Best Online Job Search Websites in the Philippines

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Job-hunting – it’s challenging, nerve-racking, and difficult especially in this time of the pandemic. How many times have you visited online job search websites and got rejected? But, hey, it’s totally fine to be rejected during this epidemic; given all of the unknowns and the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

Lockdown anxiety is a real thing. In reality, experts suggest that feeling sleepy and fatigued during a lockdown is typical because your pattern has been disrupted. But, on the other hand, a part of you wants to get started. You still want to look for your next job—and maybe if you keep looking, you’ll find your dream job.

Where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Prepare your online job essential tools as you are about to explore the best job search websites in the Philippines.

Best Job Search Websites in the Philippines


LinkedIn is more than just a job board; it’s a professional networking tool. You can share articles and insights, upload photographs, and connect with others just like on your favorite social media platform. However, you must maintain a professional demeanor.

The online job portal includes over 700 million job advertisements from thousands of organizations throughout the world, ranging from large corporations like Coca-Cola to small businesses.

Likewise, you can search for jobs by type of employment, job title, level of experience, and area. Employers can also use LinkedIn’s messaging tool to engage with candidates.

This job search website also features a wealth of useful articles and video courses to assist you in acing your job application. LinkedIn Learning is another feature of the employment site, where you can take free or paid online courses on nearly everything.



JobStreet, one of Asia’s major employment marketplaces, has long been a go-to online job portal for professionals and recent grads. The website is simple to use and contains over 30,000 job listings. You may also use their app to search for employment while you’re on the go.

To begin applying, you must first create an account. You must also build a JobStreet profile, which functions similarly to a resumé. When posting on online job sites, though, it’s best to provide a copy of your genuine resume.

JobStreet has thousands of job openings, ranging from customer service positions to educational possibilities. You can look for jobs based on their title, skills, job type, or industry. Also, JobStreet offers pay matching, which allows you to enter your desired income and have the site filter out jobs based on it. This employment site also includes a number of articles that may be of use to you during your search.



Kalibrr, one of the most prominent online job sites in the Philippines, is similar to JobStreet in that you must first register an account before you can begin looking for jobs. Because this is the first thing employers see when you apply for a job, you must construct a profile that effectively reads like a CV.

You can view recommended jobs based on your profile on your Kalibrr homepage. You can also see how many times employers have viewed you and how many messages have been sent to you. On this job website, applying for work is simple: click the “apply” button, and your profile will be forwarded to the company.

Kalibrr also provides talent tests to help you improve your profile. The more exams you take, the more powerful your profile appears to be.



Indeed is the most popular job site in the world, with over 200 million monthly visitors. Before you can look for jobs, you must first make an account and an online resume, just like on other online job sites. The website has a wide range of employment openings, from IT jobs to roles in the service industry.

You can search for jobs by title, employer, industry, and area. Indeed also allows you to look for jobs based on the pay you want to make.

You can apply for job openings with a single click of a button, and your online resume will be delivered to the business. They can also use Indeed’s messaging option to contact you.


Are you fed up with your everyday commute? Why not try working from the comfort of your own home? Remote employment opportunities are available on from firms all over the world. Employers can connect with Pinoy professionals who desire to work from home through the job site.

Your salary is not deducted in any way by Onlinejobs. ph. Employers pay their employees directly, eliminating the need for a middleman to take a share.

You can apply for jobs by job title, sector, or type of work by registering an account and an online resume. You can also search for jobs based on the type of work you want to do.

The site offers an ID proof element that analyzes the trustworthiness of both employers and job seekers. Your ID trust score will increase as you offer more information to establish your identity.



Upwork, one of the most popular online employment platforms among Filipinos, is inextricably linked to freelancing. This platform is worth checking out if you’re serious about freelancing or want to turn it into a business. You may quickly register a free account, build an impressive profile, and choose a payment method.

Companies and employers seeking for a professional to do the work can be seen on your dashboard. In order to be considered for the position, you will need to present a strong case. Clients will come to you if you’ve gathered enough experience. If you’re hired, you’ll have the option of being paid on an hourly, fixed, or milestone basis.

Upwork imposes a service fee that varies between 5% and 20%, depending on your profits. Do you have a hard time creating invoices? All invoicing and payments are handled by Upwork, so that’s one less thing to worry about.


Facebook Jobs

When it comes to job hunting and online employment sites, Facebook, arguably your most popular social networking platform, might be the last thing on your mind. However, if you search in the appropriate locations, you can find work there.

You can find jobs ranging from bank customer care representative to delivery driver using the platform’s job search option. You can also look for employment openings in interest-based groups. You can locate groups that welcome persons looking for virtual assistant or copywriting positions, for example.

However, a word of caution: scams exist on Facebook, preying on job seekers in desperate need of work. So, while searching for a job online on Facebook or other social media sites, be cautious and watch for warning indications of a job scam. Take a look at Facebook’s job-search criteria.


Don’t give up on looking for your next job online!

It’s difficult to find work during a pandemic, especially when nearly four million people have already lost their jobs. However, try to be optimistic about your online job search. Look through these online employment boards for openings that match your qualifications and expertise.

This is also a good moment to consider what you want to get out of your job. To impress employers, take online classes to improve your skills and build a standout resumé. It’s perfectly fine if you’re depressed. Take some time to unwind and collect yourself, or you risk burning out and jeopardizing your job search.

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