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Whether you’re getting ready to put your condo on the market or simply searching for ways to increase the value of your condo property, improvements should be your of your paramount priority. As you are surely aware, not all upgrades, renovations, and remodels are made alike; some will provide excellent returns, while others will cost you more money in the long run.

So, which renovations really add a lot of value to your condo? Here we have five best upgrade options if you want to increase your condo property’s value.

If you live in a typical detached house or a condominium unit, boosting the value of your property is critical when considering future sales or refinancing a mortgage. Because physical constraints and homeowners association rules limit the kind of upgrades that may be done to a condo, internal renovation is your best (and last) option to make your condo price value increase.

Regularly maintain your condo

As the condominium ages, deterioration might happen in your unit that you may not notice, but is evident to a prospective buyer. Chipped paint, finger smudges on walls and wall switches, faded carpets, chipped paint on kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures, and cracked bathroom tile. These are some of the possible problems that you need to address. That is why, keeping up with day-to-day cleaning and maintenance can help to retain the value of your condo. Take note, keep records and receipts for all repairs and replacements. You need to track your spending so you can adjust your maintenance budget and to avoid overspending.

Apply economic enhancements

Not every improvement is costly. Professional carpet cleaning can frequently revive old carpets and reduce smells from cigarettes and pets. Patch any stains or cracks in the walls and brighten them up with a fresh coat of neutral paint. Remove old or excessively crowded wallpaper, or paint all over it. Bathrooms may be spruced up by cleaning or replacing bathroom grout, repairing damaged tiles, and touching up chipped porcelain fixtures, as well as installing new shower curtains and toilet seats. Repaint the kitchen cabinets and replace the door and drawer handles. Closets should also be cleaned out to reveal spacious storage.

Do some upgrades that are more elaborate

If you are considering a major condo repair, consult with your homeowner’s association to find out what is and is not authorized. Major structural alterations are typically not permitted, depending on the layout of the development. If the kitchen in the condo unit is old, a new stove or refrigerator, as well as installing new cabinet doors and drawer fronts or refinishing existing cabinets, are good investments.

Keep the regular maintenance of the exterior

The overall look of the condo building has an impact on the resale value of individual apartments. Prospective purchasers examine clean, nicely manicured grounds, well-lighted corridors, a well-kept swimming pool, and tennis court, security gates, and other facilities, so ensure that your homeowner’s association board and management firm are preserving the development’s worth.

Maximize space for extra storage

Storage is a crucial element of your condo’s appeal in the eyes of purchasers, and having enough is undoubtedly a plus for you if you remain. So, whenever and wherever possible, real estate professionals recommend that you add storage wherever you can — expanding a closet, adding a closet where one is clearly needed, and remodeling an awkward space (like a reading nook that is too small for use) are all good ideas that increase the value of your condo and make it more likely to sell.

Upgrade to hardwood flooring

Although they are sometimes neglected, flooring is a significant selling element for your apartment. It is a less expensive investment, but the return is usually favorable, ranging between 80 and 100 percent, and realtors believe that homes with hardwood floors not only sell faster but also for more money.

You can’t go wrong with installing traditional hardwood throughout your condo if you’re seeking for a simple update that will benefit you whether you’re staying or leaving! Hardwood floors are considerably easier to maintain than bothersome carpet, and they are also healthier for allergies.

Plank flooring is now popular, so if you already have hardwood floors but they are dated-looking, brown parquet type, do you need to replace the floors? No, according to some experts. They propose repairing the floor and staining it with a more contemporary dark ebony stain to update the look.

Add New Home Appliances

Because most individuals don’t want to have to buy new appliances when they move into a new apartment, finding a home with matching, modern equipment is important to the buyer. Replace outdated, worn-out appliances to improve the value and increase future sale possibilities. If they’re of a reasonable age but don’t all match or need to be spruced up on the outside, contact the manufacturer to inquire about obtaining new, matching panels. Remember that the panels on dishwashers are frequently white on one side and black on the other, so you may already have a matching panel to switch around.

Camella Manors Condos provide Smart Spaces

As a Camella Manors condo unit owner, you have the option to customize your own area to your liking. As long as you get approval from the property management for your renovation ideas.

When you sell or rent your condo apartment, a multi-functional condo will actually boost its worth. It is entirely up to you how you will visually and functionally renovate your condo to make it a more accommodating and productive space. However, it would be reasonable to use furniture dividers to avoid spending money on repairs.

Camella Manors offers affordable and high-quality ready-for-occupancy or RFO and pre-selling condos for sale that can extend a well-planned floor layout for you.

Condo for sale in Caloocan, Lipa, Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, Butuan, and Davao are offered in different cuts such as studio, 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units. Moreover, studio units are inappropriate standard sizes for any student, bachelor, or independent urban professionals.

All provisions are also set not to waste any area you will be buying inside the unit. Moreover, the projects are also open for combining multiple units into one if an investor seeks out more space at a level.

Find out the well-planned condo size for you in Camella Manors. Simply click the inquiry form or message directly to the website chatbox to converse and get a quote to any of your desired project locations and condo sizes for sale.

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