Get to Know the First Filipina Barbie Doll Model

First Filipina Barbie Model

Doctor Audrey Sue Cruz recently made headlines in the Philippines and the Asian American community as she became the first Filipina Barbie Doll model that was realized with a one-of-a-kind doll from Mattel Inc.

Mattel Inc. is one of the strongest toy manufacturers in the world that is founded in 1945 and with headquarters located in El Segundo, California.

The one-of-a-kind doll awarded to Dr. Cruz is reimagined from her image as part of the company’s Thank You Heroes Program for frontline health workers during this global pandemic.

A Few Facts About The First Filipina Barbie Model

The Filipino community once again became delighted as a Filipina like Dr. Audrey Cruz became the first Filipina model of the world-renowned toy doll, Barbie. In this article, let us get to know who Dr. Cruz is.

She is a Physician and a Graduate of Electrical Engineering

The 31-year-old Barbie doll model and Doctor Audrey Sue Cruz is an internist physician by current profession at a medical hospital in Southern California. Although, Dr. Cruz had always been challenging gender stereotypes ever since she was on her bachelor’s education.

Medical Studies
Medical Studies | Photo from National Cancer Institute in Unsplash

Dr. Cruz obtained her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of Nevada where she was among four women who finished the course.

The young doctor believes that gender does not limit one’s achievement in life. By then, she finished her degree in Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Thereafter, she continued to pursue becoming an internal medicine resident at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California.  Presently, Dr. Cruz is also an attending physician in the same medical center in California.

She was Overweight before

At the age of 23, Dr. Cruz was an overweight medical student who was constantly stressed and anxious. She cited that med school was overwhelming to the point that stress-relieving is tantamount to binge eating.

Pizza and junk food were her staples during times that she was just sitting and studying for school. Plus, here awake diet involves a high level of calorie drinks such as coffee. During her med school, she stated that the lack of exercise and stress were the ones who have caused her overweight.

It was during her last year of med school that Dr. Cruz started to envision her life going back on track. She started some home workouts and eating healthy food. She committed herself to do a 25-minute daily workout and started losing gradual weight.

In those instances, Dr. Cruz became more motivated, and she found herself increasing her strength and stamina, so this motivated her to pursue further. A year after she lost 50 lbs from her weight.

She Fights for Racial Bias and Discrimination

In her previous interviews, she claimed that her fight against racial bias and discrimination in the United States where something Mattel Inc. has seen to honor her as a frontliner during this pandemic.

Dr. Cruz also said that she believes that what she is fighting for is something that she believes is common and timely today. And wouldn’t believe that it was something the creators of Barbie would find relevant and worth honoring.

Barbie Dolls in Honor of Frontliners during Pandemic
Barbie Dolls in Honor of Frontliners during Pandemic | Photo from Barbie

She was honored with a doll modeled from her image among other five medical practitioners around the globe were Dr. Jacqueline Goes De Jesus from Brazil, Dr. Kriby White from Australia, Professor Sarah Gilbert from the United Kingdom, Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa from Canada, and Nurse Amy O’Sullivan from the United States of America.

Dr. Cruz and these other women were honored by Mattel Inc. with how they contributed and made sacrifices in combating these trying times brought by the pandemic while serving as frontliners on their fields.

The young physician dedicated this milestone to all the young girls who do struggle to fit in the society and to anyone that has been told that they can’t do anything. Being a member of the Asian American community, Dr. Cruz also dedicates this recognition to her fellow Filipino women around the world saying that ‘if you have a voice, don’t be afraid to speak up.   

She has a Lifestyle and Medicine Blog

Surely, Dr. Cruz has her way on artistry and words too! She has a blog where she hinted readers and viewers to find her medical journey, wellness advice, inspirational content, health and beauty tips, and some other updates with her individual experiences.

She initially planned to come up with a blog site to inspire other people that it is possible to have a social life even when you are busy as a working professional.

The young doctor is also passionate about empowering other people by giving inspiration and motivation. She is also fond of collaborating with like-minded individuals.

She also hinted that she plans to do more traveling well, readers will surely not be missing that on her blog.

Recognizing Frontliners during this Global Battle

The global pandemic has required people like Dr. Cruz to lend a hand and rise above the situation brought this time. What we should do as regular individuals is to observe proper health and safety protocols mandated by our local government.

Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz as the First FIlipina Barbie Doll Model
Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz as the First FIlipina Barbie Doll Model | Photo from dr.audreyxsue via Instagram

We have lost a lot of heroes during these trying times and in honor of them is we must take our part in the battle against an unseen foe like COVID-19. Thus, the first step is to recognize that nobody is immune, and we must get vaccinated to lessen the spread of the virus in and out of our households and community.

This National Heroes Day on 30th of August let us revisit the lives of those medical practitioners and other frontliners who have sacrificed their lives to provide better medical assistance and recovery towards our fellowmen who were badly hit by the pandemic.

Let us get our vaccination schedules from our local authorities and finally complete all the required doses to lessen the risks of getting and spreading the COVID-19. After all, our frontliners are not just the heroes but we can also do our part in saving lives.

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