Buying a Condo, Townhouse, or House in the Philippines

Condo, Townhouse, or House Property Finders

Property finders especially in urban areas in the Philippines can be overwhelmed with the variety and availability of residential options to buy including condos, townhouses, and single detached houses. 

Buyers should first-hand consider the various factor before opting to buy any type of residence. It can be a fitting measure to examine one’s lifestyle, needs, and budget before buying any condo, townhouse, or single-detached home. In this way, a property finder can fully realize which type of home will work best before finalizing the property investment.

Be ready to fully get to know these three housing types in the Philippines. In this article, we will help you decide or understand the differences between the three most popular housing types in the country.

What is a Single Detached House?

Single-detached houses are one of the most common housing types in the Philippines. It is the best choice for starting or large family sizes who wish to have a decent space for relaxation and leisure. Most often single-detached houses appeal to property finders who would love to have larger lawn spaces.

Moreover, property finder may opt to check the two types of detached houses which can also come in a different set of perks and cons. Bungalows and multi-story single-detached houses come in different characters that one property buyer should also look at when considering this type of housing segment.


Bungalow | housing Types in the Philippines
Bungalow | Housing Types in the Philippines | Photo from Trinity Nguyen in Unsplash

In the Philippines, the bungalow is arguably one of the most ideal styles of the retirement home. A one-story house is one in which the entire area and rooms are on one level.

The living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom are all located on the same floor. As a result, elders’ living conditions are improved because they no longer must use the stairs.

Although, depending on their location, bungalows are also great as starter homes for newlyweds or starting families, as certain housing developments offer bungalow types of houses at a reasonable price.

Because it is easier to construct, this is the most popular style of the house. In addition, because of the single floor level area, it is easier to maintain than townhouses and multi-story residences. Because most bungalows do not have very high ceiling levels, cleaning the rooftop is significantly easier.

The main drawback of locating a bungalow is that it is difficult to discover one on most property developers because master-planned bungalow houses are rarely seen; instead, multi-story buildings or townhouses are more common. However, you may want to look for a vacant property on which to construct your bungalow-style home.

Multi-story Single Detached Houses

Multi-story House | Housing Types in the Philippines
Multi-story House | Housing Types in the Philippines | Photo from Webaliser in Unsplash

Multi-story houses are a suitable housing option for large families because one of the common denominators among Filipino families is larger family size. A family of five or more individuals may be able to fit into this style of residence.

On the lower floor, you’ll usually find a living room, kitchen, dining room, common bathroom, and powder room. On the higher floors, there are some private spaces, including the bedroom.

Because of its size and number of floors, maintaining this sort of home can be difficult. This is a fantastic option for middle-class families or families with many people.

In rural areas, a multi-story house can be purchased and erected at a reasonable cost. Because the quantity of vacant lots for residential structures is decreasing, land in the city can be more expensive.

A multi-story house in the suburbs, on the other hand, can be a superb solution for you and your family if you are only searching for a break or a second house for vacation construction.

What is a Townhouse?

Townhouse | Housing Types in the Philippines
Townhouse | Housing Types in the Philippines | Photo from Ross Joyner in Unsplash

Townhouses may be perfect for you if you have a large family and are seeking more inexpensive housing options. Townhouses are multi-level dwellings built under one roof or in a row of houses with shared outdoor spaces.

Apartments are a term used to describe these types of homes. If you’re looking for a larger room to start your home, townhouses are a great choice. In a townhouse where everyone shares common spaces, including facilities, building neighborhood relationships is beneficial, especially if you have a child.

Private townhouse developers may have a property management office that is responsible for the neighborhood’s upkeep and safety. As a result, townhouses may be more convenient to maintain and clean.

Townhouses are also perfect if you don’t want to live in a high-rise building like a condominium but still want a lot of natural light and air pouring into your property. Typically, these homes have only two to three stories and can be acquired both in the city and in the countryside.

What is a Condo or Condominium?

Condo or Condominium | Housing Types in the Philippines
Condo or Condominium | Housing Types in the Philippines

Property finders frequently invest in start-up properties like a condo or condominium. Because of their strategic position within the metro, many urban professionals prefer to buy condo units for sale.

Condominiums are residential buildings that range in height from modest to high. Condominiums, unlike the other two options, are purchased spaces in which you become a shareholder of a condominium organization.

In comparison to other residential buildings, it also offers more flexible financing and payment options, with the construction duration factored into the investment, making it cheaper.

The property management offices of a condo building are responsible for the care and maintenance of the common areas. Furthermore, some of these condo complexes have mixed-use business spaces, making condo life superior to that of the other three residential developments.

Convenience stores, grocers, pharmacies, banks, medical centers, coffee shops, and other business facilities are commonly found along the community’s perimeter or even on the ground levels of the buildings.

Condo living, on the other hand, is the greatest alternative for bachelors, independents, other urban professionals, and small families due to the similar cuts or sizes offered by condo developers around the country.

Choosing Your Dream Home

It can be unpleasant and challenging to find and choose the finest home option, especially if you do not seek expert assistance from a real estate agent or broker.

It’s a good thing that most of the country’s leading real estate developers have websites where you can get more information and get a quote.

Even minor or small housing developers have Facebook profiles where you may inquire about their projects and request details! A few even allow you to virtually tour the house or neighborhood.

As a result, even if you are at work or in the comfort of your own home, you can easily search for the greatest housing options on the internet nowadays. If you want to see the final product, you can easily schedule an appointment through their official websites and channels.

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