How to Level Up your Condo Balcony Design

Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Camella Manors

Staying in a small, spaced home like a condominium will let you love the presence of having a balcony or ledge. The balcony will be your closest reach to the outdoors. It is one of the intimate areas inside your condo unit that you can enjoy the fresh air and as well as a good view of the city, suburbs, beaches, or perspectives one condo building will offer.

When you spend more time in your condo balcony during this time of pandemic you may want to elevate your balcony design to make your outdoor space more comfortable and stylish. You can start with a lot of ways to level up your balcony look.

Condo balcony floor, choices of furniture, and setup of indoor plants and flowers are just a few of the simple ways you can start to make your condo balcony look more stylish. All you must consider is whether how you would want to maximize the use of your balcony space given its limited space and design.

Consider the use of the area before redesigning or revamping its look as you must also consider a lot of things before you commence such as the necessary approval from the property management office for the work to be done and as well as the need to change for your purpose on how your intent to use your balcony will be.

Select a Compact Furniture for your Balcony

Relatively condo balcony spaces in the Philippines offer limited spaces hence the choice of your furniture will greatly affect the area’s appearance. Oversized furniture choices may diminish the sophistication of your balcony rather it will appear small and tight.

Use Compact Furniture | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Camella Manors
Use Compact Furniture | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Photo from Samantha Gades in Unsplash

What better way is to select a smaller or more compact choice of furniture to be placed in the balcony. You can also make use of side or corner furniture to make more room outside your condo unit. Perhaps if you opt to place multiple chairs on your balcony, we recommend that you install a single compact couch or sofa on the corner to make the area appear larger.

Enhance your Condo Balcony Floors

The floor of your condo balcony is one of the most important elements of your condo unit’s outdoor space. It is the most visible view second to the outdoor perspective your condo unit offers. Thus, it should be one of the few things that need initial styling. 

The visual impact of the floor is primarily determined by how you select the color, texture, and type of flooring material to be used on the floor.

If you are dealing with a small space of balcony or ledge, we recommend the linear type of floor material to be used as it generally improves the perception of space on the floor. You can also pick a lighter shade of color where light can be easily absorbed and provide a more spacious area.

Mix and Match Styles

Most interior designers will feel that the uniformity of interior design in your balcony can be boring because everything can be seen in one glimpse. What we also suggest is to mix and match the style in the balcony furniture and other ornaments where your visitors can see more personality in your balcony area.

Mix and Match Styles in your Balcony | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Camella Manors
Mix and Match Styles in your Balcony | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Photo from Spacejoy in Unsplash

Perhaps, this is also a great way to see your creativity. And you can start by contrasting the classic to the modern or contemporary types of furniture and ornaments to be placed on your balcony.

This way your balcony interior will never look restricting but will show freshness and fun while maintaining a good outdoor ambiance. 

Setup a Hammock in your Balcony

Installing a hammock can be one way of maximizing the comfort the outdoors can bring from your balcony. In a small space, you might want to select a vibrant-looking hammock to spruce up the appearance of your balcony.

We will not be recommending the installation of a hammock if you have children along with you in your condo unit as this can also be a reason for accidents to happen. But if all security and safety considerations are addressed then you can take a good relaxation on your hammock.

Decorate using Plants and Flowers

During the height of the pandemic, many of us became obsessed with the use of indoor plants and flowers as part of our interior home styling. This is also something that can be a good contribution to your condo balcony design.

Given that condos, balconies offer small spaces in the country, the use of ornamental plants can be an advantage for those avid home planters or now commonly referred to as ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas’.

Decorate your Balcony with Plants | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Camella Manors
Decorate your Balcony with Plants | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Photo from Artur Aleksanian in Unsplash

Picking the most suitable indoor plant will not be a problem nowadays as the demand has also been increasing. What you will need to decide is whether you will have time to maintain it, or will you also want a multi-use indoor plant?

Some indoor plants require minimal to less maintenance and are recommended for busy people or frequent travelers who cannot maintain gardening regularly. A few other popular plants in the market have health benefits such as natural air purifiers, mosquito, and insect repellents, and some are useful herbs for kitchen use.

Generally, adding green to your outdoor space can provide a reachable feeling of the outdoors and nature.

Add an Outdoor Dining Area

Have you ever considered an outdoor dining experience? If yes, then you are lucky to have a balcony area in your condo unit. A delightful cup of coffee during mornings outside your balcony can be a magnificent experience. Even a late-night glass of wine outside your condo unit can also be fulfilling after a hard day at work.

You can easily make this happen every day when you try to set up a good space-considerate dining area on your balcony. Every meal will become the way you used to imagine. Moreover, this being part of your condo balcony interior can serve as a good welcome or chitchat place for your visitors.

Setup a Dining Area in your Balcony | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Camella Manors
Setup a Dining Area in your Balcony | Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Photo from Cory Bjork in Unsplash

Reimagining a Stylish and Comfortable Condo Balcony

Generally, no matter how small a condo balcony or ledge can be in the Philippines, it is only a matter of designing and conceptualizing for you to maximize your condo unit. Before doing such renovation we highly recommend seeking professional help from licensed interior designers to save cost, time, and effort.

Meanwhile, some condo developers will also be requiring all its unit owners to seek permits and arrange the necessary renovation bonds before commencing with the design works. In Camella Manors condo properties, unit owners may easily request the needed documents in the clubhouse area as the Global Land Property Management office will oversee such permits.

Keeping up with a good condo unit ambiance even with in your balcony may be important while we are staying inside the comfort of our homes but always give priority to comfort as this is the measurement of how condo living should be.  

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