How to be a Good Neighbor in a Condo Community

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In a condo community, you may enjoy the comforts, conveniences; and rewards of living in your own little world while also living with your good neighbors. Observing simple neighborly etiquette can make life easier for everyone by showing respect and regard for your neighbors; and keeping the spirit of the neighborhood flowing smoothly.

Each member of the community has their own unique personality. Some groups have a tendency to be more socially outgoing; while others have a tendency to be more introverted. To be a good neighbor no matter what type of community you reside in; you should observe a few basic etiquette guidelines that are universal.

Even while it’s not always feasible to live in peace and harmon; you may at least take steps to avert hostility and long-lasting ill feelings. Moreover, you can be a nice neighbor by following these simple guidelines.

You can use this list to help you be a more considerate and helpful neighbor.

How to be a good neighbor in a condo community - Camella Manors
How to be a good neighbor in a condo community – Camella Manors | photo from

Becoming a Good Neighbor in a Condo Community

Greet Your Neighbors

When you run into your neighbors in the lobby or elevator, it just takes a second to say hello. Don’t get the reputation of being a slacker. Remember to be polite when you’re around others It’s free and contributes to a sense of community.

Greet your neighbors - Camella Manors
Greet your neighbors – Camella Manors – photo from

Tone Down The Noise

Noisy neighbors are a common complaint. Always be considerate of your neighbors; especially if they have unique work schedules. Stomp your feet; don’t drive nails into the ground, or transport heavy furniture late at night. If you like to listen to your music loudly; consider using headphones instead of earbuds.

No Smoking in the Premise

Cigarette use is prohibited in all common spaces; with the exception of those labeled as smoking zones. Do not leave cigarette butts lying around the property. Inside condo units, as well, smoking is a problem; as smoke can go from one unit to another through the A/C vents or even from one unit to another across the hallway. Ask your neighbors whether they are bothered by your smoking; and make adjustments as necessary.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

It is vital to understand that pets in condo complexes are not allowed to make excessive noise; or run free in communal spaces. While some of your neighbors may appear to enjoy your cute little dog off-leash, others may not. Pet excrement must also be properly disposed of; so that it does not become a nuisance for your neighbors who do not have pets.

Be a responsible pet owner - Camella Manors
Be a responsible pet owner – Camella Manors | photo from

A good neighbor follows garbage and recycling rules

It’s also a source of conflict in many condo buildings on how to dispose of rubbish properly. Furniture and huge cardboard boxes; for example, are typically prohibited from being dumped in the garbage. Condo communities normally have very explicit guidelines governing which objects should be thrown away; and which can be recycled. In addition to maintaining neighborhood harmony; observing these regulations will help keep odors and bugs under control.

Park Your Car Responsibly

Rules for parking are clear in buildings where parking spaces are assigned; park in your own space only. Neighborhoods sometimes come to an agreement on who uses certain parking spaces in buildings without allotted spaces. For parking guests, each building has its own set of rules, which should be followed. If possible, avoid parking in restricted No-Parking areas; taking up more than one place in the parking lot; or taking up someone else’s space.

Take Care of the Common Areas

Pools, saunas and hot tubs are examples of shared amenities that should be recognized as common areas. Leave nothing hanging around in these areas; don’t dry your clothes for hours, wipe your perspiration off the handles of the treadmill, and don’t take up too much room in the sauna or whirlpool when using them. Be considerate of the noise level and the hours of use of each amenity.

Obey Standard Security Rules

All condo tenants should be concerned about their safety and the security of their buildings. You should always close and/or lock all doors; especially those that lead to parking lots and other locations such as the pool or deck. Unknown individuals must be escorted out of the building. If you see security cameras or motion sensors in any common areas of the property, do not tamper with them! If you see any suspicious activity, call the police and the condo association immediately.

Spread positive vibe - Camella Manors
Be a good neighbor and spread positive vibe- Camella Manors | photo from

Good condo etiquette has many benefits

In addition to living in a terrific position among the best urban facilities your city has to offer; condo living gives you the chance to meet a wide variety of intriguing and unique people. Everybody benefits from each other’s goodwill and cooperation; when they treat each other with true decency, kindness, and concern, or condo living etiquette.

Be a good neighbor in the condo community - Camella Manors
Be a good neighbor in the condo community – Camella Manors | photo from

A Good Neighborhood Welcomes You in North Caloocan

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Camella Manors Caloocan View
Camella Manors Caloocan View

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