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The ‘King city of the south’, ‘Durian capital of the Philippines’, and ‘Home of the king of Philippine Festivals’ are just some of the few things Metro Davao is known for but little do Filipinos know is that condo living in the city is ubiquitous especially when Northpoint Davao came in its central business district or CBD.

Central business district or CBD is a common term for an area in a specific location that accommodates all types of commercial and business operations such as food and beverage, business processing outsourcing, educational institutions, financial and banking centers, and many more.

Primarily, CBDs in Davao City include residential segments most importantly the vertical living or the condominium lifestyle setting. In a developing city such as Davao, the demand for a lifestyle of ‘’ has been growing stronger throughout the years.

Having been one of the pioneering national property developers in Davao City, Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. has already established its flagship condo project, Northpoint Davao, in the city’s central business district, Bajada.

Getting to know Bajada – Central Business District of Davao

Davao City is a premier tourism and business destination in Mindanao. The city is primarily composed of several commercial areas such as Bajada, Lanang, Matina, Ecoland, Agdao, Buhangin, Tibungco, and other areas located in the southern part such as Toril, Mintal, and Calinan.

One of the most well-known CBD is Bajada, where one of the flagship condominium projects of Camella Manors, Northpoint Davao has been fully completed.

Bajada is also the location of several malls in the city such as NCCC Mall VP, Gaisano Mall of Davao, Abreeza Mall, and Robinsons Mall. It is also the location of commercial buildings such as Landco Towers, Pryce Towers, Abreeza Corporate Towers, and many other business offices.

Shopping in Davao Central Business District | Condo Life in Northpoint Davao | Camella Manors
Shopping in Davao Central Business District | Condo Life in Northpoint Davao | Photo from Arturo Rey in Unsplash

This CBD is also an area of food festivals as several food stalls, restaurants and other indoor dining businesses are flocking the radius.

Approximate 30,752 individuals are residing in a total area of 3.051 sq. km. stated in the 2020 National Statistics Office of the Philippines using its geospatial data.  

What to Fulfill in Bajada?

Knowing the commercial and entertainment places in Bajada, Davao City you will know a lot about shopping, dining, playing, and business.

This central business district in Davao has so much to offer when it comes to its endemic food industry as Torres Avenue in Bajada is filled with low to high-end gastropubs and restaurants that can cater to your food trips.

Ultimately, this area has more than a hundred restaurants you can choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even your midnight cravings.

Eating in Davao Central Business District | Condo Life in Northpoint Davao | Camella Manors
Eating in Davao Central Business District | Condo Life in Northpoint Davao | Photo from Ali Inay in Unsplash

With the presence of few malls and shopping centers, convenience serves this location very ideal for nearby or located residents. Healthcare centers or hospitals are within the area to serve up locals.

However, if you are looking to invest in the area for residential property, consider anticipating high prices due to its very ideal living condition in the city. But you can find competitive financing options with some of the vertical developments in this CBD especially with a ready for occupancy condo like Northpoint Davao.  

A Pine Tree Community in Northpoint Davao

Northpoint Davao is Camella Manors’ first condominium for sale project in the Philippines. It is one of the few condo developments in Mindanao particularly in Davao to have introduced vertical or condo living.

Condo Living in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Caribbean Pine Trees in Northpoint Davao | Camella Manors

Alongside this flagship project is its renowned identity as the only vertical pine estate in Mindanao. Northpoint Davao is abundant with imported Caribbean pine trees that sum up to 30 percent of the 3-hectare total project area.

This sub-urban-themed condo village houses five midrise RFO condo buildings towering from 5-storeys to 16-storeys height. The whole community is surrounded by more than hundreds of adult pine trees and other species of flora.

“Little Baguio of Davao”, and” Little Piece of Rome” are a few of the dubbed descriptions some condo buyers find for Northpoint Davao. Every day, condo residents and tenants can smell the morning dew of the pines from their windows which makes the ambiance even better.

Experience Everything in a 10-minute Community

The community of Northpoint does not just offer ready to occupy condo units for sale in Metro Davao but a lavish green community and luxury resort-themed amenities await condo investors.

Aside from the property’s line of green and resort-themed condo living, Northpoint Davao is positioned in the central area of Bajada, Buhangin, and Lanang which are three of the most commercial areas in the city.

Condo Living with Green Spaces | Camella Manors
Condo Living with Green Spaces in Davao City | Northpoint Davao

Investing in Northpoint Davao allows you to be at the heart of the city with access to the Northern and Southern parts of Davao. This merely explains the 10-minute community of Northpoint towards the basic lifestyle needs of any condo resident.

Metro Davao Medical and Research Center is a few meters away from the project while Abreeza Mall and Robinsons Mall is only a 5-minute walk from Northpoint Davao. One of the largest universities in Davao, the University of South-eastern Philippines is only a 10-minute away drive.

Other establishments such as banks, churches, schools, business offices are also within the 10-minute distance from Northpoint Davao.

Advantages of Investing in Northpoint Davao

Aside from the sub-urban-themed community and its location, there are still a few points of advantage when you invest in Northpoint Davao.

Northpoint Davao has an uphill terrain topography which makes the community flood-free during the heavy volume of rain. This community is also resilient in natural disasters such as earthquakes as underneath its area is a foundation set to solid bedrock.

RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Community Perspective with Pine Trees and Swimming Pool
RFO Condo in Davao – Northpoint Davao – Camella Manors – Community Perspective with Pine Trees and Swimming Pool

The property is also housing a management office for the overall security, safety, and maintenance of the common areas particularly the amenities.

Northpoint Davao is also one of the few residential and hotel developments which use salinized water on its leisure pools. The use of salt can be less damaging to human skin, hair, and eyes. Plus, salt-treated water can least affect the loss of colors for your swimming attires.

With the presence of hundreds of pine trees in the community, you can anticipate a good humidity level and temperature in the area especially towards the end of the year where cold winds enter the country.      

Ready for Business. Ready for Move-in Condo Units in Northpoint Davao

If you are looking for business property for re-sale or leasing business Northpoint Davao can also be an ideal option for you in the city.

Ready to Move-in Condo Unit | Affordable RFO Condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors
Ready to Move-in Condo Unit | Affordable RFO Condo in the Philippines – Camella Manors

All units in Northpoint are ready for occupancy condo units for sale which means that it is ready for move-in and you can use it for rentals or leasing business. Plus, the property management office allows you to manage your leasing services in short-term or long-term contracts with your tenants.

The ideal location of Northpoint Davao makes it a top choice for condo property seekers who wish to stay in the CBD of Metro Davao. Plus, its feasibility in rentals can grant a condo investor a passive source of income.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to manage your own leasing business, Camella Manors has its inhouse leasing services to do the upkeep for your leased condo unit under a long term contract for a minimum of six months while you wait for your profit as you sit and sleep.

Northpoint Davao has a few numbers of ready for occupancy studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom on its last building Bradford that you might wish to check for investment.

Send a message through our inquiry form or on this website chatbox for more details about the condo units available for sale.

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