Discovering Condo Life in Butuan’s First Condo Camella Manors Soleia

Camella Manors Soleia Perspective - Orion

In the forthcoming years, Butuan City will become the location of the region’s first condominium development as Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. introduces its flagship condo development with Camella Manors Soleia along Montalban, Villa Kananga. 

Butuan City is one of the Philippines’ richest historical sites, it is known as the location of the country’s first kingdom. Today, the city is a remarkable silk line for developments, and other trades in Northern Mindanao but more importantly the location of the CARAGA region’s first-ever condominium development.

The first-class highly urbanized city of Butuan serves as the capital province of Agusan del Norte since 2000 before the capital was transferred to Cabadbaran. It is the major trading hub in Northern Mindanao where commercial, industrial, and administrative centers flourish.

Getting to know Villa Kananga – Downtown Area in Butuan

Villa Kananga is a barangay in Butuan City located in the center of the city bordered by 10 more barangays namely Imadejas Poblacion, Golden Ribbon Poblacion, Jose Rizal Poblacion, Maon Poblacion, Pangabugan Poblacion, Bonbon Poblacion, Kinamlutan Poblacion, San Vicente Poblacion, Doongan Poblacion, and Bayanihan Poblacion.

This barangay is part of the considered downtown area of the city with an elevation gain of about 29.5 ft. While, the whole of Butuan City is known for mining gold, and gold products it is far more also known for a lot of its culture, dining, and tourism.

The downtown area of Butuan is a hub of many commercial establishments. Beforehand, the area suffered from to recurrence of floods during typhoons but as the city emerged minimal to zero flood incidence is recorded in the area.

Thus, the area begins to become more liveable and demanded business purposes. The last 2015 census recorded a total population of the city at around 11,173. Its less dense volume of people makes the community more convenient and ideal for living.

What to Do in Butuan?

The richness of culture and history should be one of the few things to draw you to visit this historic city of Butuan. Going to Butuan City, you can initially do some site visits from museums to parks.

Butuan National Museum, Balangay Museum, Bood Promontory, and Eco-Park are a few sites you can visit to enrich your understanding and appreciation of the city’s rich history.

Meanwhile, you may also grab something to eat at Snack Break, Weegols, and many more restos in Villa Kananga. If you are that hungry you may try the top-ranking restaurants from Tripadvisor in the area such as Baron’s, Pitstop Café American, and Ocean Bounties Seafood Market and Restaurant.

On the other hand, most visitors in Butuan City are avid fans of traveling, and the city is known to be a gateway going to the beautiful destinations of Surigao and Siargao. But before passing through you may also want to visit the Agusan River and try the speedboat tour.

A Sub-urban Community in Camella Manors Soleia

Camella Manors is the newest brand of midrise vertical condo villages of Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc., and one of its few projects to flourish in Mindanao is Camella Manors Soleia.

The brand will offer not just a condominium development but a mixed-use sub-urban themed ‘communicity’ along Camella Homes Butuan in its strategic location along Montalban St., Villa Kananga, Butuan City.

Almost a hectare of the project area will be the size of Camella Manors Soleia as thirty percent of this will be dedicated to its amenity and green spaces. The dense community of the project and its large open space will provide sub-urban relaxation and exclusivity among its future condo unit owners.

The sub-urban-themed community is one of the few most trends for most condo developments in the country as people began to look for a healthier place to live in while a few are also looking for a better line of amenities to spend the rest of the lockdown period.

Advantages of Investing in Camella Manors Soleia

Camella Manors Soleia is the first condominium development in the whole CARAGA Region. Becoming its initial investor or unit property owner will place you to greater advantages of having to experience every first of its kind.

A condo living at its finest in Butuan City awaits you as an investor. Having to own its limited number of condo units for sale can allow you to feel more rewarded than just buying a horizontal or land property in the area.

Camella Manors Soleia is a mixed-use development of the country’s leading integrated property developer, Vistaland Group. It will be a value for your money as you can earn with your property value grows in no time.

Even the community is set to be a complete and sustainable neighborhood in Butuan, investors can still feel advantaged as more than comfortable living awaits them. Exclusivity with a less dense community is also recommended in today’s way of living.

Moreover, the community of Camella Manors Soleia will also be housing lifestyle amenities or commercial spaces under the Vistaland Group of Companies such as Coffee Project, AllDay Supermarket, AllHome, etc. to provide more of its investors’ lifestyle demands.

Pre-selling Condo Units for sale in Camella Manors Soleia

Camella Manors Soleia has fully sold out its first building, Avior last July 2021. As of now, it is the second building Orion is picking up its pace after selling a few units from its opening month.

Orion offers studio and 1-bedroom units under the pre-selling stage. Now, the land development has commenced in the area and the actual construction of Avior is projected to start within 2021.

Good thing investors can still grab the chance to invest as early as now in Orion. Preselling condo units of studio start at PHP 15,000 to reserve while 1-bedroom units start at PHP 20,000. If an investor is also looking at bigger condo spaces, they can have the option to combine the units as they should look for a bigger space to start their investment in Butuan.

Ideally, investors should hurry up as Camella Manors Soleia is named as the fastest-selling pre-selling condo project of Camella Manors this 2021.

You can simply inquire through our inquiry form or message directly to this website chat box for assistance from our marketing officers. 

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