10 Best Superfoods to Boost Work from Home Productivity

Superfoods for Work from Home Productivity

Try these superfoods to counter the lazy work from home vibe when you cannot seem to be productive while working at home. A lot of companies in the Philippines have migrated to a hybrid type of workforce and somehow work from home setup have been appropriate to some individuals, yet others suffer from the lax and comforting environment at home.

On the other hand, there are a few ways to do to make working from home even more productive, but the easiest thing is to grab a bite or sip a drink to keep everything working together and accomplish the daily workloads.

Find out the best superfoods to boost work from home productivity to get the day fulfilled and satisfying. 


Fat-rich fishes are one of the best superfoods which you can rely on on a good day at work even at home, and salmon is the top of the choice fatty fish.  This type of fish is particularly rich in omega-3 fat content which helps individuals to boost memory and overall mental performance.

Meanwhile, this type of content is also helping individuals to aid mental depression which can greatly affect work productivity.

If you are not a fan of eating fish or fatty ones in general, you may also take fish oils supplements to aid the need to have a productive working capacity even when working from home.  


Berries - Superfood for Work from Home Productivity
Berries – Superfood for Work from Home Productivity | Photo from

It is common knowledge that berries are very useful to boost someone’s memory. But berries are also good sources of antioxidants while it helps in memory function. It is studied to help in mitigating or preventing memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease and as well as Parkinson’s disease.

Berries that are also darker in shade are the ones that are the best source of higher antioxidant properties. This also means that the darker berries are also better food to boost work from home productivity.

Green Tea

Matcha in Japan is not just a popular aromatic flavor but it is one of the best natural green tea to help you out in a work-from-home set up especially when you need a little boost to keep you going. Green tea has become too popular in New York especially the Matcha flavored green tea.

Generally, green tea has an incredible energy-boosting effect which makes it ideal for a good tea break during working days. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates - Superfood for Work from Home Productivity
Dark Chocolates – Superfood for Work from Home Productivity | Photo from Charisse Kenion in Unsplash

You can easily satisfy yourself with a little sugar from dark chocolates and a good dose of caffeine to make a work-from-home setup even more effective and productive. The caffeine content will help you focus more attention on your work.

Plus, the magnesium content in dark chocolates is a good stress reliever. A quarter bar of dark chocolate can be sufficient for those who don’t feel to eat many sweets but need a good boost while working at home.


Surprisingly, water is not a food, but it is included on this list to make you discover how it can help you out in a day of work at home. Professors and textbooks are used to educate people about how a human body is 70 percent composed of water, thus, any smooth body function is determined by the presence of water inside it. 

Meeting the required minimum of eight glasses of water each day can help a human body sustain a day of work and can keep the brain working properly. Remember to consider devoting yourself to completing the eight glasses as your body slowly depletes the water inside and you need to have that vital liquid to replenish.


Nuts - Superfood for Work from Home Productivity
Nuts – Superfood for Work from Home Productivity | Photo from Maddi Bazzocco in Unsplash

The incredible protein-rich snack such as nuts can help you accomplish a day of work even when you feel lax at home. Indeed, nuts are small containers of energy, but they are also a rich source of natural fat, antioxidant, vitamin E, and amino acids which naturally increases memory and brain performance.

If you wish to look for the best nuts, you should pick walnuts or almonds as they are some of the best types of nuts to boost your brain capacity.


This starchy fruit is one of the best sources of energy-inducing elements or glucose. Bananas hold the daily requirement of glucose for an adult human body. Plus, eating bananas is a better option to replenish energy than taking too many carbohydrates and other food rich in sugar.

You can focus better in between meals if you eat bananas rather than snacking on other fewer glucose types of snacks.   


Avocados - Superfood for Work from Home Productivity
Avocados – Superfood for Work from Home Productivity | Photo from Ante Hamersmit in Unsplash

This green fruit is best used as a component for most skincare products in the market but aside from that, avocados are best characterized with their help to sustain a good blood flow around the heart and in the brain.

Avocados are a big and natural help to enhance the blood flow of the brain which makes them a very great stimulant for the brain cells. Thus, if you need to boost your overall focus at work, have an avocado to make every task at hand possible. 


Ever wondered why eggs and bananas are sometimes regular during early marathons? Well, eggs are commonly known as a rich source of protein but aside from this fact; eggs are good sources of choline or vitamin B which helps in stimulation on the reactive sensors of the human brain.

Having eggs in the morning will help the human brain increase memory capabilities and reaction time that are both needed throughout working in a day.

Brown Rice

Rice is rich in carbohydrates but with brown rice, you can get the magnesium requirement you need to keep your mind working even while at home.

Magnesium is the best ingredient to get away from mental stress and it improves productivity especially at work.

Give Yourself a Superfood while Working from Home

These simple yet healthy snacks are incredibly super impressive when you opt to get away from the relaxing vibe of working at home. Grabbing a break to eat or drink the following superfoods will greatly increase your productivity even working at home. Hence, when you feel sleepy, bored, unconcentrated, or even under-motivated take a time to give yourself the boost that you need while working.

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