Ultimate Ways to Baby-Proof Your Condo

Ways to Baby-proof Your Condo | Camella Manors

Starting families are pre-investing stuff for their soon-to-be babies but is baby-proofing one of the few preparations you happen to accomplish as well?

Condo living means living to greater heights both figuratively and literally. But as you live in a condo unit and start to have your kids you can eventually see some problems living in a condo unit especially the dangers it can cause to your baby or toddlers.

There are several ways to baby-proof your condo unit, and this article will help you complete each task before your babies can start learning to crawl and explore your condo corners in 8-month time.

Check Your Condo Interior Design

Dress Up Your Own Condo Interior | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Dress Up Your Own Condo Interior | Photo from Alexandra Gorn in Unsplash

Before your little one comes, might as well check how your current condo interior works once a toddler is crawling, walking, or even running inside. Keep track of how safe your condo interior can be once a baby learns to move on its own.

One way of making your condo unit interior less hazardous is to maintain good lighting in all its corners to avoid tripping or sliding especially for babies who are yet to learn how to properly stand or walk on their own.

Smoothen Furniture Edges

If you have discovered some items inside your condo unit can be kept away, then you must seem to find that some furniture edges can be too sharp for your baby. Giving your furniture edge bumpers can lessen the probability of cuts or scars your babies can have.

If you have limited space for a living area where your baby will be spending more activity you might as well lessen the number of furniture to create more space for movement. You may also check the balance and sturdiness of your furniture especially those that are heavy and standing.

Over time, some wooden-type furniture can age as well and there is a need to change it for safety and functionality.

Guard Doors and Elevators

Condo living means having to reside in a higher space that is particularly integrated with elevator or lift systems in a building. Thus, having your babies secured inside your unit is a must plus making sure that closing your doors as you go in and out of the home should be a routine.

Covering your doorknobs can secure that your toddler or baby cannot go out without your consent could save you anxiety if you lost your kid inside the condo building.

Watch Your Windows

Windows in condominiums are dangerous for babies or toddlers especially if your condo unit is located at higher floor levels. However, elevation is not just the only thing to watch out for but window blinds inside your condo unit can also harm your babies.

Keeping blinds for your windows is a good way to keep natural air coming inside the unit and to keep natural light also but you must also secure its cords for babies can easily be caught up or strangled with how much longer they can reach it.

You may avoid placing some furniture close to the windows where your babies might climb to. On the other hand, you may also install safety glass to get better safety features for your windows.

Safe Sleeping Environment

Avoid overstuffing your baby’s bed or crib! Thick blankets, oversized pillows, toys, and comforters may easily cause sudden death to babies from suffocation otherwise poison them as well. Sudden infant death syndrome is commonly associated with a baby’s sleep. 

Perhaps you may select lightweight and tight-fitting items to make up for your baby’s crib or bed as part of baby-proofing inside the bedroom.

Maintain a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

For all reasons, most common household accidents happen in the kitchen so it should be well kept and eyed especially when you have a baby inside your condo unit. Harmful objects and items such as knives, glasses, fire, or hot objects should be out of reach from babies.

Some items can also choke your kid so better secure a refrigerator with handles unreachable for a 1 to a 3-year old kid. Meanwhile, store your sharp objects inside a cabinet that’s also far from the reach of these toddlers. 

Cover Electric Plugs

Kids of a young age are very much eager to explore and hold things and you don’t want to be surprised they are holding or poking their fingers to electric plugs.

Before the baby comes in, you will have to look out for some wirings and electric sockets as part of your baby-proofing. You may want to secure unused sockets with electric plugs to avoid electrocution and tuck in some loose wires especially in the most common areas your baby will be spending much time.

Keep Away Toxic Substances

Keep Toxic Substances Away | Camella Manors
Keep Toxic Substances Away | Photo from Shirota Yuri in Unsplash

While you complete untidy and securing your kitchen area, remember that some toxic substances cannot just be found in the kitchen but everywhere inside your household especially in the bedroom.

Some of your items such as make-up, lotion, other cosmetics are harmful chemicals for kids, and you may also want to keep your vanity corner away from your babies. Store it inside your drawers or cabinets for safekeeping.

Slip Proof your Bathroom

Bathing your babies is surely rewarding, as most babies would love to get into the water. However, once they start to make those cute little steps you may want to hold and secure to the bathroom with a slippery floor.

One trick to do the baby-proof work is to have a non-slip mat under your bathroom rug. You may also want to install spout covers for the faucet. In some instances, babies can hit their heads on the faucet for getting too excited in the water. 

Don’t Leave Your Baby with Pets

Most condo communities today allow domestic pets inside your unit. Well, if you have your fur family too you should never leave your baby unattended with your pets. Some tamed domestic dogs are also irritated with extreme noises and sounds so you may want to train your dogs to get accustomed to a new member of the family.

Babies are also fond of touching and eventually when they learn to crawl you may watch over some spilled dog food or even dog waste as babies might also try to eat or swallow those. You may also want to consult your pediatrician to find out any allergies especially with the presence of fur-members inside your condo unit. 

Get a Safe and Baby-proof Home for your Baby

Get a Safe Home for your Baby | Camella Manors
Get a Safe Home for your Baby | Photo from Luma Pimentel in Unsplash

Investing in the best and safest condo home for your babies doesn’t just end tidying up the whole unit but watching over your baby as much as possible is important. Have all these baby-proofing techniques completed will also get you to become a prepared parent in no time.

Beforehand, invest in a condo unit that can give you the best security and safety for your toddler but for the whole family as well. 

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