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Granular Lockdown Guidelines in NCR this September 2021

Granular Lockdown Guidelines in NCR - Camella Manors - Affordable Condo in the Philippines

The Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) has finalized the regulations for the pilot implementation of granular lockdowns and alert levels in Metro Manila, according to Malacañang on Monday night.

The new categorization system will begin on September 16, according to Presidential Spokeswoman Harry Roque, who is also the IATF-EID spokesperson.

“In this new classification framework, we vigorously support the Principles of the 3C’s (Closed, Crowded, and Close Contact) Strategy, which will be implemented in Metro Manila beginning September 16, 2021,” he said in a news release.

He believes that a delicate balance between health and the economy is required.

“We should strive for total health, and this can only be achieved by carefully balancing our Covid-19 reaction, which takes into account both the health of our people and the economic health of the nation, which is what this policy shift is all about,” he continued.

Granular Lockdown Guidelines this September 2021

The new community quarantine categories will have five Alert Levels that will define the activities permitted in cities and/or municipalities, according to the new criteria.

“Areas designated under Alert Level 5 shall follow the criteria applicable to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) as provided for in the IATF Omnibus Guidelines on Community Quarantine Implementation in the Philippines, as amended,” the new guidelines read.

The Department of Health (DOH) shall determine the pilot area’s Alert Level, which “should follow the protocols associated with the announced Alert Level.”

a. Alert Level 1 – corresponds to places with low and decreasing case transmission, total bed utilization rate, and critical care unit usage rate.

b. Alert Level 2 – Areas in which case transmission is low and decreasing, healthcare utilization is low, or case counts are low but increasing, or case counts are low and dropping but total bed utilization rate and critical care unit usage rate are increasing.

c. Alert Level 3 – refers to places where case counts are high and/or increasing, with overall bed usage and intensive care unit utilization rates on the rise.

d. Alert Level 4 denotes places where case numbers are high and/or increasing, as well as a high total bed utilization rate and intensive care unit use rate.

e. Alert Level 5 – Areas with worrisome case counts, overall bed utilization rate, and intensive care unit utilization rate reaching critical levels.

Granular Lockdown: Alert Level 4 in Metro Manila

When the region switches to an experimental lockdown strategy on Thursday, September 16, Metro Manila will be placed on the second highest alert level under general community quarantine (GCQ).

“Ang gumawa ng kasunduan, iyong mga mayors ng National Capital Region, na isang alert level naman, Alert Level 4, ang gagawin nila, at magtutulong-tulong sila para mapababa iyong number,” Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Ao said on Tuesday, September 14.

In a statement issued later that day, the Department of Health (DOH) mirrored the DILG.

“The NCR is now classified as a high-risk case since it has a moderate risk two-week growth rate and a high risk average daily attack rate,” said Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire. “In addition, NCR has a high-risk critical care use rate of 77.5 percent, while bed utilization is close to the high-risk categorization at 69.5 percent,” she noted.

Who/What are prohibited in Alert Level 4?

Travel for minors, seniors older than 65, those with comorbidities, and pregnant women.

The following companies are likewise barred from restarting operations:

  1. Libraries, archives, museums, galleries, cultural shows, and exhibits are all examples of cultural institutions.
  2. Indoor meeting, incentive, conference, and event spaces
  3. Cinemas, Karaoke bars, taverns, clubs, concert halls, and theaters are all options.
  4. Amusement parks, both indoor and outdoor
  5. Internet cafes, billiard rooms, amusement arcades, bowling alleys, and other similar establishments
  6. Except for those already recognized by the national government, indoor limited face-to-face classes are prohibited.
  7. Casinos, horse racing, and cockfighting are all popular pastimes.
  8. Concerts and parties, wedding receptions, engagement parties, wedding anniversaries, debut and birthday parties, family reunions, and bridal or baby showers, parades, processions, motorcades, and gatherings at houses with anyone other than one’s immediate household are examples of social events.
  9. Swimming pools, fitness studios, gyms, spas, or other indoor leisure establishments or amenities
  10. Except for those done in a bubble-type configuration permitted by the LGU, all contact sports are prohibited.
  11. Medical aesthetic clinics, cosmetic or derma clinics, make-up salons, reflexology, aesthetics, wellness, and holistic centers are all examples of medical aesthetic clinics.
  12. Acupuncture and electrocautery clinics
  13. Massage therapy clinics, as well as sports therapy clinics, are available (home service not permitted)
  14. Staycations

Who/What are allowed in Alert Level 4?

  1. People who are not obligated to stay at home can travel interzonally and intrazonally.
  2. Individual outdoor workouts are permitted for all ages, regardless of immunization status, but must be restricted to the immediate vicinity of the residence.
  3. At 30% occupancy, outside dining is available.
  4. Indoor dine-in services are available at 10% capacity, but only to those who have been fully vaccinated.
  5. Outdoor personal care services (30% capacity) (barber shops, hair spas, nail spas, and beauty salons)
  6. Indoor personal care services are available at 10% capacity, but only to properly immunized individuals.
  7. Necrological services, wakes, inurnment, or funerals for persons who died from causes other than COVID-19
  8. According to the IATF, all other establishments that are not specifically mentioned may be allowed to operate at full capacity on-site.

Keeping your loved ones safe during the Granular Lockdown

Times are becoming more challenging as new variants arise and Delta is becoming more atrocious in transmission. Nevertheless, you can help mitigate the spread of COVID to your family by following the health protocols set by the national government.

Moreover, you need to make sure to regularly disinfect your affordable condo whenever someone in the family goes out for work or for replenishing necessities. Apart from that, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle even you spend most of your time at home.

Always remember that the end of this pandemic lies in our self-discipline and desire to get vaccinated. Let us not waste any second to do whatever we can. We should all look forward to a mask-free Christmas celebration.

Thus, do your part and be a responsible Camella Manors homeowner and Philippine citizen today for no one is safe until everyone is.

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