How to Manage Waste in Your Condo

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Growing environmental awareness has brought to the forefront concerns such as improper waste disposal in the community. And because of this, we have to become more conscious of the waste in our condo that we produce on a daily basis; and ensure that it is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Ever since the environmental issues were publicized, people have been urging everyone to reduce their waste.

How do we reduce waste? What are the best ways to do so?

If the “throwaway” culture continues to thrive, Earth will continue to suffer. Or worse, it will become more polluted and energy wasted. The term “throwaway” has developed a culture where people consume and then throw away anything that they no longer want or need. Unfortunately, this culture is preferred over the Rs of sustainability (Reuse, Reduce, & Recycle).

If the waste landfill culture continues to grow, Earth will keep suffering.

The increasing amount of waste will add to the already damaging climate conditions. Hence, being more sustainable is a lifestyle choice that can be made at home. It can be done in a variety of ways, including adopting a low-carbon lifestyle.

Many people use plastic bags for grocery shopping. In most cases, this person is pushing a cart full of plastic bags. If the items are too heavy, an extra bag is used.

Although they are reusable, eco bags are also sturdy. They can be used multiple times without getting damaged. Also, they are made with cloth. Also, standard eco bags are made to carry heavy loads. In most cases, these bags are not used to carry large amounts of food.

With everyone remaining at home, it is more important than ever to have an efficient waste management system at home. Garbage may produce germs and cause sickness; this is not something to be taken lightly. If you’ve been taking it for granted (like most of us), here’s how you may make a conscious effort to change.

To begin, what types of garbage do we produce at home? There are three categories in general:

Organic Trash

This is kitchen waste, such as leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, and so on. Organic waste is biodegradable and, if properly processed, biodegradable.

Toxic Waste

This is a term used to describe waste that is harmful to the environment.

This category includes expired pharmaceuticals, batteries, shoe polish, chemicals, bulbs, fertilizers, and other items. They must be gathered individually and disposed of properly so that they do not pollute the environment.

Recyclable wastes

Paper, glass, metals, and plastics wastes that are found in your condo that can be recycled should be collected separately and delivered to a recycling facility.

Here are some ideas for how we may take charge of our household waste

Make an effort to reduce waste in your condo

First and foremost, attempt to reduce the amount of waste produced. Instead of using plastic bags for garbage disposal, construct your own paper bags out of newspapers. For wet waste, use multiple sheets of newspaper stapled together and a single sheet for dry waste. Whatever can be recycled should be recycled, and you should also explore upcycling any goods that could be used in a different way.

Wastes in condo should be segregated

Separate your kitchen waste from your harmful and recyclable trash at home. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, generating pollution both on the ground and in the air. Methane and other hazardous gases are produced as a result of trash degradation in landfills, and these toxic gases are extremely detrimental to the ecosystem.

Compost all organic waste in your condo

There are numerous videos on the internet that can help you get started with home composting. You should have a good yield of compost in as little as six weeks, which you can use for your indoor plants or in your yard.

Do not hoard

Many of us have the bad habit of hoarding books, clothes, and other items we no longer use or need. Donate any usable items to orphanages, communal homes, or other institutions that could benefit from them. If you live a minimalist lifestyle, you will find it easier to keep your home and surroundings clean!

Garbage disposal in a safe manner during the epidemic

If you are under home quarantine or have someone in your home who may be infectious, ensure sure your rubbish is carefully disposed of in a plastic garbage bag with the neck snugly tied up to prevent leakage. While plastic should be avoided in general, in such instances, it is critical to use top-quality plastic bags that will contain the infection and prevent it from spreading.

In homes where the infection is possible, make sure that nothing is recycled during the time when the virus could potentially spread. According to some studies, the coronavirus can live on plastic or metal for 3 to 7 days, so take precautions to avoid contaminating others.

Masks, gloves, cleaning cloths, tissues, and other items that may have been infected must be disposed of properly. Contact with dumpsters or bags should be avoided at all costs; always wear disposable gloves and dispose of them after each usage. After you’ve disposed of the waste, make sure to wash and sanitize your hands.

Being conscious of how waste is disposed of in our homes, especially in light of the current pandemic, can go a long way toward creating a sanitary and safe environment for your family and the community.

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