How to Soundproof your Condo Unit

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Noise is a common complaint inside a condo neighborhood as everyone is sharing spaces between walls and soundproofing one’s unit can be a requirement if you want to have your privacy or someone who loves to play music.

Today might just be your lucky day because there are several valuable ways for soundproofing or noise-reducing techniques you can do to your condo interior design. You will be surprised by how practical changes can happen from simple remodel down to minor tweaks on your sound system that can give more sound privacy or exclusivity for your condo.

Here are a few things you can start to give your condo unit a soundproof interior design.

Install Acoustic Panels

Soundproofing your condo unit does not mean you cannot do it beautifully. Installation of ready-made acoustic panels can enhance your condo unit’s sound-blocking capacity and as well as enhancing your condo interior design.

Install Acoustic Panels | Camella Manors
Install Acoustic Panels | Photo from Yan Krukov in Pexels

A few stylish acoustic panels can be bought with designs or prints that can suitably match your interior design. Plus, a few can be of use long-term with fade-resistant dyes. Meanwhile, a few can also be customized based on your taste.

Soundproofing and artistry can both go together on your desire to minimize the excessive noise in and out of your condo unit through these acoustic panels.

Use Sound-Absorbing Panels

The problems you may face towards soundproofing your condo unit may also entail cost. It is important to identify the areas you will be applying or installing sound-absorbing panels which are common in the living area.

There will not be any need to soundproof even your kitchen area to such a matter. It is quite common to have your condo living area as the source area of noise inside a condo unit. Hence, this is where installation should be primarily focused on. 

Use Sound Absorbing Wall Interior for Sound Absorption | Camella Manors
Use Sound Absorbing Wall Interior for Sound Absorption | Photo from Soundproof Silence

Drywall usage is the most effective and common recommendation to soundproof your living area. However, this type of material can be expensive so the other option is to add a sound insulation material such as cotton that can be easy to use and affordable.

Cotton-based sound insulation material is lightweight and can block low to high-frequency sounds inside and outside your condo units.

Use Composite Type of Flooring

There are a couple of scenarios that noise can also irritate those neighbors below you especially when you love to blow music inside your condo unit. Loud sounds can also escape from your floor or even cause vibrations beneath your condo unit.

Use the Right Floor for Soundrpoofing | Camella Manors
Use the Right Floor for Soundrpoofing | Photo from Max Vakhtbovych in Pexels

To avoid situations where neighbors come to complain about the noise, you can simply provide a remedy on your floor soundproofing through integrating the use of hardwood, wood laminates, or tiles on your condo floor design.

Remember that the more composite the material the more effective it can block the sound. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative you can try to consider a thick floor carpet to put onto your floor.

Install Fiberglass Insulation for the Ceiling

The living area in your condo is the most particular area where loud sounds can be playing out of your speakers. However, it should not be the noise that is much your priority but as well as the vibrations from the loud sounds, sound systems, or speakers are producing.

You may opt to install a gap between your ceiling through the effective use of fiberglass insulation. It is one of the easiest materials you can deal with. But you may also try to use heavier types of materials such as drywall, fiberboard, or vinyl sheets for your condo soundproofing.

It is recommended to also ensure that no loud volume of noise is escaping beyond your ceiling to avoid any complaint from your upper floor neighbors.

Use Plugs on Windows and Add Curtains

Your windows are a few of the condo unit openings where sound can easily enter. Examine your window seal if it is suitable for blocking extra noise from the outside of your unit.

If you do not have window foam plugs to use for your windows, you can simply close your windows to block some noise. If the noise is still too loud you can manage to lessen it by switching your window blinds to thick sheets of the curtain.

Use Thick Curtains for Soundproofing | Camella Manors
Use Thick Curtains for Soundproofing | Photo from Andrea Piacquadio in Pexels

Buy High-quality Sound System

If you are fond of listening to music, watching movies or shows, or playing along with instruments inside your condo you must consider purchasing quality speakers. The use of high-quality speakers can produce better surround sound than a low and poorly designed speaker.

Upgrade to High-quality Sound System | Camella Manors
Upgrade to High-quality Sound System | Photo from Alina Vilchenko in Pexels

The most common noises from speakers are mainly contributed by subwoofers which makes booming low-frequency tones that sometimes cannot be adjusted by just lowering down the volume.

The idea of having a good sound system inside your condo is to enjoy the sound without irritation from extra noise or vibrations. You can alternately buy an isolation pad for your subwoofers to avoid such crazy noise. 

Soundproof Your Doors

Modern condo developers nowadays deliver a ready to occupy condo unit with doors that can easily be remodeled. Try to check how and what type of door is provided as part of the developer’s standard unit finishes.

Try to knock on the door and listen to its sound, carefully check how the door is weighted upon opening, a door with hollow construction cannot contribute to your soundproofing activity for your condo unit. The most appropriate types of doors are those with composite, particle structure, or solid wood material you can use for effective sound blocking.

Soundproof Your Doors | Camella Manors
Soundproof Your Doors | Photo from Pixabay

On the other hand, you can also install a weather-stripping or door seal to deflect the noise coming from around your door. If you are having difficulty finding a good door seal, you can check in some hardware stores for high-density foam tape.

For longer use, you can also check for weather-stripping gaskets and thresholds to seal the gaps around your door.

Start Minimizing the Noise to Show Respect in the Neighborhood

Soundproofing your condo unit is one of the things you can do to show your neighborhood that you value their privacy, and you respect their individual condo spaces. Trying out these techniques is generally easy unless there is a major soundproofing project you wish to accomplish.

In Camella Manors, your space is your privacy. Bedrooms inside the brand’s condo unit are pre-installed with drywall to lessen the high-frequency sounds in and out of your bedroom walls. You may opt to check ready for occupancy or RFO units located in Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, and Davao City.

All Camella Manors RFO projects are open for investment starting at PHP20,000 for a unit. You can simply inquire in our inquiry form or direct message on this website’s official chatbox.     

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