Best Condo Warming Party Guide for New Condo Owners

Condo Warming Guide | Camella Manors

After a length of time paying off your condo property, you are on your way to throwing a nicely planned out condo warming party. However, as a newbie and a first-time condo property buyer would you know how to throw a good condo warming for your property?

Every first condo buyer will have a share of dilemmas on how to hold a good condo warming for their property after consideration of many things such as the menu, the number of guests, the schedule, the activities, and many more things bubbling up.

In this article, we will share a few things to do before you will have your condo warming party. Make a fruitful celebration inside your ready to occupy condo through guidance from this list. 

Have Time to Unpack and Organize

Before throwing a good condo warming party inside your ready to occupy condo unit, there should be a lot of unpacking, organizing, and cleaning to do. Give yourself sufficient time to clear up and fix your things as you move in.

Take Time to Unpack before Condo Warming Activity | Camella Manors
Take Time to Unpack before Condo Warming Activity | Photo from Ryu Orn in Unsplash

It is important to get the first impression of your condo in a good way and no visitors would like to see a messy condo unit. It is so important to be organized especially for a condo unit which is generally a small space because any set of eyes can see everything in one look inside a minimal space.

Keep away those move-in boxes out of your condo unit and carefully proceed to the next details of your clean-up.

Consider your Condo Size

Throwing a condo warming party for your condo might be easier than throwing a condo warming party for a newly bought house. If you have limited space inside your condo, it is best to consider its size for the number of people you are planning to invite at the same time.

Consider your Condo Space for the Event | Camella Manors
Consider your Condo Space for the Event | Photo from Aaron Huber in Unsplash

You can check before the party which furniture can be put aside to create more space in the living area. You might also want to open your balcony to provide more space. Meanwhile, you may also want to create more schedules differently for your officemates, friends, and families.

Carefully Invite People in the Condo Warming

A great condo warming party should never forget neighbors as part of the guestlists. It is also one way of taking notice and creating amiability in your new set of neighborhoods.

Although, there is no rule for inviting people to your property you must also consider that your guests would not bring any uninvited individuals as well.

Carefully Invite People in your Condo Warming | Camella Manors
Carefully Invite People in your Condo Warming | Photo from Kelsey Chance in Unsplash

Send Out Invitations

If you are holding a tight budget, you might dispatch invitations to the selected number of people. It will sound more dedicated and exclusive this way without noticing that you are keeping track of how many guests you are inviting.

Send out Invitations | Camella Manors
Send out Invitations | Photo from Andrew Dunstan in Unsplash

Although nowadays people are using the power of technology to ease out the process of invitation. You can simply host a condo warming party using an events planner on Facebook. It is very easy to set up while you can also customize which set of eyes can see the actual event details.

Select the Right Menu for the Condo Warming

In such important events, carefully choosing the best courses or meals is important. Nobody would want to eat cheese and biscuits the whole day.

Simply check on what is trending in parties, you can say that chicken wings are terrific. You may also want to set up a burger corner or sweet corner. Plus, have something healthy to compliment such as fruits, vegetables, or salads.

Pick the Best Menu for the Condo Warming | Camella Manors
Pick the Best Menu for the Condo Warming | Photo from Davey Gravy in Unsplash

Meanwhile, you may also prepare something light and handy such as mixed nuts, assorted types of cheese, and pizza. Surely these amazing menus can sustain the ambiance and festivity. 

Choose your Drinks for the Condo Warming

Choosing the menu will also mean selecting the right drinks for the condo warming of your condo unit. On this matter, a few inexpensive drinks can also be useful, and you may want to try a few craft beers too.

Have a Nice Selection of Drinks | Camella Manors
Have a Nice Selection of Drinks | Photo from Maria Avdeeva in Unsplash

Some drinks are aesthetically pleasing too such as mixed drinks like margaritas and martinis. If you may be anxious about what to have then for starters you can have some fruit punch.

If you have some difficulties with preparation, you can ask for a professional like baristas to have at the party to help.

Set the Ambiance

One important element for the success of your condo warming is a great ambiance. You can be able to uplift the mood to a lively one by selecting a good set of playlists to encourage the mood.

Set the Mood of the Condo Warming with a Good Playlist | Camella Manors
Set the Mood of the Condo Warming with a Good Playlist | Photo from Filip Havlik in Unsplash

You can also set up good lighting to improve the mood better. In the afternoon you can open your windows to give a more supplementary mood for the party especially if your condo unit has a good view, you want guests to check as well.

Use Some Decors

Having decent decors or ornaments for your new home is also a great way to create a very fine first impression for your condo. Placing a beautiful mason jar with fresh flowers can give a welcoming mood to your guests.

As the great mood starts with a good welcoming, we can consider some welcome arches made of flowers, balloons, or inflatables. Unlike flower and balloon arches that are widely used, inflatables are not common and can be eye-catching for your guests.  From various available options, you can stop your choice at the ones that are related to your condo party or have your own custom blow-up inflatable, as there is no limit to your imagination when coming up with an idea.

Apply Some Decors inside your Condo | Camella Manors
Apply Some Decors inside your Condo | Photo from Earl Wilcox in Unsplash

Plan a Few Games or Activities

Making a good activity plan can also create a fun and friendly environment during your condo warming party. Throwing such activities can ice-break the party mood. Plus, it can break the barrier to start new acquaintances, especially in your new neighborhood.

Plan Some Activities for the Condo Warming | Camella Manors
Plan Some Activities for the Condo Warming | Photo from Jonathan Kemper in Unsplash

You can throw a few quizzes that can involve some small facts about the neighborhood to make it something that your new neighbors can have in common.

Ready Your Supplies

If you have plenty of individuals on your guest list, getting prepared for more is better than having an inadequate number of supplies such as toiletries, utensils, plates, etc. Besides, purchasing more of such items can give you a better price than buying a small quantity from the local stores.

Have Extra Supplies during the Condo Warming | Camella Manors
Have Extra Supplies during the Condo Warming | Photo from Munro Studio in Unsplash

Keeping such important items inside your condo unit might also be useful for other occasions. Somehow, you would not want to spoil the party with the shortage of toilet paper or table napkins.

Set an End Time

Of course, you would not want everyone hanging around your new private space up until evening. Setting an end time in your invitations is important especially when you have a series of guests to be accommodated within a schedule.

Consider the End Time of the Condo Warming | Camella Manors
Consider the End Time of the Condo Warming | Photo from Insung Yoon in Unsplash

Although you need to ensure that your time is still flexible. You can encourage people to finish their conversations. If time is still early suggesting they stay a little more inside your condo can provide a more friendly impression as a host. Through careful planning and analysis on how the condo warming party can start and end will give a positive note to your guests.

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