What are the Benefits of Living in a Condo Community?

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The modern workplace and family creates a significant impact on how we live and work around the world. While many people still wish for a family home in the suburbs, they now have a wider range of housing options than ever before. Condo living has grown in popularity in the Philippines in recent years, with different types of condo communities offering various advantages over other housing options.

A condominium is a sort of ownership structure in which you acquire ownership of a single unit as well as the ability to use the condo community’s shared amenities and assets. People from many walks of life can benefit from this unique combination of private ownership and shared access, which has numerous advantages over other types of housing. Let’s take a look at the primary advantages of living in a condo.

Affordable Price & Flexible Payment Term

To begin with, condos are often less expensive than detached houses in the same area. This is especially true for condos in the city, where separate houses are extremely rare and ridiculously expensive. Condos are an excellent choice for young people who are just starting up since their lower purchase prices make it easier to jump on the property ladder. Condos are also a good choice for families and retirees, with a variety of specialist developments catering to these groups.

Prime Location

A single-family house in a desirable inner-city location is out of budget for most people. While costs and alternatives vary widely by location, the most affordable detached houses are found in the suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle. Condos provide a pleasant relief in cities that are getting increasingly congested as a result of rising migration and population growth.

Why not live where you work instead of wasting time on your daily commute or spending money on taxi fares? Condos are a cost-effective and convenient option to reside in prime locations close to work and leisure attractions.

Exclusive Access to Condo Amenities

Modern condo buildings typically have a multitude of amenities, such as a swimming pool, a clubhouse,  fitness facilities, and more. While few people can afford their own swimming pool or fully equipped gym, condo residents enjoy exclusive unlimited access to these amenities. Condos are similar to the new sharing economy in that consumers pay a monthly fee to have all-in access to services rather than owning them entirely. The utilization of common amenities encourages residents to interact more, which is a pleasant break from the solitary suburban environment.

Less Effort for Maintenance

You are only responsible for the interior of your condo while you live in a condo. There are no lawns to mow, gutters to clean, or house sanding and painting tasks to accomplish. This can have a significant impact on your lifestyle, freeing up time and allowing you to take advantage of your vacation days. Although you will have to pay monthly condo fees to the Homeowners Association (HOA), there will be no surprise repair bills, no wasted weekends, and you will have a significant sense of calm due to fewer tasks in a condo.

Safe Environment for Your Child

Condominiums are no longer just for young families or young professionals who are pressed for time and prefer to live in the city. It has also evolved into a family-friendly community with child-friendly services and facilities. Not only will you feel protected having security around the condominium, but many condominiums are now designed with “kids in mind”. More and more Filipino families are discovering the benefits of living in a condominium community and are choosing to start and raise their families there because of the convenience it provides.

Viable Investment

Condominiums are not only simple to obtain, but they are also excellent investments. Condominiums are hot properties that are rarely left vacant for long periods of time, whether you want to utilize the apartment yourself to save on transportation costs or rent it out to earn money. Its market value rises in lockstep with the surrounding area’s rising market value.

Condominium living brings your lifestyle choices and convenience closer to home. It is not usually the first choice for everyone, so if you’ve been seeking for reasons why you should live in a condo before taking the plunge and buying one, you’d best act quickly before your dream condo sells out. It has traditionally been one of the most attractive investment opportunities for young professionals and new families. It not only provides us with the design and functionality we desire for our own houses, but it also provides us with the security and convenience we demand while raising our young families in the bustling city.

Invest in An Affordable Condo in Caloocan

Camella Manors Caloocan, the first mixed-use condo development in North Caloocan, has its commercial complex and posh amenities like the swimming pool, clubhouse, function hall, fitness gym, playpark, jogging path, and garden roof deck. Rest assured that 24/7 security is provided for your safety and peace of mind. This condo for sale is also accessible to lifestyle centers, business hubs, and other major establishments in the city. 

This pre-selling condo in Caloocan is nestled at the heart of Camarin Road. It is only two minutes away from Caloocan City North Medical Center, 10 minutes away from SM City Fairview and Ayala Fairview Terraces, and 10 minutes away from National University Fairview and Our Lady of Fatima University-Lagro. Commuting to other parts of Metro Manila is expected to be more manageable for the residents through the MRT-7. 

Camella Manors Caloocan’s strategic location in the National Capital Region offers a plethora of business opportunities for those who are looking for good property investment in the Philippines. Since the residential property is in one of the most populous cities in the country, its market value is potentially high.

Camella Manors Caloocan is a 2.5-hectare project that features five residential towers with 15 stories each. This condo in Caloocan offers studio units at 23.76 sq.m. and 28.55 sq.m. and one bedroom-type unit at 30.36 sq.m.

Schedule an on-site or online tour of the condo unit to further discuss important details. Please click here for additional information and inquiries about the property.

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