How to Achieve a Travel-themed Condo Interior Design

Travel-themed Condo Interior Design | Camella Manors

Dressing up and designing your condo unit will say and reflect who you are as an individual. If you are an avid traveler there are certainly more ways you can imagine how you can make your condo interior design a travel-themed memorabilia from the destinations you had visited.

Traveling is one of the best ways people do to learn themselves, other countries cultures and folks, and a way to live the best out of one’s life. No doubt that traveling is a collection of the best and most unforgettable experiences anyone can ever come across.

A sense of being in a foreign place, hearing a different and new language, the sense and thrill of exploring an unknown place, and the exotic and tasteful food to offer in a new place are a few of the things why individuals travel.

Hence, if you are missing out on these things while the pandemic is still present. You may want to relive every moment from your travel through simply dressing your condo unit as a canvass of where, how, and why you went to those places.

If you are a certified travel junkie, this article will show you some things you may want to incorporate or design into your condo interior to bring to life those most unforgettable travel you had in your lifetime. 

Customize a Travel Blanket

Memories from your travels might include the colorful designs of woven fabrics from other countries, say batik designs from Indonesia. These types of designs are endemic from a particular country of origin. If you have some spare budget to buy at least a good design of blanket, then you might bring it home to your bedroom.

Customize or Buy a Local Blanket | Travel-themed Condo Interior | Camella Manors
Customize or Buy a Local Blanket | Travel-themed Condo Interior | Photo from Tyler Milligan In Unsplash

If you want a more customized touch to your condo interior, then we also recommend taking your photos as templates to print on a customized blanket to show completely how those beautiful colors from your destination went. There are a few custom shops that can print photos of the fabric of your choice.

Pin your walls Some Good Travel Photos

Giving a personal touch to your condo interior design is one of the few things to make your condo unit more dramatic. Using your travel photos is the simplest form of doing your travel-themed condo interior yet it speaks a lot of your travel.

You can pick a very nice frame that will also match the color of your wall and reflect the place that you have visited. If you are a fan of art purchasing paintings also from one place can work just fine for your wall if you do not wish to print your travel photos and hang them on the wall.

Use your Travel Photos | Condo Interior for Travelers | Camella Manors
Use your Travel Photos | Condo Interior for Travelers | Photo from Joanna Kosinska in Unsplash

However, you can still frame some good travel photos and place them in a frame holder in your living area probably you can place them inside your bedroom too.

One thing you can also frame to your walls is a good travel-themed postcard from places you have visited this can also work well if you want the interior to look personal and speak a lot from your travel diary.

Make a Good Wall Map of your Visited Places

One interesting thing to add to your condo interior design can be a wall map where places you have visited are pinned with photos and other notes from your travel. It is one of the most popular condo interior designs among travelers.

Hang Up a Map on your Wall | Condo Interior for Travelers | Camella Manors
Hang Up a Map on your Wall | Condo Interior for Travelers | Photo from Andrew Stutesman in Unsplash

There has been a trend for those who wish to design a travel-themed interior in their homes. The scratch-off map is a very trendy design integration you might want to have as well inside your condo where you can scratch off a particular place from the map which you have visited already.

It can also serve as hanging wall décor in your living area or the bedroom. 

Place a Vintage Globe

A traveler will always have a globe inside his or her condo unit. If you wish to make it appear more ornamental pick a vintage kind of globe to add to your interior design.

Display a Vintage and Classy Globe | Condo Interior for travelers | Camella Manors
Display a Vintage and Classy Globe | Condo Interior for travelers | Photo from Chuttersnap in Unsplash

You will have to look out for a good size of the globe to consider and as well as it is color. Say that you will place it on a table in your living area so you do not want to pick a large globe that will make your table appear small from its size. Another thing is picking its colors, make sure that the globe can be a piece to accelerate the colors in the area.

Reflect your Travels in your Throw Pillows

From designing your blankets, you can also design your pillowcases to show beautiful places you have been to or even radiating the colors from a place you have fallen in love with.

Throw pillows in your living area is a good one to start designing your travel-themed condo interior. Aside from the fact that it is small to work on, a variety of pillowcases can be done using a ready-to-knit textile, a commercial pillowcase, or a customized one.

Design your Throw Pillow | Condo Interior for Travelers | Camella Manors
Design your Throw Pillow | Condo Interior for Travelers | Photo from Designecologist in Unsplash

If you do not want any hassle in looking at textiles or customizing one to print, you can check the local market of the place you are visiting and purchase one throw pillow you can bring on your way back home.

Bring Home Specialty Kitchenware

Some countries give importance to their ceramics which includes their kitchenware. Those of which that are hand-made are the best ones in terms of design. When you visit such countries, you can check their local stores for any beautiful and ornamental ceramic kitchen items you can delicately bring on your way home.

Buy Some Beautiful Ceramics | Travel-themed Condo interior | Camella Manors
Buy Some Beautiful Ceramics | Travel-themed Condo interior | Photo from Hazmik Olson in Unsplash

Plates are one of the few most ornamental ceramic kitchenware you can buy in a foreign country. This easily gives your kitchen area the touch of travel-themed or wanderlust persona you are. Plus, you can get to imagine all over again the food trip you have been on while using those kitchen items.

Imagine eating your noodles in a ceramic bowl from Japan, using your chopsticks while eating siomai, nibbling some nachos from a plate from Mexico. Now tell us that nostalgic feeling when you tried the experience!

Bring Home Travel-themed Coasters

If you are a light-packer and there is so much to bring home, you can try to purchase something small, yet it can remind you of the place you have been to.

Coasters are good memorabilia from a foreign place yet it’s handy to bring and you can also use them frequently at home or the workplace. More interestingly, they come in different textures some are textiles, wool, ceramics, porcelain, and rubber. It will depend on the area you are traveling from. 

Bring Home Some Cup Coasters | Condo Interior for Travelers | Camella Manors
Bring Home Some Cup Coasters | Condo Interior for Travelers | Photo from Iga Palacz in Unsplash

Bring Home Travel-themed Magnets

Travel magnets are very much common to any Filipino travelers not that it is just handy but it is affordable no matter which country you are traveling to. This can give your dull and metallic refrigerator a good touch of design.

Plus, designs from these magnets can give you a representation or symbol of the place you have been. It is one of the few common collected items among young travelers. It is affordable and available to any destination you will travel to.

Bring Home Some Travel Magnets | Condo Interior for Travelers | Camella Manors
Bring Home Some Travel Magnets | Condo Interior for Travelers | Photo from Markus Winkler in Unsplash

Aside from that, you can stick it to other metallic items rather than the usual refrigerator door. You can also store or frame it among other collected magnets you have brought home so far from your travels. 

Turn your Condo Unit into a Travel-themed Home

No matter where you might have been, distant places you can imagine; you will always come back home to your place of comfort and security. It is one of the things that Camella Manors condominium projects offer.

Bring out the artist inside you and relive those most unforgettable moments you have had during your travel to your living area, kitchen area, and bedroom. Make your imagination do the work and dress up a good travel-themed condo interior design like a pro.

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