Tips on Making Your Condo Interior Look Great this 2021

Trendy Condo Interior Design for 2021 | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors

Condo interior designs this 2021 can be one of your major to-dos before the year ends especially when you own a ready-for-occupancy or RFO condo. Before missing out on the trendsetting tricks and tips from interior designers, you better plan out how you wish to see your condo unit today.

At the onset of a pandemic comes work-from-home setup, many condo owners have seen the importance of having a personal workspace at home and this brings major makeover and arrangements for their respective condo units.

Today, a lot of condo buyers are prioritizing functionality and aesthetics through condo interior designs that will seem fitting for their condo spaces. Fortunately, we will be giving you the top interior design tricks you can start with your own bare hands.   

House Indoor Plants

Looking back from 2020, when indoor plants and outdoor gardening became a huge interest to the whole country. Plus, the overreach ‘Homebuddies’ made on Facebook, truly, plants became a national sensation in home improvements and interior designs.

Indoor Plants for Condo Interior | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Indoor Plants for Condo Interior | Photo from Alis Po in Unsplash

Indoor plants are now very popular especially in condo gardening from rich wild small plants to basic herbs, and to nicely looking ornamental plants; condo unit owners can select the most beautiful indoor plants to suit their taste.

Meanwhile, as most property owners or even all individuals are eyeing to consider health in their basic regimens. Hence, a lot of multifunctional plants have also grown in demand.

Some indoor plants available in the market are natural insect repellents. A few numbers of indoor plants can also substitute your air purifiers. Plus, we all know that some indoor herbs can serve as a daily source of our kitchen needs.   

Light Up the Condo

Lighting fixtures are considered one of the attractions inside your condo unit this year. You better fix those lamps and get all the lights working inside your unit. 

Appropriate sizes of lights can also be crucial for a small-spaced area like a condominium unit. Some of the small spaces especially areas that do not have a good share of ceiling height will not be appropriate for raindrop-type of chandeliers.

Light Fixture for Condo Interior | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Light Fixture for Condo Interior | Photo from Wu Yi in Unsplash

But you can still create good room designs with the use of lamps in your living area and inside the bedroom.

The use of lighting fixtures is very important especially to dark-colored interiors of the condo unit. Areas that are designed with dark shades such as black, and darker hues to avoid having a gloomy ambiance.

Give Some Space

A lot of interior designers these days, believe that less is more these days. Having said, buying too much furniture and other ornaments is not tantamount to having a good or beautiful interior design.

Maximize Space Inside your Condo Unit | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Maximize Space Inside your Condo Unit | Photo from Samantha Gades in Unsplash

These are the instances that having less can seem more satisfying and beautiful. If you have a lot of things going on inside a limited space it will just seem small and yet cluttered for a condo unit.

Have a breathing space as much as possible and give a highlight to the room and small numbers of fixtures you may want your guests to focus on. Having less inside the unit can suggest a relaxing ambiance.

You may want to maximize your space and make it appear larger by different techniques such as installing mirrors and using bright hues of wall paint for your condo unit.

Apply Hues of Nature

One final trick to do the magic for your condo interior design this year is picking the colors of nature for your wall paint. Bringing in nature’s hues will do a magnificent outcome and can provide a warm and welcoming ambiance inside your condo unit.

Applying Hues of Nature to Condo Interior | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Applying Hues of Nature to Condo Interior | Photo from Matt Wildbore in Unsplash

The star of this year is the application of earth tones such as burnt orange or the calm ocean colors or cobalt blue. Meanwhile, you can balance it out with a mix of default or neutral colors such as black or white.

You may also contrast the wall paints from your floor colors. Colors of your condo unit floor also play an important factor for the aesthetics of the whole property.

Also, if you are not fond of repainting your walls, the idea of bringing in colors might be easier for some fixtures yet it can be more costly compared to repainting.

However, if you wish to balance out the budget then you might reconsider the previous tips rather than repainting. Some standard finishes of developers include neutral painted walls where you can just supplement with a wall ornament such as paintings.

The Best Condo Interior Trend of All Time

Planning, deciding, and budgeting for your condo interior design must be difficult yet if you want to save time and keep it simple yet neat you can maximize your options by sticking to the standard finishes from the condo developer.

The best condo interior after all is comfort and functionality. Keeping your condo unit with the best look where you can work, eat, play, and rest is what remains important. A lot of condo buyers right now practice a minimalist lifestyle.

Dress Up Your Own Condo Interior | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Dress Up Your Own Condo Interior | Photo from Alexandra Gorn in Unsplash

The minimalist lifestyle is best to describe as having the most important at the priority where all furniture is the ones that are also being used at most. This can also involve other things that you can see as vital and not having too much than the demand.

Moreover, you can maximize your space with the less you have while you enjoy your condo living inside a simple yet cozy condo interior design.

Dress your own Condo Interior

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Affordable Priced Pre Selling Condo | Camella Manors
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