Protein Rich Food You Can Substitute to Chicken

Protein Rich Food Alternatives to Chicken | Camella Manors

During this pandemic, a lot of individuals have stayed indoors and cannot be able to go hiking or hit the gym to stay healthy. What kept fitness and health enthusiasts awake is indoor exercises and eating healthy foods which are probably rich in protein.

Healthy meals for those who are keen on their diet usually involve a good amount of protein and the usual is always chicken meat or eggs. However, if the diet is regular and you might feel a loss of appetite for the same menu.

If you are tired of the same regular menu day by day, you may want to check out other options or alternatives for your protein requirement every day. Here is a list of alternatives for chicken breast that you can try.

Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yogurt for Protein Needs | Camella Manors
Greek Yogurt for Protein Needs | Photo from Daniel Cabriles in Unsplash

If you are a fan of yogurt then you sure be happy, as Greek yogurt is part of the list for your chicken alternative. The difference between Greek yogurt compared to the regular one is simply the volume of protein is twice as much as the regular which makes it a very ideal snack for gym-goers.

Meanwhile, if you are fond of eating you can benefit from the yogurt’s versatility by adding it with nuts, fruits, or salads.

However, having this as an alternative should also be partnered with caution as you will have to look at its sugar content.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Protein Rich Food | Camella Manors
Cottage Cheese Protein Rich Food | Photo from Megumi Nachev in Unsplash

The cottage cheese is probably an underrated source of healthy elements, especially protein. Although it could not be as pleasing as it looks more than the other cheese variants, it can provide you a better option for your protein diet.

This type of cheese provides a good extension for muscle growth plus it is rich in casein that is needed for a steady supply of protein. Technically it gives the body the slow-digestive type of protein which makes it ideal for bedtime or midnight snacks.

Thus, having it late at night can assure you that your muscles are not giving up on you!


Steak for Protein Consumption | Camella Manors
Steak for Protein Consumption | Photo from Tim Toomey in Unsplash

Of course, who can miss out on steak on this list, perhaps, this might be your top-of-the-mind option for a chicken alternative. The steak had always been a slice of staple meat for most gym and fitness enthusiasts, and it does not seem to eventually change.

As we all know steak is a sumptuous meal to start with especially for your protein needs on your diet. But we cannot blame you! Moreover, aside from packing a good source of protein, this option can also provide you the need for amino acids for your body.

Amino acids are an essential element to boost your muscle function and as well as keeping you pumped up during the day.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna Protein Rich Fish | Camella Manors
Yellow Fin Tuna Protein Rich Fish | Photo from Jan Gemerle in Unsplash

If you have been taking capsules of omega-3 fish oil, then you got to know that yellowfin tuna is very much a rich source of these health benefits.

If you plan to have a generous source of protein in your diet yellowfin tuna can be of great option. Aside from the fact that it is a good source of protein, this meat is versatile and can also provide a great source of potassium which is very important for muscular health.


Sardines Protein Rich Fish | Camella Manors
Sardines Protein Rich Fish | Photo from Alex Teixeira in Unsplash

Aside from being an optimum source of Vitamin D, sardines are also a good source of protein plus another source of health benefits.

Following the study from World Cancer Research, having sardines as an addition to your meal can decrease the possibility of having cancer and other related diseases such as diabetes.

Sardines contain a lot of vitamins as per an international journal it contains a variant of protein that is proven to reduce insulin resistance. Meanwhile, 87 percent of the individual recommended selenium for the body can be addressed by eating sardines.

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts for Protein Needs | Camella Manors
Mixed Nuts for Protein Needs | Photo from Maksim Shutov in Unsplash

Nuts are an affordable and portable source of protein. These finger foods are buddies you can trust and eat when you are targeting specific results to your body.

A hefty portion of this snack can be an alternate for your chicken. Moreover, it was found out that nuts are also a cancer-protective diet for humans.

On the other hand, nuts are rich in calories and fats. Adding nuts to your daily snacks can solve your need for calorie count per day.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Protein Rich Food | Camella Manors
Peanut Butter Protein Rich Food | Photo from olia Nayda in Unsplash

The peanut butter must be one of the most common sandwiches spreads out there, but it can be the richest protein spread too! Having peanut butter as part of your pre-workout snack can be one of the clever ways to secure a good amount of protein.

It is also a major source of healthy fats. Yet, once picking the right brand for your peanut butter you might need to keep an eye on only those that are naturally sourced versions.

It can also be a good evening snack especially when you plan to workout during late nights.   


Quinoa Grains Protein Super Food | Camella Manors
Quinoa Grains Protein Super Food | Photo from Ella Olsson in Unsplash

This rice-like food grain has been one of those underrated superfoods which have become trendy and ubiquitous these days. If you are a vegetarian finding a protein alternative that is not meat can be difficult but thanks to quinoa your dilemma can be solved with Quinoa.

This grain food is a tremendous source of protein which also contains the necessary number of amino acids to aid you in your body fitness goals.

Harvard Medical has also found a direct correlation between high consumption of quinoa grains to lower mortality rates. Perhaps, it makes you immortal?

Keeping Yourself Fit and Healthy this Pandemic

Keeping Fit and Healthy at Home | Camella Manors
Keeping Fit and Healthy at Home | Photo from Carl Barcelo in Unsplash

Staying healthy during this pandemic might be tough but a regular indoor fitness routine, stable mental health, plus a good well-planned nutritional diet can help you hit your fitness goals even on lockdown.

Vaccination can also help you out during this pandemic while you may be able to hit the outdoor gyms and fitness clubs soon.

Generally, even an individual will be needing these sources of protein but without any mental and physical discipline to oneself can make you break the whole thing. It is also important to keep ourselves open to our health needs most especially these times of global health crisis.

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