Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021

Best Condo Gadgets and Appliances this 2021 | Camella Manors

Due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone is at home. Staying at home has become the new norm to keep ourselves protected. Despite the situation, spending time at home doesn’t need to become boring. You can use the time to explore new hobbies, bond with your families, or discover new talents and skills. Now is the perfect time to make your home more livable— invest, redecorate, and declutter to make space more functional. 

One way to spice up your home experience is by upgrading your appliances and gadgets. By upgrading, we mean investing in automated devices that can make your life so much easier. With today’s technology, you can save a lot of time, and more energy for that matter. In just one voice command, whoever thought that light can be turned off or the TV can play your favorite show in an instant? The demands of everyday life can be tough, so why not take advantage of the available technology to make chores a little bit lighter?

In the list below, we list the most basic appliance to the most in-demand gadgets nowadays. These devices perfectly suit your condo, giving it a tech-savvy vibe and a modern outlook. You don’t always need to buy the most expensive gadget, only the most efficient and user-friendly. Smart gadgets are the trend these days for a reason—they’re here to make life more convenient.

Depending on your budget, it is good to check a variety of brands to see what fits your lifestyle. There are a lot of budget-friendly gadgets available in the market. It’s just a matter of checking reviews online to hear the feedback of users. Aside from functionality, it’s also good to consider the design and form of a gadget or an appliance. Aesthetics is one aspect to look at, especially for the minimalist trying to conserve space and avoiding big chunky items. 

Let’s explore the list of the best gadgets and appliances available in the market this 2021 to help you maximize your home experience in your condo, despite the challenges of the current pandemic.  

Best Gadgets and Appliances to Have this 2021

Personal Digital Assistant

The first step to having a smart condo. Having a personal digital assistant. Whether it’s powered by Alexa or by Google, you can easily ask a personal digital assistant to do stuff through a voice command. A personal digital assistant can help you turn on and off light bulbs, set an alarm in the clock, check whether it’s going to rain in the afternoon, play your playlist in the morning, share the latest buzz in the community, and answer whatever questions you may have. Top-selling personal digital assistants include Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google Nest Hub.

Smart Lock

Got locked out of your unit? Don’t worry, you don’t need to call the building administrator or ask for help from the next-door neighbor. With a smart lock, you can unlock and lock your door anytime using your phone. Safety and security should be your number one priority in the condo. Investing in a good security device like a smart lock is a good buy for your home.

You can check the logs of your door anywhere you may be. It’s wifi controlled so you can access it with just your smartphone. Popular smart locks include the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and the Cherry Home Smart Security Sensor. 

Two-door Smart Refrigerator

Want an awesome fridge that can automatically open its door for you? A smart refrigerator can do that for you. By simply asking it to open the door or adjust the temperature, it responds to any voice command. There are many smart refrigerators available in the market, but Samsung and LG are two brands to check out. You should also check the energy consumption of the fridge; inverter types are also more energy-saving.  

Double-door Refrigerator | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Camella Manors
Double-door Refrigerator | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Photo from Nrd in Unsplash

Air Fryer

Perhaps one of the most popular home appliances this pandemic, an air fryer basically helps your fry without the oil. Available in different sizes, a regular air fryer can be used for deep frying, roasting, and even baking. If you’re looking for a chance to skip the oil, air fryers are a great alternative. Depending on your cooking needs, check for the size and price that suit your budget. There is a wide variety of brands that offer this one-of-a-kind home device. There is also a smart air fryer that can be controlled via a wifi connection. 

Air Purifier

The danger of the pandemic has got us all worried about the air we breathe. We often wonder if the air we breathe is clean or virus-free. Air purifiers have been around for years already, but it was only recently that we did truly appreciate their value.

Air Purifiers can be helpful to those with allergic reactions to dust, mold, or pet hair. This appliance contains multiple filtration systems to eliminate contaminators in the air and improve air quality inside your home. Air Purifiers are not to be confused with humidifiers.

Other benefits of an air purifier include the removal of triggers and allergens for asthma, free up smoke trapped inside the room, kill insects, remove pollens, etc. Different variations of air purifiers are sold in the market including a smart air purifier that can be controlled over the internet. Smart air purifiers are usually connected to an app to help monitor and collect information on the pollutants affecting your home’s air quality.

You can also control its schedule and speed. Some air purifiers also have an essential oil diffuser to keep your condo unit fresh all day. They also come in portable sizes that you can wear when you step out of the condo. Popular brands of air purifiers are Dyson, Sharp, and LG.  

Automatic Washing Machine

Are you the type who does a lot of other household chores while the washing machine runs? With an automatic washing machine, you can wash and dry clothes just by dumping the clothes and setting the right commands. Washing your clothes can now easily be done with just a few taps.

Automatic Washing Machine | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Camella Manors
Automatic Washing Machine | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Photo from Planetcare in Unsplash

A fully automatic washing machine has two types, front load, and top load. These refer to the mouth of the machine where you place the clothes. Top loads are usually lighter in weight and have a wider range of models in the market. It also saves you the hassle of bending forward to load and unload clothes into the machine.

Front-load washing machines meanwhile offer better washing quality, more water efficiency, and has more cycle settings. In buying an automatic washing machine for your condo unit, make sure to consider the space allocation for the device. See if it will fit in your designated washing space. These washing machines tend to be big and space consuming. If you are living solo, a compact machine that can handle a few kilograms. Many brands offer an automatic washing machine including LG, Sharp, Whirlpool, etc. 

Smart TV

Your home entertainment gadgets are vital part of your daily living. One-way Filipinos relax at home is by watching TV after a long day at work. Families love to bond over movies and TV shows. Level up your home watching especially now in the time of the pandemic. A smart TV will give you an enhanced viewing experience with its amazing features. With stable WIFI, you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, videos on YouTube, and other content from the Internet. Popular Smart TV brands are Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL, etc.

Smart TV | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Camella Manors
Smart TV | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Photo from Jonas Leupe in Unsplash

Smart Instant Pot

Looking for ways to maximize your time in the kitchen? Worry no more. With a Smart Instant Pot, you can efficiently prepare food and simple meals in this god-sent kitchen appliance. A Smart Instant Pot is a combination of many kitchen appliances. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, and steamer. It can also be used in making quick desserts at home as it functions as a cake yogurt maker. The device should be connected to the WIFI to command ‘Alexa’ in performing cooking tasks. It is the perfect kitchen companion in a condo because of its many features. You can also check a ton of online videos for instant pot cooking recipes.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

“A small but terrible” cleaning gadget, a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have for those who love keeping the house clean and dust-free. A vacuum cleaner goes through the halls and alleys as well as every corner of your house to suck dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and all other kinds of litter. It can clean hard-to-reach areas and in between cracks. A smart robot vacuum has a sensor allowing it to avoid obstacles while cleaning. It also cleans quietly and efficiently. A real wonder worker at home needs minimal supervision. 

Vacuum Cleaner | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Camella Manors
Vacuum Cleaner | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Photo from Kowon in Unsplash

Portable Steamer

Need to iron your top for that zoom meeting? Now, you don’t have to bring out the iron and the board. A portable steamer lets you do the job even with the clothes hanging on the door. Unlike the traditional iron, this device is handheld and portable, meaning it can be brought anywhere even during your travels. It works fine for clothing with delicate materials. You can also use it for removing wrinkles in bedsheets, curtains, and other house garments. 

Make your condo living more exciting by trying these home gadgets and appliances. Although not a necessity, these items are here to make life more convenient. Once you have the basics at home, you can try purchasing good-quality devices that will help you improve your home lifestyle. 

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Butuan City has a vibrant and booming economy as the center of trade, commerce, industry, and administration in the CARAGA region. It has also been consistently placed as one of the Most Competitive Cities by the National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines. 

It also serves as a gateway to other destinations in Northern Mindanao like Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Siargao, and Surigao. 

Ready to invest in the Timber City of the South? Butuan has a newly built Camella Manors property that offers world-class resort-style amenities at a friendly price. 

Why invest in Camella Manors Soleia? 

Looking for an affordable real estate investment in Butuan? Find the most affordable condo in Butuan here.

Camella Manors Soleia is Butuan’s latest real estate player. Last January 2021, Butuan and the whole CARAGA region saw the groundbreaking of its first-ever condominium project. Camella Manors is Vista Land’s newest mid-rise condominium brand located in the regions and nearby provinces of Metro Manila. It promotes all-in lifestyle needs and resort-themed amenities that will cater to young professionals, starting families, investors, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Camella Manors Soleia Perspective - Orion
Camella Manors Soleia Perspective – Orion

Camella Manors Soleia is set to become the tallest residential structure in Butuan City. 

Located at Montalban St., Villa Kananga, Butuan City (just across Camella Homes Butuan), the condo project is set to rise four 7-story buildings with resort-themed condo amenities. The first building Avior has a total of 119 affordable pre-selling units. 

The affordable condo in Butuan offers premium amenities like an adult pool, kiddie pool, fitness gym, function area, playpark, jogging trails, and commercial strips. The condo is also fully equipped with a 2-high speed elevator system, CCTV-security system, and a water sprinkler system. It also adopts a pet-friendly community and promotes smart condo living. 

Camella Manors Soleia is strategically located close to the city center, making it accessible to many essential establishments such as shopping malls, schools and universities, medical centers, and infrastructure developments. From Manila, you can reach Camella Manors Soleia with just a two-hour flight. 

Pre-selling of units is ongoing. Interested buyers can conveniently reserve a unit online through our hassle-free and easy-to-use online payment facilities. For more information, check the Camella Manors website at or visit our social media pages. 

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