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How to Protect Kids from COVID-19

Children during Pandemic

As vaccinations have rolled out in the Philippines, and the government targets a mass herd of vaccinated individuals; kids are left unprotected with the COVID-19. World Health Organization have previously advised every country to avoid vaccinating children and teenagers, the younger ages below 18 years old.

Children are more capable fighting of the virus, but this does not mean that they are susceptible to having the infection. If you are one of the few households who have kids or are a guardian who is anxious about how to keep your children safe from this pandemic, then here are a few things you need to do to ensure their safety.

Get the Adults Vaccinated

Getting vaccinated can provide higher immunity towards getting infected for the adults but more than getting yourself covered you are also giving much importance to the people around especially if you have kids at home.

The probability of bringing home infection is lesser when you get all the adults going in and out of the household get vaccinated. Kids who cannot afford to get vaccinated can also be safe when people or adults around them are also protected.

Go to the nearest accredited medical centers or connect with your local government units to get or schedule an appointment for the vaccine.

Get Vaccinated
Get Vaccinated | Children during Pandemic | Photo from Sam Moqadam in Unsplash

Always Wash your Hands

Adults in the household are often the breadwinner of the family and some of them are still going in and out of the house to work, do groceries, and attend some medical appointments. Either way, if going outside your home is unavoidable. It is better to always wash your hands before going inside the house.

It is also important to wash your hands if you intend to carry your infant or even touch the children at home. This also includes washing your hands if you opt to touch or prepare the children’s meal such as preparing their milk or cooking their food.

Always Wash your Hands
Always Wash your Hands | Children during Pandemic | Photo from Nathan Dumlao in Unsplash

Schedule a Weekly Clean-up

Keeping your homes sanitized is also important for the safety and wellness of everyone and not just among the children especially when you had some visitors in a week or month. We cannot say with our naked eye who is infected and who is not, so we better have our houses well-kept or clean.

You can make sure that you have sanitized the most particular areas where people often touch and make contact such as the doorknobs, countertops, remote control, refrigerator door, etc. These surfaces are among the most common things and area where people usually hold or touch and it means chances of the virus is higher on the aforementioned.

Schedule a Clean up
Schedule a Clean up | Children during Pandemic | Photo from Towfiqu Barbhuiya in Unsplash

Avoid Sick People

Children have important medical appointments too especially infants or babies hence during these times that going to medical centers is necessary for your infant’s health it is best to keep a schedule. On the other hand, some doctors have opened home visit services where you can also schedule or set with your pediatricians.

Going to such places, in general, is not recommended and you may see to it that you only go outside with your infants doing the necessary and standard health protocols set by the medical officers or the local government unit.

Isolate if You Are Sick

Before getting the infection, it is suitable to always wear a face mask and face shield as you go outside the house especially when going to a public place. But if you felt any circumstance that you are showing some common signs of infection immediately remove yourself to isolate.

You will not want to cause any harm or infection to members of the family especially the children. If you sneeze or have colds make sure to wear a face mask or sneeze on your elbow when you are not wearing one. If the situation gets any worse call medical hotlines for the needed emergency assistance.

Provide Kids a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet

During this pandemic where children are not available to get vaccines, it is proper to provide them healthy and nutritious food as part of a regular diet. Feeding them the needed nutrients is essential in keeping them healthy and with higher sickness immunity.

Request for a vitamin recommendation from their pediatrician especially for kids that do not really like eating healthy fruits and vegetables. The right number of vitamins and minerals may also help them counter sickness.

Eat Healthy Foods
Eat Healthy Foods | Children during Pandemic | Photo from k15 Photos in Unsplash

Be a Good Role Model for the Kids

Showing the appropriate conduct and manner today is very important to make children understand the world is facing. Letting them know that the environment outside their homes is no longer safer than usual is acceptable as children nowadays are more adaptive to changes.

However, you must be the first one as an adult to prepare them for this situation by making them feel the right ways and things to act nowadays. Simply show them that regular hand wash is important and eating healthy food is needed to stay strong.

For teenagers, make them realize that wearing a standard face mask and face shield is important once you step out of the house. Let them understand, how the virus quickly spreads today and how numbers of people cannot go back to the way it was because of the danger the virus poses.

Be a Good Role Model
Be a Good Role Model | Children during Pandemic | Photo from Lauree Lee Morreau in Unsplash

Talk to the Kids

As the pandemic outbreak continues a lot of news stories and features have been successively circulating online and over television. Children’s minds are young and fragile, but they can understand if you let them and talk it out to them.

You must let them know the gravity of the situation so they can also find it to themselves how important safety measures are nowadays. The talk can also explain to them why they cannot meet with their friends outside or go to public parks or malls any longer.

Let them know also that the situation will be better soon when everyone will just manage to obey and properly involve themselves in the fight against the pandemic. Keeping their hope is also important as even kids get anxious too during these times. 

Talk to the Kids
Talk to the Kids | Children during Pandemic | Photo from Robo Wunderkind in Unsplash
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