condo now!

Camella Manors is a condo development also dedicated to the overseas Filipino workers to investors market. The all-time favorite Camella brings in its condo developments in strategic cities in the Philippines particularly Caloocan, Lipa, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Butuan, and Davao City to bring delight to investing OFWs to these cities.

Affordable Priced Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors
Affordable Priced Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors

An affordable condo property for sale in the country awaits every OFW investor who needs to come home to their families in a quality condo home-like Camella Manors offers.

Reservation will only start at a minimum of PHP15,000 for a unit, and OFWs can select their desired investment sizes from studio to 2-bedroom units. They can also select from pre selling to ready-for-occupancy or RFO units available for sale.

If you are an OFW investor looking for the best reason to invest in a condo in the Philippines will easily find your interest in one project in Camella Manors. Start a well-lived life outside the box at Camella Manors by clicking our inquiry form or simply messaging our chatbox.

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