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Beautiful Condo in Davao offers Rent to Own Units

Northpoint Offers Rent To Own Condo

Northpoint Davao, the renowned British-themed condo development in Metro Davao, has finally opened its condo units for sale via a rent-to-own or RTO financing scheme.

Despite the pandemic, property seekers continue to seek a more comfortable lifestyle in the city, and perhaps the majority of condo developments will meet these requirements. Thus, Northpoint Davao secures a significant deal to open its RFO or ready for occupancy unit on a rent to own basis.

Investors can now take advantage of new flexible and straightforward financing terms, particularly when purchasing a ready-to-occupy condominium unit. Additionally, property seekers seeking to own a home in the city can easily do so as Northpoint Davao primes its few remaining units under this new investment offer.

Northpoint’s Rent to Own Units: What to Expect

Rent to Own Property in the Philippines
Rent to Own Property in the Philippines | Photo from Francesca Tosolini in Unsplash

A down payment of as little as PHP66,000 enables the property buyer to move into Northpoint Davao easily. The property buyer’s payments will include the rental fee and an amount to be deducted from the purchase price of the principal property.

A few remaining ready-to-occupy condo units in Northpoint’s first to fourth buildings are now available through rent-to-own financing. In essence, premium condo units in those buildings will be more affordable for property buyers seeking a low monthly payment on an immediate use investment.

The Advantages of Investing in Rent-to-Own Condominium Units

Apart from the obvious benefit of having more affordable and stress-free financing options when purchasing a rent-to-own condo unit, there are several additional benefits that a property finder can take advantage of.

Seize the Opportunity

Property buyers will have the luxury of seizing time, as RTO condos will lock in the current market value even if the property appreciates in value prior to the unit being purchased. Perhaps the property value increases to your benefit as a buyer as well.

Property Qualification Made Simple

If you have poor credit, purchasing a rent-to-own condo unit may be more feasible than purchasing a condo using developer in-house financing or bank financing. Given the duration of rent to own units, a property buyer has ample time to establish good credit. As a result, obtaining financing will be easier when the property term coincides with the actual purchase date.

Demonstrate the Property

Purchasing an RTO condo allows you to experience the unit, the development, and the neighborhood firsthand. If you discover something that dissatisfies you, you will always have the option of canceling the purchase. You can test everything out prior to purchasing the condo unit.

Acceptable as a Permanent Address

Renting a property in the city does not guarantee that you will eventually own it; however, if you obtain an RTO condo, your payments will not be wasted because you will have the option of purchasing the property. Additionally, having an RTO condo unit is equivalent to having a permanent address, as opposed to renting a unit that you will never own and whose likelihood of being evicted is contingent on the lessor or landlord.

As a rent-to-own property buyer, you are protected by rent-to-own terms and conditions.

Condominium Living and Investment in the Metro

RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Building Perspective in a pine-filled community
RFO Condo in Davao – Northpoint Davao – Camella Manors – Building Perspective in a pine-filled community

Northpoint Davao is one of the city’s few flagship developments that pioneered condominium living and investment. Today, Northpoint captivates residents with its sprawling abundance of Caribbean pine trees along JP Laurel Ave., Bajada.

The five residential buildings that comprise this three-hectare development still have a few units available for sale and are nearing completion of their future-proofing activities. The final structure, Bradford, is scheduled to be completed this year.

Take a chance today on the limited inventory of Northpoint’s pine estate community and get the condo unit to work for you in a variety of ways!

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Northpoint Davao Is Ready for Move In

During this period, when individuals are unable to travel more than a short distance from their homes, traveling may sound like a necessity to alleviate anxiety and stress. As a result, some are on the lookout for resorts where they can unwind and shake off the negativity.

Purchasing a unit in Northpoint Davao now can provide you with the benefits of leasing your property in the short or long term. As a result, you can earn a passive income by renting out your condo unit.

Not to mention that even prior to the pandemic, Northpoint Davao was one of the most leased-out properties on Airbnb. Additionally, the management has a leasing office where you can enroll your unit in a long-term condo leasing management service seamlessly.

Northpoint Davao Places a High Value on Resale

If you are a seasoned condo investor, you should be aware that condo flipping is a method of generating revenue from your property. Northpoint Davao’s strategic location and ongoing development in the neighborhood increase the property’s value faster than other condo developments in the city.

The project’s master-planned 10-minute community provides residents with the convenience of being within a ten-minute radius of a collection of banks, malls, groceries, conveniences, hospitals, and other lifestyle necessities.

Thus, the property continues to appreciate even when the current economic climate does not appear conducive to property investment, and yet Northpoint thrives in no time. Generally, you consult a marketing officer today to determine the investment’s value.

Future-Proofing Northpoint Davao’s Pine Estate

Condo Living with Green Spaces | Camella Manors
Northpoint Davao Community Green Spaces

If you believe you’ve seen and known Northpoint Davao’s pine estate community, you’d be wrong. Northpoint Davao released a new walkthrough highlighting the second phase of its development as part of its future-proofing efforts a quarter ago.

Northpoint Davao continues to foster a holistic community as an integral part of the Metro Davao condo living experience. The project will deliver and integrate lifestyle amenities such as Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. commercial brands.

These lifestyle amenities will include co-working spaces, convenience stores, pastry shops, coffee shops, and other commercial spaces that will bring comfort and convenience to the neighborhood. Thus, before these become a reality and prices resume their upward trend, it will be prudent to seize your opportunity at Northpoint Davao.

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