The Best British-themed Community in Davao

RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Building Perspective in a pine-filled community

Have you ever found the best British-themed community in Metro Davao? You might be looking at some good, themed properties in the city but have not found the best and the most captivating real property to invest in as your home.

Northpoint Davao might just be the one you are looking for! A British-themed condo village is a good place for investment and residential space. The project is already a known landmark in the city because of its top-notch location within the city’s heart. 

Remarkably there is more to this award-winning and thematic community any investor can hope for. Northpoint Davao has several points to discover why it is the best British-themed community in Metro Davao.

In this article, you will get to know how Northpoint Davao’s master-planned condo village is amazingly one of the best-themed condo properties for sale in Davao City.

The Community is Exclusive

Northpoint Davao is an exclusive and premium condo property addressed along JP Laurel Ave., Bajada Davao City or famously known as the city’s central business district. This British-themed condo community provides more than the privacy of having a condominium, but its exclusivity provides privacy of also having a home in the city’s heart.

The abundance of more than a hundred Caribbean Pine trees imported from New Zealand provides a natural sound insulator and adds to the ambiance of having an exclusive spot in the city even you knowingly know that you have a good number of unit-owners whom you share the same condominium lifestyle.

Jogging in an Exclusive Community | British-themed Community in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Jogging in an Exclusive Community | British-themed Community in Davao | Photo from Fitsum Admasu in Unsplash

The sub-urban theme of Northpoint Davao also brings the elite living in a regular British village as each morning is filled with the aroma of the pine trees. Ever thought of a pine-filled Christmas season? Come to Northpoint Davao! 

Northpoint Davao is Ready to Future-Proof

If you are one of the few privileged investors of Northpoint Davao and have thought that nothing can get better from the community. Then you might think twice as Northpoint Davao is close to the commencement of its future development in the project area.

Camella Manors and Northpoint Davao will be integrating a new set of lifestyle amenities that will make investors’ condo living more premium and captivating as Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. commercial brands such as Coffee Project, Bake My Day, AllDay Convenience, and others will be installed in the community area of the project.

Commercial Conveniences | British-themed Community in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Commercial Conveniences | British-themed Community in Davao | Photo from Nathan Dumlao in Unsplash

Inside the renowned 3-hectare development of Northpoint Davao will soon rise another vital element to improve the condo living experience of its investors. The establishment of these lifestyle components will cater more opportunities for investors to eye the increase of their property value but most importantly create convenience to their lifestyle needs and demands. 

It’s Almost Fully Sold Out

Bradford, the fifth residential condo building of Northpoint Davao is almost fully sold out and is still offering a limited number of ready to occupy studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. The 10-story Bradford building is targeted to award its RFO condo units later this fourth quarter of 2021. The property is currently offering a reservation fee starting at PHP 30,000 for its studio unit. If you are eyeing a larger-sized RFO condo unit then hurry up because Bradford building is only offering one unit left from its 2-bedroom condo for sale.

Bradford building differs from the previous turnover condo buildings because of its precluding entry from the property gate. Meanwhile, Bradford is also the only residential building in Northpoint with two basement levels which serves as the parking area levels of the unit owners.  

The Lifestyle is Vibrant and Diverse

The community of Northpoint Davao is a shared neighborhood of different individuals, some investors are locals, some are business-owners from different regions, a few are retirees, there is also a pool of young investors, and several dual citizens or OFWs, and as well as multinational investors.

This typical concept of a neighborhood creates a more dynamic yet vibrant ambiance for a condo living as the social impact can be a good asset for a healthy relationship inside a subdivision. Spending time in the common areas will let you get acquainted with some condo unit owners who share the same lifestyle that you have.

Diverse Community | British-themed Community in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Diverse Community | British-themed Community in Davao | Photo from Kate Kalvach in Unsplash

Even the property management office and homeowner association believe that a healthy community should be well preserved as most condo unit owners are members of their exclusive Facebook group.

Everyone can physically mingle with each other with Northpoint Davao’s functional lineup of amenities such as the leisure pools, clubhouse, fitness gym, playground, function hall, and clubhouse terrace while breathing the scent of the luscious pines. 

It’s One-of-a-Kind British-themed Property

Northpoint Davao takes pride in the condo living it brought to Metro Davao as it is one of the few flagship condo developments to ever bring the view of residential spaces to a higher level. This community has also won several awards last 2016 citing the development as the Best Property Development in the Philippines.

Truly, Northpoint Davao is a renowned property development in the city. It has become a landmark of the city and is even known to be the only vertical pine estate in the whole of Mindanao. Aside from what is seen from the naked eye, the community holds a very stable foundation to counter earthquakes as it is standing on a solid bedrock from its almost uphill terrain.

Pine Tree Filled British Community | British-themed Community in Davao | Northpoint Davao
Pine Tree Filled British Community | British-themed Community in Davao | Photo from Maxime Gauthier in Unsplash

Another fact, Northpoint Davao is one of the few accommodations and residential developments in the city that uses salinized pool water which is very much recommended for an indoor or outdoor type of pool as it is less harmful compared to chlorine-treated pools.

Reserve your Own British-themed Condo Property in Davao

Few more units are left in the Bradford building, yet the development brings and awards so many perks for all its future condo unit owners. It is always yesterday and today when investors should invest their money in real properties.

RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Community Perspective with Swimming Pool Amenity
RFO Condo in Davao – Northpoint Davao – Camella Manors – Community Perspective with Swimming Pool Amenity

Hurry up and grab amazing deals for this month as you get to invest in one of the few remaining RFO condo units at Northpoint Davao. Talk to us today through our inquiry form or chat directly at this website chat box for more details of the British-themed community of Camella Manors in Davao City, Northpoint Davao.

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