How to Decorate a Small Living Room

How to Style a Small Living Room

Small living rooms are indeed very limiting for an interior dress-up especially when you live in a condo where spaces are relatively small. Fortunately, there are certain ways to elevate the look of your small living room to make it look stylish and comfortable.

No matter how small your living room is do not let that hinder you from getting the beautiful interior you want. Here are some simple ways on how you can personalize and design your small living room

Make use of your Weird Angles

A small living room can come from a home with awkward floor layouts which makes it even more difficult to design. But there are no limits in making a room looking cozy with a good sense of design. You can select a specific wall to become a canvas or the center point of the whole living area from there you can magnify the interest towards that wall side through a vibrant wallpaper or wall color.

Bold patterns will also bring out the best in an awkwardly divided small living room area. 

Stuff the Textiles

Layers of Textiles in a Small living Room
Layers of Textiles in a Small living Room | Photo from Beazy in Unsplash

A budget sofa can never go wrong when you have the remedy of using textiles to elevate the look. You can have a good-patterned textile on top of the sofa to highlight a good styling. Plus, you can match a good and stylish rug on the floor while do not leave your walls empty, there are a lot of hanging textile decors that you can also put up to make your small living room alive.

Pass the Living Dorm Style

Does your living room look like a dormitory or a student apartment? If you had some previous hobbies such as biking, and you don’t seem to find time to bike anymore then might as well use your bike as a piece of décor in your living room by mounting it to the wall. Creatively you will see that it can get past the dorm-style, yet you can still see some good old stuff from your school days.

Another thing to get over the dorm-style living room is to have a multifunction living area table which can serve as a compartment too! Multifunction furniture is also appropriate for small living room spaces as it serves more than one function in essence.

Change the Boxed Space

A living room can be generally dull when it lacks the architectural design of looking like a box. However, this can also be a good advantage as it is easier to design and dress up a good focal point or a highlight area.

Giving at least one wall a good decorative interior will surely make a massive change in how your small living room will appear. Choose a good contrast of colors versus the other sides of your living room to bring life to that boxed space.

Use Vertical Stripes to Raise the Ceiling

Condominiums in the Philippines are usually leveling at a minimum of 2.7 meters from floor to ceiling so if you seem to find your ceiling too low one way to elevate its appearance is the use of verticals or stripes to enhance the visual aesthetics of your living room.

Using a striped wallpaper or through painting it striped with the use of bright hues can accentuate the room’s height and design appearance. 

Create a Living Room in the Style of a Jewel Box

Inside a jewelry box are gold, silver, and a lot of shiny crystals and you might draw out some inspiration from that of a jewelry box. In a small living room, you can mix and match some hues of silver and gray and even silk-colored textiles to bring a luxury detail to your living area.

Pay Attention to the Space Behind the Sofa

Developing visual interest in your living area will more likely involve designing spaces where some guests will not think of a space where you can design which is what you can do at the back of your sofa.

Putting up a shelf at the back part of the sofa can bring your guests looking at that side and develop an interest that they can also do it in their own living spaces.

Incorporate Shabby Chic

If you are someone who is fascinated with softer styling well incorporating shabby chic interior design into your small living room can make a good statement. The use of softer tones of red or pink will be great to also enhance the living room space and to make the room looking bigger with these lighter colors.

You may also accentuate the whole area using contrasting neutrals such as black, gray, or even white.

Adopt a contemporary look

The industrial type of modern interior design is also a popular thing in home designing. Perhaps, you may also try the neutral gray walls, hardwood furniture, and other organic-colored ornaments placed into your living area.

Incorporate Greens

Use of Plants in a Small Living Room
Use of Plants in a Small Living Room | Photo from Spacejoy in Unsplash

The use of plants is also a thing in designing living rooms no matter how small or large the space might be there will always be an appropriate size of an indoor plant anyone can rely on.

Perennials with blooms, such as daffodils or tulips, give a splash of color, while leafy beauties like ferns and spider plants add intrigue and clean the air in your house. Do you despise gardening? Put a few low-maintenance succulents in attractive DIY planters for a low-maintenance look.

Decorate in the French Style

French home styling might mean elaborately old-worldly for you, but the use of a crystal chandelier and a good old classic furniture styling will prove to you that French style never goes out of style. Dressing up your small living room works well with a French style of designing as most French value what is essentially used inside the space which should be a table, a sofa, and some good aesthetics to not leave the room looking perfect.

Match Perfect Pieces

Midcentury designs for your living room are also a good thing to try right now. These usually involve wall-size mirrors to help you make the small living room appear bigger. Dining or table sets with leggy proportions can also help in giving more symbiosis to how the room will appear even larger.

Avoid a Boring Matchy-Matchy Look

Somehow mismatching some pieces inside a living room will also add more lifestyle and personality to it. Modern looking sofa set and a vintage table can bring a good contrast to the foreground of your living room.

Make the Most of Your White Walls

Use of Muted Colors in a Small Living Room
Use of Muted Colors in a Small Living Room | Photo from Spacejoy in Unsplash

White walls can be uninspiring, but they can also be soothing. Consider going for a white-on-white theme in your home. A simple and elegant technique to make any tiny area appear brighter and larger is to pair white walls with equally pale furnishings.

Add splashes of texture and pops of color for the character. Mercedes Daczi used a variety of bright and textural accessories, such as houseplants and wicker furniture, to personalize this white living area.

Locate the Ideal Sofa for a Small Space

Admittedly a small living room is challenging to design especially when it is also narrow in size. Choosing a leaner-sized sofa can add more depth especially for a small and narrow living room. Carefully choosing a sofa will also be important for a small living room so it will not appear smaller with a larger sized sofa or even a large living room will not appear empty with a small-sized sofa.

Add a touch of glitz with gold accents

Gold Accents in a Small Living Room
Gold Accents in a Small Living Room | Photo from Spacejoy in Unsplash

Styling a small living room to make it appear cozy and glamorous is easy when you know how to use gold accents. A touch of gold hues will be healthy to give a decent style of lux in a small space where it’s visible and well-observed.

When using the Midas touch do not forget to not over glamorize as your place might not seem welcoming at some point.

Use Furniture to Anchor the Living Room

Do not forget to house a statement object inside your small living room such as an elegant or eye-catching furniture piece. It is an important design aesthetic to have a centerpiece in a place where everyone gathers, and your living area is also your welcome area for your guest so having a lifestyle statement piece will refine your home.

Ultimately, dressing up a small living room does not mean you also have to be limited as to your size because the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor are more than one element you can play around with inside your living area.

You might also try to incorporate other post-modern aesthetics to showcase more of the personality of your home. More than that, what is important is to have a place that will give a corresponding fulfillment to one’s dream look even for a small living room.

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