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Energy-efficient condo living – it’s the latest craze in today’s generation, and it’s the gold standard for the modern home. And there are lots that can be done in the effort to waste less of the material, save money, and help care for the earth. But, before we get into the specifics, it’s essential clarifying what energy efficiency truly implies.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Let’s look at the definition of energy-efficient to have a better understanding. To put it simply, it is when the least amount of energy is utilized to offer services or products. If you’re squandering 30% of your energy, you’re clearly not being efficient.

Because of too much energy consumption and carbon-emission, the global temperature has drastically increased and has affected people’s lives in many negative ways.

The rising temperatures will result in flooding, food shortages, and droughts. We’re not talking about the future either; this is going to happen in our lifetime.

We can, however, affect the future by learning how to enhance energy efficiency and becoming more responsible for our carbon footprints. Take a look at these simple methods to improve your energy efficiency.

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Ways to efficiently save energy consumption in your condo.

Get rid of “phantoms” in the room.

Space and functionality are important factors when it comes to condo living. So why allow energy phantoms to occupy space? Energy phantoms are electrical gadgets and appliances that suck power even when they are not in use; this is also known as “phantom power.”

The most common offenders are gadgets and appliances that are plugged in but not in use; such as your game console or coffee maker.

The good news is that phantom energy may be easily avoided. The most basic approach is to disconnect electronics and other gadgets while they are not in use. Use a programmable or smart power bar to power big gadgets such as your HDTV.

Timers on programmable power bars enable you to arrange when you want your gadgets to be on and when you want them to be off. Smart power bars function a little differently; in that they turn off electricity to plugged-in objects in standby mode. They can also switch objects on and off individually or as a group. Whatever choice you select, you can be assured that you will save energy.

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Energy-efficient Condo: Clean your lint trap regularly

We are all aware that cleaning the lint trap in the dryer is critical for home safety. But did you know that cleaning your lint trap also helps your dryer run more efficiently? Continue to clean your lint trap before drying to save money.

Energy-efficient Condo: Keep an eye on your energy consumption.

Knowing how much energy you consume may be a powerful motivation to become more energy efficient. It also shows you which of your strategies are succeeding; and where you should concentrate your efforts.

Monitoring energy may demonstrate to you and everyone in your building that your efforts are not in vain. Contact your energy supplier to see how you can track your consumption.

Change Your Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs have a 50% longer lifespan than halogen or incandescent lights. This is mostly due to the fact that they do not use as much energy; and that what they do consume is not wasted through heat. They’re more energy-efficient and don’t need to be replaced as frequently; so they’re a no-brainer in our perspective!

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Energy-efficient Condo: Choose Renewable Energy.

If your current energy supplier uses fossil fuels, change providers. Instead, go with corporations. They obtain their energy from renewable sources, such as wind power; in order to provide clean energy to your building.

Why would you select a firm that still uses fossil fuels when there are so many eco-friendly alternatives? Reduce your carbon footprint by making the transition.

Replace old appliances for energy efficiency

Older appliances are less energy-efficient than newer models. Replace these old clunkers in your home with Energy Star-certified appliances. This will go a long way towards saving energy and lowering your electric bills. When it’s time to replace your kitchen appliances; the washer, dryer, water heater, or furnace, research the various models and features so you’ll know which ones are the most energy-efficient. When shopping, look for models that are labeled as “Energy Star Certified”; to ensure you’re getting energy-efficient and money-saving appliances.

  • A high efficiency on-demand water heater only fires when you call for hot water. It heats up quickly—and then quits burning fuel. (An added bonus is the fact that they are amazingly easy for maintenance.) Get low-flow fixtures and appliances. Low-flow toilets, shower heads, and washing machines can save a lot of water.

Double the savings. For example, using low-flow fixtures (like shower heads) can “piggyback” on the use of a new, energy-efficient water heater and help to further decrease the energy usage in your home.

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Double-door Refrigerator | Condo Gadgets and Appliances You Need this 2021 | Photo from Nrd in Unsplash

Move to the South at Camella Manors Lipa

Camella Manors Lipa is one of the pioneering vertical developments in Lipa City. It is Camella Manor’s latest offering in Batangas. Camella Manors is Vista Land’s newest mid-rise condominium brand located in the regions and nearby provinces of Metro Manila. It promotes all-in lifestyle needs and resort-themed amenities that will cater to young professionals; starting families; investors, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). 

Camella Manors Lipa is strategically located in Tibig; a quiet and exclusive site in Lipa that is conveniently close to Lipa’s City center. From Metro Manila, the condo is about 80 kilometers away from Manila; or just a few hours’ drive. 

This affordable mid-rise condo in Lipa has the most expansive amenity area among all Camella Manors projects nationwide. It features a badminton court, function hall, jogging path, paring space, swimming pool area, clubhouse, fitness gym, play park, and a play court. 

Affordable Condo in Lipa - Building Perspective
Affordable Condo in Lipa – Building Perspective

Energy-Efficient Condo Living at Camella Manors Lipa

Living in Camella Manors Lipa offers perks like 24/7 Security; verdant landscapes; accessibility to all sectors of the society, nearby tourist Spots, pet-friendly community, resort vibe community, and smart condo living. 

It is also conveniently located in a prime location close to many essential establishments like shopping malls and retail centers (Robinsons Place Lipa, Big ben Complex, SM City Lipa, The Outlets Lipa), leisure and entertainment (El Grande Hotel and Resort, Anfa Royale Hotel, Cintai Corito’s Graden, The Farm at San Benito, Laiya beaches), schools and universities (De La Salle Lipa, Canossa Academy, AMA Computer College Lipa, University of Batangas- Lipa, Batangas State University-Lipa), medical centers and hospitals (Mary Mediatrix Medical Center, Lipa Medix Medical Center, San Antonio Medical Center, NL Villa Memorial Medical Center), churches (Redemptorist Lipa, Cathedral of San Sebastian, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church), and major infrastructures (Ayala Highway, President Jose P. Laurel Highway, STAR Tollway, South Luzon Expressway). 

Preselling of units is ongoing. To find out more about Camella Manors Lipa, visit our social media channels or you may also visit Interested buyers may also reserve a unit online thru our easy-to-use online payment facilities.

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