How to Design a Small Bedroom Space

How to Design a Small Bedroom

With efficient storage solutions and enviable interior design concepts, the appropriate small bedroom ideas may transform a limited area into a must-see sanctuary.

Even the smallest of box rooms can be transformed into a cozy tiny bedroom, and with the right furnishings, it can even be turned into a multi-functional space with study and storage places.

To maximize the possibilities of a small bedroom, all that is required is careful planning and a dash of inspiration. Before you begin decorating, have a look at this small bedroom and single bedroom ideas.

Style your Little Bedroom with these Small Bedroom Ideas

1. Consider the Layout

Consider Your Small Bedroom Layout
Consider Your Small Bedroom Layout | Photo from Blake Woolwine in Unsplash

Rethinking the typical layout in a small bedroom is always a good idea. Arrange the furnishings in such a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed. To avoid the area feeling crowded, place most of the furniture against one wall, preferably the wall you see the least when you’re in it.

Try to keep the amount of furniture in a tiny bedroom to a minimum by using innovative multifunctional items like the sideboard that also serves as a dressing table.

2. Make Use of all Nooks and Crannies for Storage

When space is at a premium, clever storage solutions are required. The owners of this little attic bedroom idea made bespoke built-in cupboards out of a difficult recess area in a tight position. Using an otherwise unused space for hidden storage helps to keep clutter out of an already cramped room.

For a small bedroom, it’s better to keep things out of sight because any visible goods would make the area appear cluttered, making it feel smaller.

3. Create a Storage area Around the Bed

Bespoke wardrobes are the most efficient way to maximize the storage space in your bedroom. Building wardrobes on either side of the bed helps to create a frame that keeps the focus on one wall. This frees up space on the remaining walls by removing any impediments that would otherwise take up precious space. Instead, hang artwork or mirrors on the other walls.

You might also take advantage of the space above the bed by adding storage but be careful not to make the decor feel old – or claustrophobic with too much going on.

4. Consider your Surface Options

Reflective surfaces offer the optical appearance of extending space, doubling the sense of a small bedroom. Who hasn’t strolled into a pub and assumed it was twice the size, only to discover that it was a cunning use of mirrors that fooled you? Mirrored wardrobes, a reflective wall covering, and mirrored bedside tables are employed to make the small bedroom appear larger than it is.

If employing all three feels overwhelming, don’t worry; the same principles apply when only one of these aspects is used. When planning the arrangement of your small bedroom, consider where you can best install reflective surfaces.

5. Use Imaginative Decorating to Create the Illusion of Space

Paint is a fantastic answer for a variety of decorating issues. Not only can a splash of color quickly enliven a space, making it feel more inviting, but it may also be utilized to address larger aesthetic difficulties, such as making tiny spaces appear larger. Take this little bedroom paint suggestion, for example, where a color combination has helped to create a border and thus a new viewpoint for the walls. It’s a kind of optical illusion.

The creative combination of Dulux’s Denim drift on the lower half, spiced honey dado-style border, and Tranquil Dawn on top helps to break up the room and prolong the walls. A fantastic paint solution for dealing with the hazards of tight areas.

6. Use your Headboard as a Storage Space

If you’re tight on room, opt for a headboard like this one, which has a storage gap as well as a surface area where you can put things. This eliminates the need for large bedside tables because you’ll have a convenient place to store your bedtime reading. Install wall lamps, too, if you want to go the extra mile.

7. Store Everything from the Floor to the Ceiling

Invest in a closet that is as tall as you can physically fit into the room; slimline is ideal to preserve crucial floorspace. Then, above the closet, look for extra storage space, such as boxes and baskets, to make the most of every inch of space from floor to ceiling. To reduce the appearance of chaos, keep the baskets and boxes neat and ordered.

8. Create Storage in Nooks and Crannies

Make the most of any alcoves or awkward spaces generated by eaves in your compact bedroom by devising clever storage solutions. Alcoves’ architectural structure makes them ideal for displaying a row of open shelves with customized cupboards beneath.

The shelves in this clever alcove design are good for books and other objects you want to display, while the cupboards are ideal for larger storage needs, such as extra bedding or boxes of paperwork.

9. Make your Dressing Table Twice as Big

Never have we been more constrained within the confines of our houses, searching for new ways to utilize each room. While working or having your computer in your bedroom isn’t ideal, may your dressing table double as a writing desk?

It’s good keeping the surface space uncluttered rather than cluttering it with lotions and potions, even if it’s only somewhere to peacefully gather your thoughts and make your to-do list.

10. Raise Storage Off the Ground

Hanging a storage unit on the wall instead of having a bedside table on the floor will immediately free up room, and one with a drop-down desk will provide you with a spot to sit and do your make-up or store your morning coffee.

11. Use Cheerful Colors to Brighten the Room

Use Cheerful Colors Inside the Small Bedroom
Use Cheerful Colors Inside the Small Bedroom | Photo from Steven Ungermann in Unsplash

Using an uplifting color, such as a bright yellow, can assist to enliven any little area; just be careful how you apply it. The bright color should be painted up to the mid-room height to help tie the color to the bottom half of the room.

To retain the effect airy and spacious, paint the rest of the artwork in a bright white or equivalent neutral. To create a coherent appearance, use the extra splash of color to choose a tone palette for bedding, accessories, and floor rugs.

12. Install the Lighting on the Wall

In a compact bedroom, wall-mounted lighting can help to free up some much-needed floor space. Using the wall allows you to set the task lighting exactly where you want it to enhance the arrangement.

13. Use Vertical Storage to Take Things to the Next Level

Ladder storage is a terrific method to have the benefits of wall shelves while still having the freedom to move them around when you need to. This one is wonderful for this small bedroom, but it would also look great in a bathroom or a small sitting area.

14. Purchase a Sliding-door Wardrobe

You don’t have enough room to move around in your bedroom, but you have a lot of clothes that need to be put away? Consider a sliding-door wardrobe. On one side, this piece has a full-height rail, five drawers, and a half-height wardrobe above with adjustable shelves.

15. Replace the Bed with a Couch Bed

When space is limited, consider implementing a wall bed rather than a regular couch bed. It accepts a regular mattress for added comfort and folds away to resemble a closet or cabinet, freeing up crucial floor space to accommodate a workstation and chair.

Make sure the furniture around the bed is light so it may be quickly relocated to accommodate a pull-down bed. If your ceiling height is sufficient, consider a bespoke alternative like a basic mezzanine with a sleeping area on a raised platform and a wardrobe or shelving below.

What is the Greatest Color for a Small Bedroom?

White and neutral colors, in general, are regarded to be ideal for designing tiny spaces, particularly small bedrooms, because they are relaxing and tranquil. Having said that, there are ways to add color to a small bedroom without making it feel claustrophobic.

With clever paint techniques, you can incorporate color in a way that opens up the space and creates a sense of generosity — and any color will do. The key is to pay attention to the layout, such as if the bedroom has enough natural light. More bedroom color scheme ideas can be found here.

What is the Best Way to Organize my Small Bedroom?

Neat Bedroom Ways to Organize a Small Bedroom
Neat Bedroom Ways to Organize a Small Bedroom | Photo from Sonnie Hiles in Unsplash

To make a place feel more spacious, try to keep it as clutter-free as possible. Getting a good night’s sleep also requires a clutter-free bedroom. In a compact bedroom, keep the furniture to a minimum. Because larger, bulkier items of essential furniture, such as beds and wardrobes, cannot be avoided. To save floor space, use elevated designs with legs rather than those that are flush with the ground.

Don’t forget about the storage potential under beds for keeping goods hidden – just make sure it’s hidden at all times. To generate a sense of space, keep as much off the floor as possible, and gaze up at the ceiling to remind yourself of the room’s floor space.

And, of course, ensure that the area is relaxing; whether large or tiny, this is always the most important consideration when planning a bedroom layout.

Will you use any of these small bedroom decorating ideas to spruce up your cramped quarters?

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