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Big Advantages of Buying a Condo at Camella Manors

Camella Manors Condo Unit for Sale Advantages

Camella Manors is the newest brand of midrise condo villages offering high-quality and exclusive condo units for sale across the Philippines from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The brand is the condominium segment of the country’s renowned and most preferred house and lot brand, Camella Homes of Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc.

Throughout four decades Camella Homes has become the country’s most favored horizontal property investment among many Filipino families in and outside the country. Today, Camella pushes another initiative to offer its vertical property investments among the new generation of property buyers and investors, the Camella Manors.

The newest brand of Camella condominium developments will be offering another distinct way of condo living while living up to the high standards of Camella developments. Camella Manors offers different perks of becoming one of its privileges and few condo unit owners and investors.

Get to know some of the major advantages of owning a Camella Manors condo property in the Philippines below.

Developing Locations Outside Metro Manila

Camella Homes successfully became a local house brand from major and minor cities in the Philippines as it introduces its condominium line of property investments a few areas will become the flagship locations of Camella Manors condo for sale in various cities.

Camella Manors will soon rise in the highly developed and developing cities in the country particularly in Lipa City, Caloocan City, Puerto Princesa City, Bacolod City, Butuan City, and Davao City.

Developing Locations in the Philippines
Developing Locations in the Philippines | Photo from Jocke Wulcan in Unsplash

Master-planned condo communities will flourish on these six locations in the country among other pipelined areas in the country. The brand will develop these condo villages inside the cities’ central business districts and a few areas will become areas of businesses as developments will course through.

Among the notable areas of where Camella Manors will become a preferred condo brand, Davao City has two ongoing projects which are the prominent Northpoint Davao and Camella Manors Frontera. These two have become a local landmark in the area as it is strategically close to the upcoming major infrastructure developments from the government’s ‘Build.Build.Build’ program.  

Less Dense Communities in Camella Manors

Camella Manors is a mid-rise condo village specifically with the height of 7 to 15 storeys buildings. Thus, investors or buyers will expect a lesser number of neighborhood within the property. Moreover, this gives majority of the unit owners to experience a more exclusive condo living environment as small number of people can flock the common areas or the amenities.

With a lesser number of people, you can expect that communities can become healthier as this can suggest more movement or activity in the outdoors among residents. There will also be lesser trash with a small number of individuals inside a community.

Less Dense Communities at Camella Manors
Less Dense Communities at Camella Manors | Photo from xframe

Compared to high-rise buildings garbage disposal can be a less stressful as the big bins cannot be easily filled with a regular collection period from the management and a small number of people within a floor or a building.

Best Start-up Real Property Investments

The demand for having a home in the city had been increasing in the country over time. However, even the availability of land among the largest cities is also diminishing. Fortunately, condominium properties provide the solution to these demands.

Yet, a lot of property buyers who wishes to have a place to call their own in the city are staring or discerning investors in majority, therefore Camella Manors comes in to provide the best start-up property investment.

Best Startup Real Property Investments
Best Startup Real Property Investments | Photo from Andrey Andreyev in Unsplash

If you are a newly promoted manager, budding supervisor, or a newlywed professional then Camella Manors will be the best option to look out for your initial property in the city. Flexible payment terms and big discounts are enjoyed in most of its pre-selling and ready for occupancy condo for sale projects.

Sub-urban Themed Condos in Camella Manors

Camella Manors is a sub-urban themed or a specifically a pine-tree filled condo village. The brand being the vertical collection of Camella Homes takes pride to developing sub-urban themed communities which investors and homebuyers loved.

Today, Camella Manors will also develop condo villages carrying the stylish and exclusive kind of sub-urban theme communities with abundant and verdant pine trees inside every project in the country. Pine trees will be welcoming every condo resident as they enter the condominium villages of Camella Homes.

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Resort-themed Amenities in Camella Manors

Aside from the sub-urban ambiance Camella Manors let its residents experience, the brand also flaunts its resort-themed amenities with the collection of leisure pools, kiddie pool, clubhouse, indoor fitness gym, energy park, meditation area, pocket garden, atriums, function area, and other areas where residents can enjoy and relax.

Experience what privilege few gets to enjoy in a lifetime as you get cozy with Camella Manors condo units for sale across the country.  

Resort-themed Amenities at Camella Manors
Resort-themed Amenities at Camella Manors | Photo from Drew Dau in Unsplash

Property Managed Common Areas for Better Upkeep

Being a condo unit owner at Camella Manors is convenient with the location of the properties among thriving cities nationwide but what makes the condo living experience at the brand more comfortable and convenient is the presence of the property management office who handles maintenance of common areas, upkeep of the green spaces, security of the residents and the overall well-being of the community.

Aside from these other utilities can be arranged within the community alone as the property management offices will be housed inside the area. Everything can also be transacted such as permits for renovation, permits for leasing, etc. in the property management office.

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Appropriate for Individual Lifestyle

Condo living is best among individuals who are thriving to balance work and leisure in the city. Camella Manors is a brand to bring balance among individual city dwellers with a practical home investment solution.

The variety of investment options or condo unit sizes bring more opportunities for budding professionals who wish to own a respective home in the city. A studio unit at Camella Manors gives more of them an opportunity to secure their place in the city under a flexible financing term.

Appropriate for Individual Lifestyle with Camella Manors
Appropriate for Individual Lifestyle with Camella Manors | Photo from Munbaik Cycling in Unsplash

Presence of Lifestyle Perks and Future Proofs

Camella Manors brings nothing but more to its investors with more perks and opportunities. Aside from having the essential amenities of every project, the brand will also integrate lifestyle amenities or commercial spaces within the communities.

Commercial brand under Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. such as Coffee Project, Bake My Day, AllDay Supermarket, All Home, Vista Cinemas and etc, will be a stone-throw away from your doorsteps. The ease and convenience of having your essential daily supplements or needs in a reach is undeniably one of the few great perks of owning a Camella Manors condo unit.

Convenience with Commercial Nearby
Convenience with Commercial Nearby | Photo from Maria Lin Kim in Unsplash

Ready to Discuss your Options?

If you are thinking which area, which project and which size are you looking at investing in Camella Manors, it is easier when you reach out to the marketing officers via inquiry form or by simply sending us a message to our official website.

You may also seek details via official social media channels of Camella Manors in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Viber for your inquiries.

Properties at Camella Manors starts at an initial reservation from PHP 20,000 or more depending on the size of an investor’s preferred condo area. Grab the chance today to experience these perks with a life well-lived at Camella Manors.   

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