The Most Family-Friendly Small Dog Breeds

Most Family Friendly Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are the best ones you can keep even when you have small kids inside the household. Regular guardians can be somehow intimidated with larger breeds of dogs that is why considering small dog breeds can be ideal if you want to keep a furry companion in the family.

These small-sized dogs are very easy to pet rather than housing larger breed of dogs which makes anyone from the family able to feed, groom, or play with them.  It is less likely kids will get intimidated by these small pups. However, no matter which kind of dog you will choose you must be sure that you can be able to give it time because dogs will love to feel they are part of the family.

If you still have not yet decided which dog, are you planning to take home; this list of the most family-friendly small dog breeds can let you decide which kind will be the best for your household.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu - Small Dog Breed
Shih Tzu – Small Dog Breed | Photo from Dieny Portinanni in Unsplash

The name of this small fur pup means lion in Buddhist belief is a sturdy toy dog which originated in Tibet. Shih Tzus are caring and loyal domestic animal that would rather follow than take action on its own.

This toy dog is generally kid-friendly, and if the kids will not pose any harm or danger to this dog; it will certainly make a great partner for the kids inside your home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Noble breed it may seem, but this fur pet is always ready to play and goof around with anyone. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a friendly, sweet, and gentle type of toy dog. Generally, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is well-behaved, it can unleash a good level of physical strength and endurance, especially during playtime.


Pomeranian - Small Dog Breed
Pomeranian – Small Dog Breed | Photo from Flouffy in Unsplash

The irresistible smiles, bubbly character, and magnificent furriness of the Pomeranian are what make this awesome toy dog breed one of the most popular small dog breeds around the globe. Few facts about the Pomeranian dog breeds are that it is known as a watchful and intelligent dog breed. It is also a friendly dog which makes it ideal as a pet for kids. 


This type of dog breed typically weighs four to six pounds, Maltese are very small and lightweight which makes it easy to pet especially for young owners or kids. Although being just a fluffy ball is not what Maltese are all about.

The poise, regal-looking gait, and the silky-smooth coat exude the best sophistication as a toy dog breed. More importantly Maltese are very energetic and playful which makes them also a good companion for active and playful kids when going to the outdoors.


Pug - Small Dog Breed
Pug – Small Dog Breed | Photo from Mink Mingle in Unsplash

The expressive face of Pugs and their quick adaptability and sensitivity make them more relatable to their dog owners. This dog breed is almost so friendly that they can easily get comfortable even to feisty children. 

Also, you can easily see if a Pug is happy, down, hungry, uncomfortable, etc by just merely looking at its face because it can be more expressive than humans.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terriers are originally treated and trained as the fighting breed of dogs but today it is regarded to be better trained as household buddies or pets. If you are looking for small dog breeds that can easily be trained, then this dog breed can be the most suitable option for you.

Aside from being adaptable and affectionate, this easily trained dog breed is a perfect match for any size of family, even those with toddlers. 

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise - Small Dog Breed
Bichon Frise – Small Dog Breed | Photo from Matt Briney in Unsplash

Since we are all looking for a family-friendly dog breed why not try looking out for this almost toy-like dog, the Bichon Frise. This dog breed is almost looking as if a stuffed toy. Children will love to play with this dog breed because of their cheerfulness and playfulness. 

When you show and make it feel like it is a family or a friend, the Bichon Frise will be a loyal and playful companion as well. It is better known as the happiest and most fervent dog breed which likes to snuggle as much as how it enjoys playing.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies or Yorkshire Terrier is a cute-looking lap dog and certainly one of the best-looking small dogs. If you are one active pet lover, then the Yorkshire Terrier can easily match your energy because this toy dog is the perfect playmate and training buddy because of its feistiness that can best be shown in the outdoors. 

The Yorkies are also excited to please and excited to play with kids.


Dachshund - Small Dog Breed
Dachshund – Small Dog Breed | Photo from Hayden Patmore in Unsplash

The trademark features of a Dachshund featuring their pointed snouts, floppy ears, and long and low-slung bodies make them one of the most recognizable breeds around the world. This toy dog is generally described as being playful, energetic, and kid-friendly. 


Papillon - Small Dog Breed
Papillon – Small Dog Breed | Photo from Herbert Goetsch in Unsplash

Paps or Papillons are one of the best-looking cute toy breed dogs in the world. Although they may seem so dainty because of their fluttering wing-shaped ears Paps are extremely playful and loves to have fun and learn new tricks.


The Havanese is a small toy dog that is trained to stick to its owner’s side which was rooted in Cuban history in the 1800s. It is trained during the Cuban aristocracy to become loyal to its owners.

It is extremely loyal and caring. Moreover, it is also strong and trainable, and generally friendly almost to everyone.

Border Terrier

This type of terrier is best known for its physical rough coat and dynamic and plucky character. The Border Terriers are good-tempered, loving, and very trainable and smart. Yet, they are extremely fond of the outdoors and playing with kids.

A Pet-Friendly Home for Small Dog Breeds

Having a home that will shelter even the small breed dogs is also important if you plan to house or adopt these new members of the family. Keeping them safe as how you keep anyone from the family safe is also important.

Remember that these dogs are not toys, to begin with, but it should be another responsibility for everyone in the household to look after as a new member of the family. Choosing a home that is adaptive to the safety and wellness of fur pets is vital.

A good home should also be friendly to these dogs. It should have a good open space where they can run and freely play with the rest of the family. It should also be a friendly neighborhood where everybody can appreciate having them around. But most importantly, have a home where they will feel the belongingness. 

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