Six DIY Condo Renovations To Improve Your Home

Condo DIY renovation | Camella Manors

Condo renovations may improve your unit and perhaps increase its worth; whether you want a little project or a new challenge. Like many homeowners, you may have considered a condo renovation project in the past but ran out of time or inspiration.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Nearly half of all homeowners say the most difficult aspect of home renovation decisions is finding the DIY time. This may explain why the same proportion of individuals say they have unfinished home improvement projects.

Because many of us spend the majority of our time at home; now might be a wonderful time to channel some of that cabin fever into a project; that will add value to your house or infuse it with fresh vitality.

Here’s a list of DIY projects / condo renovations you can accomplish on your own; or with the help of a small helper in need of a play date.

Income Potential with the use of Second Home
Condo Renovation | Income Potential with the use of Second Home | Photo from Volha Flaxeco in Unsplash

Easy DIY Renovations You Can Try at Condo:

New faucets

Attention to precision is essential for this job; you don’t want to flood your kitchen because you forgot to turn off the water valve, but no prior plumbing knowledge is necessary. A gleaming new faucet can provide a lot of day-to-day enjoyment for very little work.

These instructions will guide you through the stages of installing a kitchen faucet (and the process is just the same for a bathroom sink).

Light switches and fixtures

Few things can alter a room’s ambiance as fast as lightning. By replacing an old fixture with a new one, or an on-off switch with a dimmer, you may create an atmosphere for every event. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on replacing a light fixture. Because switches use the same wiring as fixtures; if you can replace a fixture, you can handle a switch.

lighting good for condo - camella manors
Lighting Good for Condo – Camella Manors

Upgraded smart technology

There are several smart home devices to select from, and some are as simple as replacing a light bulb or connecting in a gadget. Consider the following:

Smart doorbell/camera

Installing a smart doorbell/camera is comparable to swapping out a light switch. The procedure is disconnecting your old doorbell and connecting the gadget to your Wi-Fi.

Smart locks

Do you have a family member who is always misplacing their house keys? A simple option is to replace a standard door lock with a keyless entry system that can be accessed via a touchpad or smartphone app.

Smart home hub

Amazon, Google, Apple, Nest, Samsung, and more companies provide smart home hubs that allow you to communicate with compatible devices via a centralized system. The hub is generally “plug and play” and simple to set up. However, you may need to perform some preliminary troubleshooting in order to connect all of your devices.

Smart lights

Purchasing and installing light bulbs is all that is required for this condo DIY project. However, because each system has its own set of needs and controls, the upgrading must be coordinated with a smart home system.

If you already have a home automation system, be sure the lights you pick are compatible with it. If you are considering purchasing a new system, bear in mind that it must be compatible with the goods you already own.

High Technology | Camella Manors | Works from Home
High Technology | Camella Manors | Works from Home

Condo Renovation: Cabinet refinishing

Updating your kitchen does not have to entail extensive improvements. Change out the door and drawer knobs, paint your cabinets; or remove cabinet doors to create an open-shelving appearance to create a whole different design. If you have too much wall space and not enough cabinets, you may easily build open shelving from the ground up. Aside from that, homes with open shelves sell for 4.2 percent more than projected.

Energy-Efficient Condo | Buy Appropriate Furniture Sizes | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Buy Appropriate Furniture Sizes | Photo from Patrick Perkins in Unsplash

Condo DIY renovation: Renovate your door

Changing out a standard swinging door or a closet slider for a barn door that slides on a rail may give your room a stunning aesthetic while also opening up space and changing the furniture arrangement options. And your efforts may pay off in other ways as well: A 5% price premium is connected with barn doors. You’ll need a few tools, another set of hands, and these detailed instructions for building and installing your own sliding barn door.

Board & batten

Although you may not be familiar with the term; you have most likely encountered this classic architectural detail in a lot of homes. Precision is essential for this one; which necessitates the use of the appropriate instruments, notably a measuring tape, a level, and a miter saw. Patience is also required. However, if you can visualize a 3D element on top of your drywall, you’re ready to begin; and this tutorial will lead you through each step of the process.

Begin a Life Well Lived in Butuan City

Pine - Estate Condo in Butuan - Camella Manors Soleia - Swimming Pool Perspective
Pine – Estate Condo in Butuan – Camella Manors Soleia – Swimming Pool Perspective

Looking for an affordable real estate investment in Butuan? Find the most affordable condo in Butuan here.

Camella Manors Soleia is Butuan’s latest real estate player. Last January 2021, Butuan and the whole CARAGA region saw the groundbreaking of its first-ever condominium project. Camella Manors is Vista Land’s newest mid-rise condominium brand located in the regions and nearby provinces of Metro Manila. It promotes all-in lifestyle needs and resort-themed amenities that will cater to young professionals, starting families, investors, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Camella Manors Soleia is set to become the tallest residential structure in Butuan City.

Located at Montalban St., Villa Kananga, Butuan City (just across Camella Homes Butuan); the condo project is set to rise four 7-storey buildings with resort-themed condo amenities. The first building Avior has a total of 119 affordable pre-selling units.

The affordable condo in Butuan offers premium amenities; like an adult pool, kiddie pool, fitness gym, function area, playpark, jogging trails, and commercial strips. The condo is also fully equipped with a 2-high speed elevator system, CCTV-security system, and a water sprinkler system. It also adopts a pet-friendly community and promotes smart condo living.

Soleia is strategically located close to the city center, making it accessible to many essential establishments; such as shopping malls, schools and universities, medical centers, and infrastructure developments. From Manila, you can reach Camella Manors Soleia with just a two-hour flight.

Interested buyers can reserve a unit online via PesoPay. For more information, check the Camella Manors website at

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