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Pine-Estate Condo Community of Camella Manors - Condo with Pocket Forests - Affordable Condo in the Philippines - Resort-themed Condo with Pine Trees

Waking up at the sight of a panorama while inhaling healthful pounds of fresh oxygen are what sets a pine-estate condo lifestyle apart from the ordinary. This is how living in a pine-estate condo community like Camella Manors feels like.

In the Philippines, you can usually see pine-estate communities at elevated places such as in Baguio and Tagaytay. For those seeking a nature euphoria or for someone who just wants to chill, they opt to travel to these high places to experience pine trees that are not available in metro cities. From the cool breeze they give to the laid-back ambiance they radiate; the pine trees are one of the features that attract tourists all year round.

If you are a dendrophile, then one of your wishes might be having your own pine trees at your backyard. However, it takes years for the pine trees to grow a heavy foliage; thus, the ambiance that you are seeking might take time to reflect.

At an average, the pine trees that grow fast results to grow more than 3 ft. in a year. Furthermore, the pine trees that grow at a moderate rate results to growing 1 to 2 ft. in a year. On the contrary, slow developing pine trees take up a year to grow at 1 ft.

Given the years that pine trees would take to grow as well as the other horticulture maintenance that you need to consider, isn’t it better to be in a home where this is already given to you? Hence, moving into a pine-estate community is a great idea because you do not need to do things on your own.  

What is a Pine-Estate Condo Community?

It is a distinctive setting indigenous to the Camella Manors community in which authentic pine trees envelope the vertical neighborhood complementing its resort-themed condo amenities.

A pine-estate condo community gives you the luxury of living harmoniously with nature; subsequently, it establishes a kind of oasis where serenity and tranquility reverberate in the whole neighborhood. Now, imagine having a pine-estate community in your affordable condo home. The vivid presence of green spaces creates a pocket forest of pine trees. Having a condo with pocket forests such as Camella Manors allows you to fulfill a life well-lived. An asset to your real-estate investment that is unparalleled to any other condo developments.

Likewise, Camella Manors, your pine-estate condo community, brings the Baguio and Tagaytay feels in the key cities of the provinces in the Philippines.

The 7 Pine-Estate Condo Communities in the Philippines

Enveloped with hundreds of Caribbean pine trees, Camella Manors is set to redefine the real-estate landscape in the key cities across the Philippines.

In the outskirts of the metropolitan area, we have a pine-estate condo community in North Caloocan which is Camella Manors Caloocan. In the South, we have Camella Manors Lipa in Batangas.

Did you know that there is a pine-estate condo community in the best island of the world? Have your home at Camella Manors Verdant,today. On the other hand, a pine-estate condo community is thriving in the province of Negros Occidental which is Camella Manors Bacolod.

At the heart of CARAGA region lies the very first pine-estate condo community in Butuan which is Camella Manors Soleia.

Mindanao has seen the beauty of Camella Manors’ very first pine-estate condo community that has earned reputable real-estate recognitions which is Northpoint Davao. Finally, Camella Manors Frontera is rising to introduce another pine-estate condo community in the Buhangin Area in Davao.

Living the Pine-Estate Condo Lifestyle at Camella Manors

Condo living has now become more than just comfort and convenience. In a pine-estate condo community, life breathes, moves, and thrives with nature.

Healthful Community to Live

The presence of pine trees in a community offers a kind of therapeutic value. Furthermore, it positively impacts one’s mental health. Having a pine tree pocket forest in the condo entails a certain healing benefit from it.

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest-Air Bathing)
Do the shinrin-yoku in a condo with pocket forest of pine trees such as in Camella Manors every single day - Condo in the Philippines
Do the Shinrin-Yoku in a condo with pocket forest of pine trees such as in Camella Manors every single day. | Photo from Canva for Education

Going on a therapeutic walk in the woods is the shinrin-yoku of Japan. It directly translates as the “taking in the atmosphere of the forest.” This method has the valuable capacity to reduce stress.

In one study, researchers at Kyoto University in Japan sent 498 healthy participants on two 15-minute forest walks one day, compared to a control day when they did not walk. On a conventional psychological measure, volunteers assessed their mood. Their levels of anger and sadness reduced considerably after they went for a stroll. Furthermore, the more stressed out the participants were to begin with, the greater their relaxation.

Pounds of Oxygen

The presence of pine trees also contributes to making one’s lungs healthy. With the reduction of carbon dioxide and other harmful air chemicals, having a daily dose of oxygen makes the community breathable and livable despite being at the center of the city’s industrialization and development efforts.

Harmonious Life with Nature

Camella Manors is a condo with pocket forest - A Pine-Estate Condo complementing its resort-themed condo amenities
Camella Manors is a condo with pocket forest – A Pine-Estate Condo complementing its resort-themed condo amenities

Living in a pine-estate condo community gives you an all-in access to a harmonious life with nature every single day. It can boost your daily mood as you physically immerse in a beautiful community with verdant landscapes and resort-themed condo amenities.

Therefore, you will be mesmerized at the panorama lining up at your eyesight as you take a stroll alone, with your loved one, or with your furbaby in the community. This kind of lifestyle cannot be replaced by any material things in the city at all.

Haven of Rejuvenation

Lastly, pine-estate condo communities are a haven of rejuvenation. It is a sanctuary where all of life’s best are given.

The mixture of cold breeze, natural shade, and laid-back atmosphere of pine trees will revitalize your energies. This will give you the opportunity to reflect more on the things that will let you grow and mature. Likewise, it gives you a certain ambiance of rest that the hustle of city life cannot offer.

At the end of the day, your inner peace is something that should not be taken away from you. All you need is a breathable and livable space closer to nature every day.

A Premium Asset in an Affordable Home

What makes Camella Manors a value-for-money investment besides having resort-themed amenities and its value appreciates over time is its pine-estate nature. This is what Camella Manors stand out in the market.

Imagine having a premium asset in an affordable home. Since pine trees are rarely seen in a condo development, Camella Manors is surely an attractive investment to start with.

What are you waiting for?

Elevate into the pine-estate living today, contact us and be part of our pine-estate community!

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